OSW: Autumnal Equinox, Volume 1

It’s that time again.

School Wednesday: Autumnal Equinox, Volume 1.

01 – Odyssey – Inside Out [Long Version]. Will
requested that it be pulled out of the vault again. I was happy to oblige. The
bassline and the string arrangements of this track are incredible, even more so
that they were masterminded by Mark Adams from Slave.
02 – Marvin Gaye – Funk Me
. J.
had the cut and I went wild when I heard it and I had to have it. The arrangement
is superb.
03 – Kashif – Stone Love.
I haven’t played Kashif in a while and he fit
right in.
04 – Ray Parker Junior – For Those Who Like to Groove.
An instrumental
I hadn’t heard in a while. Once I got the blessing from Fresh!,
I had to drop it.
05 – Pieces of a Dream – Fo-Fi-Fo
. Bernie
had me pull it out, and I was glad to do so. This cut just missed the Philly Soul
06 – Will Downing – Do You?
From Will Downing’s first LP, Will Downing.
This was one of my favorite cuts that never got any airplay.
07 – Michael McDonald – What A Fool Believes (ft.The Doobie Brothers).

Todd made me pull him out,
and I had to put this track in.
08 – Pride ‘n Politix – Nights.
I saw this melanin-free duo on Video Soul in the 80’s
interviewing with Donnie Simpson and bought their CD a couple of years ago from
the cut-out bin. My favorite cut from their CD, Changes. I’m 99% sure
no one has heard this cut.
09 – Ray Parker Jr and Raydio – You Can’t Change That
. Since I pulled
the instrumental out, I had to hear this too, and couldn’t get away with it.
10 – Rufus & Chaka Khan – Please Pardon Me (You Remind Me of a Friend)
This track was in my head, which provided the segue to…
11 – Womack & Womack – Baby I’m Scared Of You
, which Charlie from
Flowink had brought up in conversation,
and dropped to me.
12 – Deniece Williams – Free.
Provided to me by no other than James from
J-Notes. Allowed me to slow things
down a little.
13 – Jasmine Guy – Just Want To Hold You.
Male vocals by James Ingram. Quite possibly my favorite
track from her CD, Jasmine Guy.
14 – Troop – You Take My Heart With You.
From Deepa.
15 – Daryl Hall & John Oates – She’s Gone.
This cut wasn’t on the
Rock and Soul mix. I’m sure none of you forgot this one. I know I didn’t.

16 – Alexander O’Neal – When The Party’s Over.
GrantLove, and
Chica all know I had to finish off with this cut.


24 comments on “OSW: Autumnal Equinox, Volume 1

  1. DJ Diva says:

    Inside Out is my favorite 80’s disco song EVER!! LOL I manage to play it at least once at my parties..It’s sooooo Paradise Garage ;)….Well…I’ll be playing this all day tomorrow LOL probably Chaka and H&O more than once…u da man EJizzy!

  2. will says:

    That’s IT!!!! Thanks, mayne! You’re the bestest! I’m jammin right now… at 4:30am. Feels like I should be roller skating somewhere. LOL
    God bless the ATL!!!

  3. chica says:

    Thank you EJ!

  4. **RPM** says:

    Haven’t listened yet (on my way to Starbucks) but at least I know when I get back I don’t have to prepare the tissue box. LOL! Nice working in of Michael McDonald…you’ve had me listening to him all week.

  5. GrantLove says:

    Hot mix 1nce again EJ. Every Wednesday I know the first site I’m hitting up. I’ll be grooving to this all day.
    Peace & Blessings
    BTW/ I just threw up a true school hip hop site to counteract my Soul site. Check it out for your Hip Hop fix..Warning: This is an ANTI-Krunk site!!

  6. Raps Roots
  • Fresh! says:

    Dopeness….your CD will be en route this weekend….(heh)

  • Thierno says:

    Hi, EJ. As usual, a pleasantly surprising set. I can’t stop laughing at your “melanin-free…” comment. Never heard of the group but definitely like this track. By any chance, any producer we know have a hand in their album? Peace…
    PS. Yo, Fresh, what’s up? We used to chat about The System 5 years ago or so. I’ve visited your After 6 Productions site and signed the GB. Peace – Thierno

  • obi says:

    dude u’ve made my dad with the O’neal joint. perfect end to a stressful day.
    Ol’ Skool till I die. Amen

  • Qamar says:

    “Inside Out” has that signature Mark L. Adams bassline. Slave’s “Watching You” has a similar bassline. Adams is a genius. The brilliance of Slave starts with his “talking” bass. The man has major talent. I gotta go get their just re-issued “Show Time/Visions of the Lite” CD. The cuts on “Show Time” has some of his deepest playing.
    “Fo-Fi-Fo” (with that infectious groove) celebrates one of the NBA’s greatest teams, the 1983 Sixers. Man, there was nothing sweeter than when they swept those flashy Lakers in the finals!
    “For Those Who Love to Groove”… used to wear that out!
    Another great mix!

  • Jah_Luv says:

    You rockin this week homie! Angie Stone used that Womack & Womack beat, learn something new everyday.
    Peace and Blessings!

  • ceecee says:

    I see a lot of faves…!!

  • I should’ve known when you got that look in your eye that you would use that Marvin Gaye track.

  • Todd Kelley says:

    aw man… i’m late on this one.
    That Odyssey cut I TOTALLY forgot about. Wow, AND “mumbles” MacDonald! Classic material, b!tches!!!

  • Nikki says:

    *hits repeat on that Rufus and Chaka Khan track*

  • Wayne says:

    Back from a few days in the City of Lost Angels and am enjoying this week’s tracks.
    As always, THANK YOU Mr. Flavors.

  • i did not know that jasmine guy had a cd out.. i doadloaded some of those songs.. you definitely have a great taste in musics..
    i’ll be back

  • twin says:

    I was wondering if there is any way I could put these song on an IPOD your are bringing back memories

  • Morena says:

    Yanno EJ, I just love OSWs. The music just takes me back and I can never.sit.still! “Fo-Fi-Fo?”…hadn’t heard that in YEARS! I was grooving to some old cassettes the other day that I found while cleaning out my trunk and Jasmine Guy was on there. Forgot she had a CD out until then! Thanks for the sounds 🙂

  • honey says:

    Oh wow, oh wow! The Marvin *sigh* *smile*

  • Ariya says:

    Didn’t even know that Jasmine had a new one out. Very nice 🙂

  • kat says:

    OMG. What can I say? Marvin. I’m in love with the man. The voice..
    I’ve got a lot of these songs on vinyl, but can’t play them coz I don’t have a record player anymore.
    Thanx, U made my day. I’ll be coming back. 🙂

  • Cheryl says:

    Dang EJ, I forgot Jasmine Guy even released a CD! IF I recall it wasn’t half bad. Wonder why she didn’t make anymore? You sure know how to make me go down that old school memory lane!

  • Terecico says:

    Echoing Cheryl. EJ you were diggin’ in the crates for real for that Whitley Gilbert…uh, um, I mean Jasmine Guy. Good look.

  • InVue says:

    Wow, I found a goldmine on the web!!!! Great site thanks for the old school. Yes!!!

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