OSW: The Need 4 Love

Leaves are falling from the trees, love is in the air. By request:

School Wednesday: The Need 4 Love.

01 – Anita Baker – You Bring Me Joy
02 – Norman Connor with Jean Carne and Michael Henderson – Valentine Love.
03 – The Emotions – Don’t Ask My Neighbor.
04 – Cameo – Sparkle.
05 – Nu Colours – Didn’t Any 1 Tell You
06 – Kenny Loggins – Love Will Follow
07 – Michael Franks – The Lady Wants to Know
08 – Minnie Riperton – Can You Feel What I’m Saying
09 – D-Influence – Funny (How Things Change)
10 – Cherrelle – Everything I Miss At Home
11 – Alexander O’Neal – Sunshine
12 – Angel Grant – Well Okay, I’ll Say It…(I’m N Love W/U).
13 – Troop – Come Back To Your Home
14 – Rhonda Clark – Stay Here, Stay Near
15 – Kiss the Sky – So Easy

Note: one of the tracks features Stevie Wonder, two of the tracks are from England, and four of the tracks are from Flytetyme.
I’ll let you guess which ones.

17 comments on “OSW: The Need 4 Love

  1. Keish says:

    *Hugs* Love it.

  2. Qamar says:

    “Love Will Follow” is a gem. He and Shanice did a live version that was really nice.
    Man, I really feeling this mood.

  3. GrantLove says:

    What up EJ. Sparkle is one of my favorite Cameo joints along with Hangin’ Downtown. Nice choices with the Cherrelle & Alexander O’Neal cuts back to back.
    Keep doing your thing..

  4. Todd Kelley says:

    man, besides my birthday arby, this is my favorite moon man mix! Me, being the Master OF The Mellow, I have to pass the torch…
    My favorite Minnie song… D Influence…. Even KENNY!! Whew… lemme go turn down the lights… WHERE WIFEY AT?!?!?

  5. **RPM** says:

    1. I want you to know I am seriously mad at you. One tissue box done, and its not even LUNCHTIME???? WHat the HELL man?
    2. Isn’t it funny that Kenny Loggins was Justin Timberlake before Justin was.
    3. “don’t ask my neighbor…come to meeeeee” I could really hurt you.
    4. The Lady Wants to Know. – ok, you put this in here, especially to make me lay on the carpet in my drama queen position. Someone, prepare the chalk outline. …really is no reason why…
    5. Minnie. The sweetest voice ever heard. And I mean really…this was the one-two punch. You’re gonna make me stop telling you my secrets.
    6. Alexander O’Neal – “Sunshine.” I just…I can’t.
    *RPM* shakes fist at Flavors.

  6. Terecico says:

    Love is definitely in the air. Nothing like fall foilage and good music. Do the damn thing EJ.

  7. Jah_Luv says:

    Wassup EJ,
    Great mix this week!I love Minnie Riperton, her voice is so pure. Kenny Loggins sounds like Maxwell.
    Peace and Blessings!
    This OSW is going to be responsible for a baby boom in August!

  8. DJ Diva says:

    You are so on with that Kenny Loggins…U have formally intoduced me to Michael Franks..The lady must know the reason!!!!….Lovely!
    love me some cherelle…a true diva…Alex too:)
    “Well Okay, I said it” before…I love this list dude…Good thing I have the DJ equipment in the bedroom…Hook up ye old laptop and its over LOL

  9. Berry says:

    I guess I will be back the rest of the week to listen to this one…love is in the air.

  10. chica says:

    You know you’ve made my day, week. O’Neal’s “Sunshine” was just wanted what I want just what I needed. And Cherrelle too! Thanks EJ!

  11. Yolanda says:

    You’re right, what more needs to be said? *Happy as hell to hear the OSW before Saturday* LMAO

  12. Joseph says:

    when i grow up i want my web music sets to be as good as yours… i am definitely feeling this mix

  13. Ariya says:

    Ahh ej, peeking in :). Every time I come here, I always feel the need to get my hands on more music:P.

  14. Nikki says:

    I always did like that haunting intro to Minnie Riperton’s Can You Feel What I’m Saying

  15. lis says:

    you knooooooooow which cut i’m claimin’ right?!?!?! come on’ and guess 😉

  16. That O’neal song was the joint. This the same album where he sings “there’s no need to go/the party’s not over?”. Not heard this in ages.
    props flavor man!

  17. zakhamar says:

    Hey, love what you do on this site, been tuning in for a while but this is my first contribution! This selection is awesome…interesting to see Kiss The Sky ‘So Easy’, Paul Hardcastle (part of Kiss the Sky) did the original as far back as late 80’s/early 90’s as part of UK duo First Light with Kevin Henry(?)…gonna have to dig out that 12″…thanks for the prompt on a slept on tune.

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