OSW: Winter Solstice, 2005

Today is the first day of winter. What better way to kick it off with:

School Wednesday: Winter Solstice, 2005.

01 – Chic – I Want Your Love
02 – Heatwave – The Groove Line (Extended)
03 – Sun – Sun Is Here
04 – Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle
05 – Andy Gibb – An Everlasting Love
06 – Steely Dan – Peg
07 – Michael Franks – Your Secret’s Safe With Me
08 – Teena Marie – Portuguese Love
09 – Rufus & Chaka Khan – Everlasting Love
10 – Mica Paris – Breathe Life Into Me
11 – RJ’s Latest Arrival – Hold On (Extended)
12 – Intro – My Love’s On The Way
13 – Portrait – All Natural Girl
14 – Frankie Knuckles – Sold On Love (featuring Lisa Michaelis)

Major props to Nikki for Hold On. And Sun? Well, I hadn’t heard the track in more than 20 years, but thanks to John K., I was graced with Sun Is Here . Hope you enjoy.

16 comments on “OSW: Winter Solstice, 2005

  1. GrantLove says:

    What up E. Like the fact that the playlist is diverse yet still blends together. It’s sort of a blueprint for the slogan “Can’t we all just get along.” If only MUSIC was the bluprint of life!!
    Peace & Blessings
    Check my new site

  • Yolanda says:

    OMG, my song is on there. My song! My song! Yesssssssssssssss. *Singing: I wanna give you an everlasting love. . . *

  • Thierno says:

    Yo, EJ… Good mix. Can’t believe this is one of the 1st things on my to-do list for Wednesdays; i.e., to check the OSW. I think you’ve heard Gavin Christopher’s version of ‘Breathe Life Into Me’, produced by The System… It’s on the same LP that has ‘You Are who You Love’. If not, I can send it to you.
    Thanks for this OSW.

  • Todd Kelley says:

    Another Classic!
    Been awhile since i pulled out some Teena!
    Michael Franks? Sweet!
    And another RJ’s song i like? Who would’a thunk it!?!

  • Wil says:

    Yo EJ
    Thanks a million for the old school winter solstice. It’s just what I needed here in NYC with the strike and all. Yeah made it to work and listening to it RIGHT NOW!!!
    Peace and Joy!!!

  • lis says:

    i’m sorry. i went to grooveline and haven’t been able to leave it. portugese love is calling me doh! usual hotness… i’m so not surprised 😉

  • Qamar says:

    “I Want Your Love” is one of my favorite songs of all-time. Been a huge Chic fan ever since.
    “… hush my broken heart this must be paradise…” is a great line from “Portuguese Love.” Teena said the song was about a real experience with Rick James, but it happened in Pittsburgh. Yet “Pittsburgh Love” wouldn’t have the same magical ring to it, so she set it in Portugal instead.
    Love “Fly Like an Eagle,” “The Grooveline,” and “Sun Is Here.” And you can never go wrong with Steely Dan, Mica, and Portrait.
    Great mix!

  • KB says:

    See, now I forgive you for leaving out a Chic track last week. 😀

  • Wayne says:

    The CHIC and HEATWAVE tunes are groove-a-licious classics, but the addition of STEELY DAN and the brilliant & under-rated ANDY GIBB (bless his soul) make this one of the best “Flavors Savers” EVER!
    Well done, Eric. Well done.
    Happy Holi-daze!

  • Nicki138 says:

    There is no way you could understand how much I love your site. When I found my way here I had to check your archives and found my favorite song on here. I’m from Memphis and would always hear Womack & Womack at the club on Sunday nights. You gave me exactly what I needed!

  • Nikki says:

    I’m diggin’ this one. Peg brings back memories of car trips with the parents.
    And you can’t beat the arrangement of Portuguese Love. The string and horns are masterful.

  • Morena says:

    OhMiGawd! You have “Hold On” by RJ’s Latest Arrival!!!
    I didn’t think anybody else knew about that! I used to get my “american idol” on to this song on a daily basis back in junior high school LOLOLOLOL Me thinks I need to crank this up and practice for when my niece and nephews open that Karaoke machine manana LOLOLOL
    Love the entire mix, but “Hold On” is a SPECIAL TREAT! Gracias EJ — happy holidays!

  • Ramel Werner says:

    I could have use these mixes during my last minute shopping in the mall this morning. Thanx for the jamz EJ!!!

  • dope songs as usual… Happy Holidays!!

  • Edwige says:

    Happy Holidays EJ!

  • Buck says:

    Oh man, I missed this good old school on my birthday!? Great stuff!

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