OSW: Funk Time Zone

I couldn’t think of a name to describe this one. Thanks to KB, he named it perfectly.

School Wednesday: Funk Time Zone.

01 – Raydio – Jack And Jill
02 – Earth, Wind & Fire – Star
03 – Chicago – Street Player (Dance Mix)
04 – Sister Sledge – He’s The Greatest Dancer
05 – L.T.D. – Holding On (When Love Is Gone)
06 – Electric Light Orchestra – Evil Woman
07 – The Isley Brothers – Voyage to Atlantis
08 – Everything But the Girl – Driving
09 – Heatwave – The Star of The Story
10 – Boz Scaggs – Jojo
11 – Steely Dan – Black Cow
12 – Meli’sa Morgan – Fool’s Paradise
13 – Portrait – Heartstrings
14 – RJ’s Latest Arrival – Heaven In Your Arms

Four the groovy way – KB, Saga, J. Brotherlove, and James added a little spice to this with their suggestions.

I’m sure it’s been a while since you’ve heard Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs, and Everything But The Girl. Here’s the kicker though – remember the house cut that sampled Street Player?


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  1. Todd Kelley says:

    i could not STAND RJ’s Latest Arrival. The “Shackles” song made me go postal. But “Heaven In Your Arms” became one of my favorite jams for real.
    “Heaven… Heaven…”

  2. GrantLove says:

    Was that Ce Ce Penniston or Crystal Waters? I can’t remember but I do remember the song! Always loved that Black Cow, even before it was sampled by Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq ~ Uptown Baby (Hey, I’m from the Bronx, gotta represent)
    Nice Mix EJ.. I’ll be puttin’ down my mix again soon enough!!

  3. Kyle says:

    This mix has me groovin’ at my desk!!
    It’s an otherwise great way to enjoy a boring day at work!!!

  4. Wayne says:

    “Jojo” by Boz Scaggs!! (#17, 1980). I haven’t heard THAT song since God was a boy.
    Plus, “Black Cow,” “Evil Woman,” and “Jack and Jill”???
    Most excellent mix, Mr. Flavors. MOST EXCELLENT!

  5. Thieno says:

    What’s up, EJ? You got me reminiscing. Tracks 14 & 8 evoke such great memories… Particularly, #14 reminds me of Video Soul and the whole BET back in the day… As for #8, well, that’s just a classic; that entire album was flawless.
    Thanks for making my day, man.

  6. Cecily says:

    Dude, are you kidding me? Steely Dan and Boz Scaggs are played on my iPod weekly.

  7. Nikki says:

    This is sweet, but when I saw RJ’s Latest Arrival, I just knew you were gonna have their track Hold On listed instead of Heaven In Your Arms.

  8. KB says:

    Makes no sense even giving my linky love. Remember the keyword is “ghetto.” Brilliant, as always. Pass the Guinness…

  9. DJ Diva says:

    Man..i just groove like hell everytime I hear that LTD joint…for real!!!…I can so dig those lyrics…and *sigh@Sister Sledge…I have a great dancer LOL

  10. DJ Diva says:

    Oh and I saw Me’lissa Morgan live about 6 weeks ago at her listening party for her new album…she sang Fool’s Paradise and still sounds just like the record!!!

  11. EJ Flavors says:

    @Todd: I’m on the lookout for more RJ’s cuts, and can’t find them anywhere. You sure you don’t want me to go disco?
    @Grant: I can’t tell you what the answer is (yet), but it’s not those two. Keep investigatin’.
    @Kyle: glad you had a great time!
    @Wayne: I thought about you when I did this. If anyone knows this mix well, with chartlistings, it’s you.
    @Thierno: I played that EBTG CD so much it drove my roomates crazy. Glad you enjoyed it.
    @Cecily: The REAL kicker is actually finding out where the name ‘Steely Dan’ came from….
    @Nikki: I still can’t find it…
    @KB: Ghetto…. you’ll be out of it soon.
    @DJ Diva: I’m glad you enjoyed the LTD cut. That cut was so underappreciated.

  12. Yolanda says:

    I need a moment of silence. *Moment of silence over* On Tuesday, I ran over here like a jackass expecting OSW. On Wednesday, completely neglected to drop by. Here I am on Thursday, remembering it was posted yesterday. Is there any help for me? Please, do not feel you have to answer that question. LMAO

  13. reco says:

    ej — you blow my mind everyweek with OSW!
    THE BUCKETHEADS – THE BOMB sampled chicago
    i will admit i had no idea that the sample was chicago – and i had never heard the chicago song before now. this quote sums it up:
    “Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez of Masters at Work formed the studio project known as the Bucketheads to pursue a pumping fusion of his prime influences: disco, house, hip-hop, freestyle and Latin street music. The sound was exemplified by the Bucketheads’ two huge dance hits, 1996’s “The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall into My Mind)” and the following year’s “Got Myself Together.” The quasi-retrospective LP Dungeon Tapes was released on Positiva in 1995, followed by the debut album All in My Mind. [See Also: Masters at Work, Nuyorican Soul] ~ John Bush, All Music Guide”

  14. muffin says:

    what cha got brewing for the winter solstice mix? 😉

  15. Derrick says:

    EJ, thank you so much for “Driving.” *bowing*
    Voyage to Atlantis, Driving, The Star of The Story is a 1-2 punch.
    Raydio = *agaped mouth*
    You are SO bad!

  16. Ariya says:

    Nice choices E.J.. I love Steely Dan. Got into their stuff in undergrad after listening to Donald Fagan’s solo stuff. Loves ELO, Chicago, and Sister Sledge too. I can’t remember ever listening to Boz Scagg’s stuff until I played the song from your radioblog. All this music brings back memories of happiness, home, and the old school radio days.

  17. Qamar says:

    Love it!
    Man, EJ… you continue to amaze.
    Sister Sledge (and that killer riff) sounds as fresh as ever. Chicago always had amazing horns… the Bucketheads were smart to use their sound. LTD (and the underappreciated Jeffrey Osborne) shines!
    “Black Cow” is a great track (as is just about everything off that Aja album).
    Have you heard Portrait’s remake of “Be Thankful For What You Got”? Super smoothe! They have such a clean sound.
    “Star of the Story”… damn, one of Heatwave’s best cuts gets a nice re-touch without getting butchered.
    Great, great mix!

  18. EJ Flavors says:

    @Yolanda – I’ll be sure to send a reminder to you every Wednesday morning.
    @Reco – You are absolutely right! Both tracks are incredible. Thanks for the love.
    @Derrick – aww shucks! Thanks!
    @Ariya – I’m glad you enjoyed it. I got Aja in undergrad too. Love that CD.
    @Qamar – thanks! I haven’t heard that remake, although I have heard their remake of “How Deep Is Your Love” which is smooth also.

  19. Cheryl says:

    Hey E.J.! I had to drop you a line to let you know that I had to tune in to hear Star of a Story. Now THAT is a blast from my past. I used to play that song a million times a day.
    My site will be back online one day soon. Hope to see you then.

  20. ej keep killin’ em men!
    I’ve been trying to figure the artist who did the tune “dreamer”. heard it in a club a few days ago and it flooded my memory zone. I’m humming as I type …
    1 luv

  21. Dodgrlvr33 (Eman) says:

    Ahhh yeah… STEELY DAN!!! That’s the bomb. Black Cow, Aja, Gaucho, Reeling in the Years. Has any one band member dominated a band’s sound more than Donald Fagen dominated Steely Dan? I think not. Great stuff EJ

  22. alboogie says:

    i hear ya kid!! this is the hotness for today!!

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