B12: All Over The Place / IR: 12/05/05

B12: All Over The Place. From KB’s Baker’s Dozen.

Rahsaan Patterson and Company

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The concert: what started out good and ended up dissapointing………..

1. A lovely weekend starts off with going to see Rahsaan Patterson and Trina Broussard in concert.
2. Problem number one: when a concert is supposed to start at 9pm and doesn’t start until 10:30 or so, you know that there’s a problem brewing.
3. So, Trina Broussard starts at approximately 10:30pm, and ends a little after 11:00pm. Great intro from her, so it’s all great.. We wait for them to setup for Rahsaan.
4. Problem #2:
He finally takes the stage at about 11:30.

5. Problem #3: He sings exactly 4 songs 7 songs, all extended versions (read: more than 6 minutes apiece). Also, both Algebra and Sol Elder were also at the joint – singing background.
6. The killer: he then leaves the stage at exactly midnight. And no, he doesn’t return for an encore, despite the audience chanting for him to return.
7. I leave a bit irritated, and run into a couple of people that made life a little bearable: Jodine, Van Hunt, and Anthony David. Now that was a proper ending to an otherwise slightly dissapointing experience.

Stir Crazy: when I need to get out of the house……

8. After waking up and needing to get outta the house, I went to go check out Aeon Flux. even though I had read both good and bad things about the movie.
9. My verdict? I liked it. My favorite character? Sithandra. Yes, there are better films out there, but I wasn’t going for art, I was going for entertainment. It was entertaining enough for me to keep me in my seat through the movie….
10. ….so much so, I added Aeon Flux to my wishlist. I’m all for taking this season, if you wanna give. I’m jus’ sayin…..

Getting Back To Music: since it’s obvious I should be listening to some music constantly….

11. I pulled out my Rahsaan Patterson and Trina Broussard, to hear the songs I should have heard in concert but didn’t. I also pulled out Van Hunt, Algebra, and Anthony David, since I saw them. But not only that…
12. …I also pulled out some Benny Sings. Since I was feeling his vibe, I pulled out some Beady Belle and some Si Sé. Yeah, I couldn’t let a week go by without a rotation:

In Rotation – 12/05/04

01 – Rahsaan Patterson – It Ain’t Love
02 – Vanhunt – Out Of The Sky
03 – Algebra – Some Kinda Wonderful
04 – Rahsaan Patterson – Come Over
05 – Trina Broussard – No Way Out
06 – The Rurals – Relax Your Soul
07 – Rahsaan Patterson – Friend of Mine
08 – Anthony David – Part Of My Life
09 – Trina Broussard – Inside My Love
10 – Benny Sings – Follow The Light
11 – Beady Belle – Hindsight
12 – Si Sé – Sometimes

16 comments on “B12: All Over The Place / IR: 12/05/05

  1. ceecee says:

    how’d you end up running into anthony david, van hunt and jodine?!
    guess trina and rahasaan were tired…*shrug* who knows
    have a great week EJ 🙂

  2. Nikki says:

    That sucks when concerts don’t come off the way we want them to. And this is like the 3rd time you’ve run into Anthony David without getting that autographed cd for me.

  3. Todd Kelley says:

    Now i remember why i don’t go to concerts anymore. Just too much crap to deal with, and since i’m not a people person it’s worse for me.
    Better to just sit back with some booze and listen to the arbys.

  4. Thierno says:

    That sucks, man. To have to deal with lack of professionalism.
    Like Todd Kelley says, it’s almost not worth trying to attend these small-scale shows anymore. But, on a + note, u’ve put up some nice tracks from Rahsaan Patterson (‘Come over’ being my fav. track from him) and the other artists.
    After hearing your adventure, I may not listen to Rahsaan Patterson the same way again.

  5. Berry says:

    I hate when artist take their audience for granted like that. Probably didn’t even apologize. At least a great playlist came out it 🙂

  6. Allyson says:

    dang. i swear you never go to concert that starts timely. remind me to never go to one with you. um.. wait.. alright i take that back. but hell i did lose a white gold hoop earring. so yeah.. you bad luck at concerts mr flavors.
    and damn who the hell does he think he is? the worse concert i’ve been to was david bowie. stayed on the stage for 45 mins and did no encores. now you know if bowie did every song everyone wanted to hear he’d be up there for hours but he is david f’n bowie.

