In Rotation: 01/22/06

I wanted to say about how I had a lot to report this weekend, but considering it was cold and raining and I was in the house working, there’s not a lot to talk about (unless you want to hear about the fun things going on in the workplace). But before I drop the tunes to you, there’s a couple of things going on.

If you’re wondering where is, he’s down for a little maintenance. He’s due to return very soon, so keep watching.

I have gotten more into television more than a little bit these days. Smallville’s 100th episode is coming up, so I’m going to be in front of the TV, and I’m waiting to see who’s going to meet their demise. And then there’s 24. Mr. Palmer is out of the picture, but the show still has me watching it faithfully. And yeah, I still have this ongoing fascination with My Name Is Earl, and I just know I’m not wrong (am I?)
Any shows I’m missing on the tube? Hook a brother up.

On with the tunes in my ears right now:

In Rotation: 01/22/06. [Javascript/browser issues? Try this link.]

This is how it goes down:

01 – Brandy – Full Moon (Rascal Extended Mix).The sample should be kinda familiar to us old school heads. Many thanks for J. Brotherlove to discovering this, causing us to have to track it down and play it 15 times a day.
02 – Benny Sings – Unconditional love.
This is one of my favorite tracks from Champagne People.
03 – Colette – Like The Sun.
In all my endless surfing of music sites, I came up on Colette’s Hypnotized. Check her out here.
04 – J*Davey – Relax.
Yeah, it’s them, dropping beats like A Tribe Called Quest does.
05 – Lyrics Born – Before And After
. This was brought to my attention by Phillycat. Check them out here.
06 – Goapele – Different.
You’e got the new release Change It All, right?
07 – Mary J. Blige – So Lady Featuring Raphael Saadiq.
Arguably, one of the finest cuts off of The Breakthrough.
08 – Kenny Lattimore – Come to Me.
This is one of the tracks from Weekend, and since Mary J. collaborates with Raphael on So Lady, it’s only fitting that I pull out Kenny’s collaboration with Raphael as well.
09 – Anthony Hamilton – The Truth.
One of the tracks from the excellent CD Ain’t Nobody Worryin‘.
10 – Soulstice – Andromeda.
A recent discovery of mine, even though I’m a little late to the party. From their debut Illusion.
11 – Bilal – All For Love (In The Sun).
An fantastic track that I’ve played more than 5 times in a day. More details forthcoming.
12 – The Rurals – True.
From Songs Of The SoulSoother (The Peng Fables Volume 1).
13 – Quintessence – You Don’t Care.
I hate when I’m late to the groove. No matter, I’m catchin’ up.. I’m getting into Quintessence these days. This track is from 5AM.
14 – Anthony Hamilton – Change Your World.
This track is from Ain’t Nobody Worryin’ also. This track is produced by James Poyser, and co-produced by no other than ?uestlove. Fantastic cut with an outro that makes me hope they release an extended version of this cut.

Keep bouncing.

8 comments on “In Rotation: 01/22/06

  1. Berry says:

    if you think you are hooked on Greys then check out Cold Cases and Lost. For a little comic relief there is Everybody Hates Chris.

  2. Thierno says:

    What’s up, EJ? Ha, ha… So, you’ve found DJ Colette, huh?!? She is awesome (looks & talent). I like Hypnotized (the song) a lot, too. As for Raphael Saadiq, what more is there to say? That dude rocks!!!

  3. piscessoul says:

    i can’t wait for the new Bilal album!

  4. ceecee says:

    Happy Monday EJ!!
    man i don’t know how you do it, i’ve never been able to bring myself to watch My Name is Earl, i even change the channel when the promo comes on *smh*

  5. Angel says:

    As usual, it is totally slammin! You are going to have to share with me how you do the pop-up though. I want to add Radio.Blog back but my sidebar is too small for it. I need the pop-up! 🙂

  6. Qamar says:

    Nice set!
    Love the Quintessence and Kenny Lattimore cuts. I completely slept on the Bilal release… great song.
    That Brandy mix is hot! The Chic sample is just too funky.

  7. Mike says:

    Dammit, I don’t want to be old school! I’m only 33! But I’ll be damned if I didn’t recognize that sample as soon as the bassline kicked in.

  8. Stone says:

    good lookin’ on the J*Davey track…..ish is hot
    btw…I’m picking up both Benny Sings CD’s next paycheck

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