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On January 10th, Angela Bofill suffered a stroke and is now convalescing in Santa Rosa, California, which is why she’s the impetus for this playlist:

Old School Wednesday : Angela and Company.

I originally started out with one song from Angela, but because of this news, I thought it would be great to expand and drop some of the greatest songs Angela has graced us with.

01 – Angela Bofill – Too Tough
02 – Fred Wesley – House Party
03 – Steely Dan – Do It Again
04 – Angela Bofill – Something About You
05 – Jermaine Jackson – I Think It’s Love
06 – Caron Wheeler – Blue (Is The Colour Of Pain)
07 – Angela Bofill – Guess You Didn’t Know
08 – First Love – Things Are Not The Same (Without You)
09 – Inner Life & Jocelyn Brown – Feel What I’m Feeling
10 – Angela Bofill – Under The Moon And Over The Sky
11 – The Jones Girls – We’re a Melody
12 – Angela Bofill – This Time I’ll Be Sweeter
13 – Rufus – Hollywood
14 – Angela Bofill – I Try

I’ll never forgot I Try which was one of the cuts I played endlessly in high school after a breakup. Talk about a powerful song! Under The Moon and Over The Sky and Bet You Didn’t Know are two other tracks that are rarely played.

With The Jones Girls, Rufus, and Inner Life & Jocelyn Brown on this playlist, some strong songs (from Steely Dan and Jermaine Jackson) as well as some other unforgotten cuts (from First Love, Fred Wesley, and Caron Wheeler), there’s good stuff here.

Much thanks to Thierno and the one and only PhillyKat for the inspirations. Enjoy.

8 comments on “OSW: Angela And Company

  1. Thierno says:

    Hi EJ. I was excited to get a head start on the OSW for this week; then I checked out the page and saw the sad news about Angela. I wish her a speedy recovery. Thanks for putting up such a nice mix of her stuff.

  2. Qamar says:

    EJ… I am stunned to learn about Miss Bofill. Having been a long-time fan and seeing her a number of times over the years, this is extremely upsetting.
    I love all of the songs you’ve included as well as “Still In Love,” “Tonight I Give In,” “Are You Leaving Me Now,” “Long Gone,” “Heavenly Love,” “Tropical Love,” and probably a dozen others by her.
    A greatly underrated artist.
    Let’s pray she recovers.

  3. Nikki says:

    I Try was always a Quite Storm staple on many a radio station.

  4. Berry says:

    I love Angela’s voice…her music is so soothing….her voice so rich. Thanks for highlighting her music.

  5. Morena says:

    Under the Moon and Over the Sky is one that I used to keep on repeat! But my favorite song, one that I could play endlessly is I’m On Your Side. I was shocked to hear about her stroke — even moreso to hear she lacked insurance, but I hope the benefit concert proceeds will cover those expenses. Keeping her in my prayers and rotating her “Definitive Collection”….

  6. Yolanda says:

    It was sad hearing about Angela’s stroke. And not having insurance doesn’t make it any easier for her. I guess, back in the day, many made the dollars, but didn’t put much away. That, or they were given contracts that benefited everyone but them. Either way, it’s a sad thing. I hope this organization is able to help her pay those bills.

  7. Allyson says:

    your most welcome. i’m still upset. thanks for telling me about her stroke.

  8. I’d heard “I try” but didnt know much about Angela Bofill’s work. hope she pulls through ok

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