  7. SolEdler says:

    hello everyone. my name is Sol Edler. this is my first time here, but i wanted to help clarify the events of the Trina/Rahsaan show this past friday night.
    Let me first say that Rahsaan Patterson is not to blame for his severly truncated set. It’s my understanding that overall bad promotion & stage management handicapped the entire evening. Able bodies in this capacity would have ensured that Trinas set started on time, for example. Having spoken to colleagues local to Earthlink Live, they agreed that it was also somewhat unprefessional that there was no host for the show also, but i digress. i was up there so let me tell you exaclty what happened:
    Rahsaan was gracious enough to let me sing background on some of his songs and I had just stepped to the stage and finished the first (of 3+) song i was to do back i was to do vocals on. then, there was a lot of commotion backstage as a woman, whom i assume was Earthlink staff, began calling to Trina to relay to Rahsaan that it was midnight and that he had to end NOW. Once Trina got the message to Rahsaan, he respectfully but abruptly ended his song early, took a bow, and left the stage as he was instructed.
    Backstage, folks were scrambling trying to figure out what was going on. then we got the word that it was a miscommunication and an improper call- that we could take the the stage again. by this time, however, folks were already pissed & rolling out. needless to say, we were all just as pissed as the folks who paid their good money. i drove 10 hours all the way from MD with my manager, so believe me- the misdirection was felt all over and Rahsaan was none too happy with things.
    i just wanted to clear the air because, before i even returned to MD the next day, word reached me, from MD, that “Rahsaan did ATL dirty” and thats not what happened.
    Please remember, guys- it aint always the artist’s fault. Rahsaan is the kinda performer who gets great joy outta his live shows. he’ll sing and sing and sing until you tell him to shut up-LOL.
    on a good note, both Trina & Rahsaan were in great voice, Algebra & Ra Re sounded wonderful, PJ and the rest of the band were damn near perfect, and i had a ball for the 1 song i got to sing on 😉

  8. SolEdler says:

    oh yeah- Dwele was staying in our hotel so i got to holla at him, too. thats 1 cool mo-fo 🙂

  9. Ryan says:

    Hey EJ!
    OOOH..you liked Aeon Flux too? I saw it on friday with a friend of mine..you are right. I wasn’t expecting high art. I wanted to be entertained, and I was. and yes, Sophie Okonedo (Sithandra) is the SHEEEIT! hands for feet? 🙂
    and Aeon Flux? dude, i SO have you covered for the holidays in that regard!

  10. RAH! says:

    I sang exactly 7 songs.
    It’s unfortunate how the evening ended.
    And it would be even more unfortunate if i were truly bothered by opinions.
    Im glad you were able to attend.
    Sol…..thanx for being long winded. LOL!

  11. EJ Flavors says:

    Sol, thanks for the extended explanation. It helps when artists and performers are able to shed some light and that, in and of itself, is the best thing I could have hoped for.
    RAH! What can I say? The fact that you were able to actually visit here is more than what was expected and is by far the most appreciated. Thanks for the heads-up and above all thanks for seeing past the opinions and leaving your message here.
    Much love to both of you.

  12. DJ Diva says:

    Wow…they actually looked for reviews? That’s great! It means the artist does care about what folks think (ignoring the “bothered” comment)…
    I do agree that it isn’t always the artist’s fault…If it’s not in a big venue…and done by newbies…miscommunication is always a issue…no host? That’s just simple!
    I do appreciate they wanted to clear the air…Makes you feel a little better about spending your money….

  13. piscessoul says:

    saw Aeon Flux over the weekend as well….(insert Twan accent from In Living Color) hated it….loved sithandra tho.
    and good shit for having beady belle on your playlist.

  14. RAH! says:

    Caring to set the record straight was my only reason for posting. There was misinformation as to how many songs I sang.
    Sure, it’s interesting to know what folks think. But to allow opinions to alter my craft or my spirit…..that’s a no no.

  15. DJ Diva says:

    Thanks for setting that straight…miscommunication is a mother LOL
    I don’t anything could alter your wonderful talent…I adore you by the way! LOL

  16. I am such a dork! I just bought my computer on Black friday and now I can download some of the music that you write about, LOL! I heard lot about Rashaan, i’m going to go home tonight and download some of his music

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