OSW: Growing Pains

Collaboration has it’s advantages. I couldn’t think of a name for this mix. KB,
the collaborator, helped me out- with a little wry humour of course……

EJ: Alright, come up with a name for it.
EJ: I don’t think you want it to be KB’s Adolesence, Volume 1, right? 😛
KB: Special place in hell for you, my friend.
EJ: Purgatory has many levels. I’ve already moved in.
KB: Hold up, let me take a look at the lineup again.
KB: "Growing Pains"
KB: It fits every song except the Dynasty one.

And that’s how Old
School Wednesday: Growing Pains
came to be.

01 – Imagination – Just an Illusion.
02 – Princess – Say I’m Your #1.
03 – Cameo – Back and Forth
04 – The System – Don’t Disturb This Groove.
05 – Tyka Nelson – Paris.
06 – Herb Alpert – Rise.
07 – Dynasty – Adventures In The Land Of Music.
08 – EFUA – Strawberry Boy.
09 – Juicy – Sugar Free.
10 – The Main Ingredient – Spinning Around (I Must Be Falling In Love).
11 – L.T.D. – Love Ballad.
12 – Force M.D’s – Tears.
13 – Chuckii Booker – You Don’t Know.
14 – Loose Ends – You Can’t Stop the Rain.

In this lineup:
1. Four of these artists are British acts.
2. One of these songs was sampled by the rap act Camp Lo.
3. One of these acts had Cuba Gooding as a member.
4. One of them is a close relative of Prince.
5. One of these acts was also produced by the same production team that produced
Rick Astley.

Give it your best shot.

20 comments on “OSW: Growing Pains

  1. Golden says:

    Hey Ej! *waving* Can’t listen from work as you know (because I keep sayin it! LOL)So here I am 6:57am at home jammin while I get ready for work! *boppin head*

  2. Todd Kelley says:

    VERY NICE!!! Force MD’s?!? You been holding out on me? And you can’t go wrong with imagination.
    ooo.. ooo.. ooo.. ooo.. aaahh… Illusions….

  3. honey says:

    Uhhh you and KB need counseling, hehe. Ok, I knew it would happen. I been holding onto “Illusions” until I could get around to doin an ole school mix. It’s slated for spring 2010 right now, LOL. Anyway, I said to myself “I know EJ gonna blast that one soon.” But I don’t have half the songs on this list so maybe I’ll push it back to winter 2014, lmao. Awesome job as usual EJ!!!

  4. white silk says:

    without throwin a peek at Google to dig up the info, I’m ‘onna give it a shot by answering off the top of my head:
    1. British Acts – Imagination, The System, EFUA, Loose Ends
    2. Camp-Lo sampled Dynasty’s “dventures In The Land Of Music” for their HOT joint Luchini AKA This is It.
    3. Cuba Gooding was in Main Ingredient
    4. Tyka Nelson – related to Prince (nee Prince Rogers Nelson)
    5. Loose Ends were produced by Rick Astley’s production team.
    I may be off on a whole mess of those but figured it was worth the time – yet another solid mix by Mr. Flavors!!

  5. Hopluv says:

    Jammin! I love Rick Astley and of course LE.

  6. Qamar says:

    The Brits: Loose Ends and Princess for sure… I think The System were half-British, lastly, I’m guessing with Imagination.
    Cuba Sr. was with the Main Ingredient.
    Don’t remember the Camp-Lo sample… will have to look up that track.
    Tyka Nelson is Prince’s sister.
    Princess was produced by S.A.W., who launched Rick Astley’s career. Do you know if her album was ever issued on CD? My cassette is getting a little worn.
    Chuckii Booker?!?! Wow! Talk about a blast from the past.
    Another good one, EJ!

  7. Thierno says:

    EJ… You have made my day by including my fav. group, The System, who are 1000% Americans from Ohio (David) & N.C. (Mic) in this week’s OSW.
    Gonna take a stab at your trivia Qs.
    1 – Imagination, Loose Ends, Princess & EFUA
    2 & 3 – Skip b/c I have no clue – LOL
    4 – Prince’s sister
    5 – Act: Princess. Producers: Stock-Aiken-Waterman.

  8. GrantLove says:

    EJ Does it again, and does it well.. Really feeling “Sugar Free” didn’t know too many people remembered that joint. I ran that song to death in my past life along with Dynasty. I’m gonna have to dig in my crates for some rare and obscure joints to make you go ” Dayyyummm, I haven’t heard that since it was released.”
    Stay tuned..

  9. GrantLove Music
  • Xtra says:

    *feeling so outside of the loop* I can’t even touch that one homie. I only knew the “Luchini” sample. Damn. I need tutoring.

  • **RPM** says:

    You don’t knoooow….how much I feel for you baybah…
    It’s for sure….it’s for sure my baby that I love you…
    Chuckii. Best song he ever ever made. *RPM testifies*

  • KB says:

    I enjoy doing these collaborations with ya, bro. This is one dedicated to a girl named Patrice. She knows who she is. Heh heh. Let’s keep hittin over the head with these OSWs!!!!

  • ceecee says:

    hi EJ!! *waving*

  • Luke Cage says:

    Mr. Flavors, a brotha hasn’t been here in a minute man. Just wanted to stop in and say what’s up and tell ya to keep up the great work. I learned quite abit from this post about artist’ backgrounds not only from you, but the readers who chimed in too. How cool is that. Pleasure man…

  • Derrick says:

    *boppin head* to Sugar Free
    EJ, you did that!

  • DJ DIVA says:

    I’ma be back… this is kinda hot at first glance E Jizzle…

  • Ariya says:

    This is one quiz I’ll skip LOL

  • ej you have no idea. this takes me back to my first year in uni (1988). heard “sugar free” at the first party I attended. freedom!!
    Yup! ej is official.

  • Courtney says:

    Not Chuckii Booker. You are officially the coolest.

  • EJ Flavors says:

    The answers:
    1. British Acts – Imagination, Princess, EFUA, Loose Ends, just as White Silk & Thierno said.
    2. Camp-Lo sampled Dynasty’s “Adventures In The Land Of Music” for their HOT joint Luchini AKA This is It…hats off to White Silk.
    3. Cuba Sr. was with the Main Ingredient, as testified by Qamar and White Silk.
    4. Tyka Nelson’s the sister of Prince, as Thierno, Qamar and White Silk testified.
    5. Stock, Aitken, and Waterman (SAW) produced Say I’m Your Number One. They also produced Rick Astley, Thierno and Qamar got that one right. Loose Ends was actually produced by Nick Martinelli.
    I see I’m gonna need to be more interactive with these tunes too. Don’t worry, it’s comin’.

  • voxefx says:

    Blender magazine article
    Tyka Nelson
    WHO? Prince�s ethereal sister
    FAMILY TIES: Prince�s younger sister was joined on interviews for her limp 1988 album Royal Blue by a large blue stuffed dinosaur called Jazz, which she kept on a leash and hugged; she also wore two watches�one set to �Marc Anthony time� in deference to an imaginary boyfriend, not J. Lo�s future husband�and had such an aversion to light that she covered her windows with aluminum foil. Fifteen years later, in an interview with The National Enquirer, she admitted to having been a crack addict who sold her body to buy food for her two sons, Sir and President.
    EXPERT TESTIMONY: �When the young sibling is trying to capitalize on the older sibling�s success, that can make the more successful one uncomfortable,� says Dalton Conley.

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