100 Things, Volume 3

was done, and volume
was assembled. It’s getting a little more challenging now. The third

100 Things About EJ, Volume 3

51. The phrase "Jack be nimble, jack be quick" does not apply to me.
I am heavy-handed and I will not try out for a marathon. I am very
good with hammers though. That, and slamming car doors. It’s not that I’m mad
at you, it’s the power of the swing.

52. I constantly have 15 things on my mind. If you think I’m ignoring you, please
believe that I am not. I’m also not ignoring the music in the background. Or
the computer screen. Or something I need to do for work.

53. Even though I was definitely into computers at the time, my best score in
the 8th grade was Mythology. My grade score? 110.

54. I am not a romantic person. Ask anyone. My idea of a date
is a good dinner and a movie and that’s it. In fact, if both the dinner and
the movie are at your house (or mines), that’s even better. I know about those
things called flowers and candy, and I can do that, but I need a put in a reminder
into my scheduler, and allow extra time for me to set up and prepare. For instance,
I have to get ready for Valentines Day at least a month in advance. Just thinking
about it makes me cringe.

55. Yeah, I’m a Star Trek fan. All of ’em. My favorite series is The Next Generation,
but I would be lying if I said I’ve missed a single episode of any of them.

56. My favorite Star Trek quote is "If there’s nothing wrong with me…then there
must be something wrong with the universe!" from Dr. Beverly Crusher, in
the episode Rememer Me in ST:TNG. I know too many people who would
apply that logic (including myself).

57. I’ve been intoxicated exactly 4 times in my lifetime.

58. I’m the mellow, flirty drunk. Most of the times I’ve been fondled by strangers
has been when I’ve been drinking too much. If I’ve been drinking too much, I’ll
probably let you touch me too.

59. If my mind appears to be wandering, I’ll forget what you told me 60 seconds
ago. However, if you ask, I’ll tell you exactly what you told me five years
ago. Damn that short term/long term memory.

60. I don’t drink coffee often, so I’m not a regular at Starbucks. When I do,
I go on a major high for about an hour and then come crashing down. Like a freight
train. If you like seeing crashing freight trains, then give me a cup.

61. I don’t like tomatoes. I’ll pick them out of my salads and my hamburgers
if they’re in there. I will, however, eat ketchup. And I will not pick out sun-dried
tomatoes. I actually like them. How strange is that?

62. I don’t like okra. At all. That’s Mother Nature’s slimiest growth
from the garden. I think that okra was put there to make me suffer as a youngster
when trying to eat my grandma’s greens.

63. And then there’s chitterlings. No. No. No. No. NO. Don’t bring them close
to me. If you have them in a barrel near my house I will call 911 and tell them
that there is a bomb in a barrel in my living room, and that you left the barrel
there. You’ve been forewarned.

64. The sport I can watch all the way through is boxing. The sport I can’t watch
from start to finish is baseball. All other sports fall somewhere in between.

65. My favorite fruit is the blueberry. Now, just because it’s my favorite fruit
doesn’t mean I like to actually pick them. I did that once when I was
growing up. Never again. Have you ever picked blueberries and liked
doing it? If you have, let me know.

66. When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a fireman. Flames
looked cool. And heroes with big red trucks too? Very cool.

67. I have an active imagination. (Like that should surprise you, right?)

68. If you asked what religion I consider myself to be, it would have to be
Agnostic. I’m not totally big on religion. There is a higher being, yes. That’s
perhaps as detailed as I get about religion. In conversations, I can get more

69. If I haven’t said so before, I’m all for gay marriage. This
perfectly explains my opinion of it.

70. This brings me to another point. If you don’t agree with something that
I have an opinion of something I say, I understand. Let’s agree to disagree.
We can be civilized about it. The minute you become rude, dispassionate,
or condescending is when the situation becomes mired in extreme negativity. That is when you will see me state my opinion again, make a note of your behaviour, and then walk away from you.

13 comments on “100 Things, Volume 3

  1. **RPM** says:

    Is there NO limit to our similarities?
    I feel you on the short term long term memory thing. I am also le suck in this regard.
    I hate okra, love ketchup and sundried tomatoes but can do without them in all other ways.
    I am SOOOO the trekkie. Though I told Charlie once he reminded me of Worf, and he was not as appreciative as I thought he’d be.

  2. ronn says:

    “…it’s the power of the swing.” That comment right there could get you in trouble (amongst other, er, um, things).
    I generally like tomatoes, as long as it’s not hot (unless in a sauce). I am starting to love okra, esp. fried. And I miss picking my own blueberries. They taste so much better and are fun to pop right in your mouth seconds after they’re picked.

  3. ManNMotion says:

    56. But…But…there IS something wrong with the rest of the universe!

  4. DJ Diva says:

    My favorite is “Make it so” …I had such a crush on Picard…still do!
    I hate slimy food too…won’t catch me near no pig guts or appendages…
    i could go on and on…but i’ll stop…lol

  5. will says:

    OK. I’m all caught up now. And I think I was laughing a bit too loud as the owner of the house asked me to keep it down. LOL
    Great stuff, mayne. It was great hanging with you today. Yeah… and about those pictures … I couldn’t help it. They were playing OLD SCHOOL!!!! 🙂

  6. Nikki says:

    Yuck! I don’t like okra either.

  7. muffin says:

    are you one of those trekkie trekkie fans that i threw TOMATOES at during a movie premier? bwaaahaaaa maybe next time i’ll save the tomatoes for my sammiches…i’ll throw ketchup packets at you instead.

  8. KB says:

    I had to fix the hinge on the MIL’s car after I dropped you off at the train station. Now I know why.
    Star Trek. *sucks teeth* “I understand.” *rolls eyes*

  9. Keish says:

    By the time u hit 100, I will be ready for the EJ Trivia game, for sure! :0)

  10. Cheryl says:

    Lol…John is that you?! Just kidding E.J. but you sound like my husband. He’s easily distracted, loves Star Trek, and is NOT romantic! Actually he used to send flowers to my old job…ahhh those were the days.
    At least you prepare for Valentines Day. Many folks do not.

  11. Yolanda says:

    Ahhh . . . we have so much in common it’s crazy. Therefore, not to be totally associated with you, I must tell you where we differ. hehehe
    I love tomatoes, unless they’re cooked. Yuck! I loves some blueberries and will pick them. I love, love some okra and I smother those suckers until all the goo is gone, then I cook them. Wallah! No slime.
    I have to admit my past love of Star Trek. Hear that I did say past. TV-watching requires too much attention. The span ain’t that long, as you already know. LMAO
    And my mind drifts–all the time. But I’ll be damned if someone tells me a lie that my busy mind won’t come to a screeching halt.
    My long-term memory is superb, especially if I’ve been wronged. From that point on, we can’t be friends, associates or anything that requires breathing air in the same vicinity.
    I don’t hate anybody (but I do hate ignorance and stupidity–the actions streaming from certain folks), but I’ll be damned if a person doesn’t die (figuratively) the day I begin to dislike them.
    Is that a Cancer trait? LMAO It’s like remember Eddie, and I’m like Eddie who? I thought he was dead? LMAO
    Okay, I’ve filled up your comments section sufficiently, I think I’ll go write some fiction and make good use of my active imagination. LOL

  12. Mashaun says:

    the list seems to get better and better man … cannot wait to see the rest of it … i need to finish my other 50s

  13. alboogie says:

    you telling tales. i know you eat pig guts, it’s ok – i won’t tell nobody!! 🙂

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