OSW: Rock and Soul

Alright, we’re ready. This actually came from the madman, KB.
He states:

They say there’s a fine line between madman and genius. So it
came as no surprise, when preparing for his Old School Wednesday radio blog
last week, EJ asked my favorite Hall & Oates song and then my favorite Stevie
Wonder song. At first I didn’t see the corelation but then I got it: rock n’
soul. H&O are one of the most soulful pop acts of our time (they are from
Philadelphia, after all). And Stevie has been a major musical influence for many,
including pop & rock groups.

Genius… But what else should you expect from a music loving mad man.

I don’t know about genius, but I’m alright with the music loving madman. All
I know is what started out as a couple of questions turned into a soulsearching event,
much reminiscing, and songs being pulled out of the vaults. Check it out:

School Wednesday: Rock and Soul.

Dropping the favorite tracks as prescribed.

Starting with the mellow tracks:
01 – Stevie Wonder – Knocks Me off My Feet
, as stated by AB
and Hopluv.
02 – Stevie Wonder – Rocket Love
, as spoken by DJ
03 – Stevie Wonder – Overjoyed,
by KB
and JDid.
04 – Dionne Warwick & Stevie Wonder – It’s You
, because Thierno
said we should pull it out of the vaults.

05 – Daryl Hall & John Oates – Sara Smile, by far the most requested
from Hall and Oates, as stated by AB,
DJ Diva,
and **RPM**.
06 – Daryl Hall & John Oates – She’s Gone
, because London
resurrected it.
07 – Daryl Hall & John Oates – One on One
, as demanded by Angelicastorm.

Pushing it up a notch:
08 – Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely
, from Zun
and Brotha
09 – Stevie Wonder – He’s Misstra Know It All
, A touch choice for London
10 – Stevie Wonder – Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing,
because **RPM**
mentioned this one too.
11 – Stevie Wonder – I Was Made to Love Her
, for White Silk.
12 – Stevie Wonder – Living For The City
, from Wayne,
who said this one was easy. I had to pull the full version out, which I remember
growing up. Scared me each time.

13 – Daryl Hall & John Oates – Rich Girl, from a couple of high
school friends of mine who started singing it in my ear.
14 – Daryl Hall & John Oates – Everything Your Heart Desires
, one
of my favorites, without hesitation.
15 – Daryl Hall & John Oates – Out of Touch
, which I also resurrected
for Thierno.
16 – Daryl Hall & John Oates – I Can’t Go For That (Extended)
for White Silk, JDid,
KB, Tazee
and Hopluv
– and then Gwen
pulled out the extended mix. Wow.

And then finishing on a high note:
17 – Stevie Wonder – That Girl (1982 Musiquarium Version)
, for every
wannabe producer, as Qamar stated.
18 – Stevie Wonder – All I Do
, one of the songs that stops me cold,
because it’s heard on adult contemporary, pop, and R&B stations as well as
dance clubs, and still has the same effect. Tazee
mentioned it also, which made me happier to hear it.

19 – Stevie Wonder – As
. Pulled out of the vaults from last week.
20 – Stevie Wonder – Another Star
. I will play this in my car 10 times
in a row, and I will be asked to turn it off each time. A song with accentuated
horns, vocals, and percussion, written with sadness in mind? It always perplexes

21 – Daryl Hall & John Oates – Maneater, because Steph
had to have it.
22 – Daryl Hall & John Oates – Your Imagination (Remix)
, which
was mentioned by Qamar, so I had to pull out the mix.
23 – Daryl Hall & John Oates – Method of Modern Love (Extended Mix)
which (as KB has told me to mention), is the one I confessed to him early on
was my favorite.

I missed three, I’m very sure Zun
and Enigma,
I’ve got you on the next round (and Wayne, yours was so hard to find, I still
have it on back order).

Something not here that should be heard? Let me know. Enjoy.

40 thoughts on “OSW: Rock and Soul

  1. Wow…even though I saw this one coming, it still takes my breath away. I’ll be listening to this one for weeks to come. Thanks EJ, you had perfect timing on this one.

  2. Thanks for that Stevie and Dionne song, “It’s You.” I liked that one first time I heard it in the movie “The Woman in Red” back in 1984.

  3. *jumping up and down*
    Damn. Damn. Damn. I can’t listen!!!!!!
    *writes in notepad*
    To Do — Listen to ejs OSW! SOON as I walk thru door.

  4. Oooo, ooo, you gonna make me lose my job ’cause I hollared when I saw this list. You are the best! As if you didn’t already know it…lol

  5. Sweet Bejesus!!! I feel like i’ve been bitch-slapped!!!! The 1-2 punch! Who would’a thunk it! Two great tastes that go great together..

  6. You’re going to get me fired! I am once again throwing a one-woman party in my office. How many times do you think I can sing “I can’t go, I can’t go, no, no, no” before they ask me to just pack my things and bounce?!?
    Loving it!

  7. Absolutely perfect EJ…I will be playing this all day on the stereo…poor twins…i agree with u on Another Star…it makes me think sad thoughts and groove at the same time ….

  8. Thanks, EJ, for indulging me. I’m getting so nostalgic as a rsult… This is an amazing mix you’ve put together.
    Much love & respect back atcha, my man.

  9. Yay! I know more than three songs this time–first time ever! 🙂 Thanks for this Wednesday mood-lifter, ej!

  10. OSW: Rock ‘n Soul

    They say there’s a fine line between madman and genius. So it came as no surprise, when preparing for his Old School Wednesday radio blog last week, EJ asked my favorite Hall & Oates song and then my favorite Stevie…

  11. I don’t even try to be productive on Wednesdays anymore! Thank God my boss is usually in meetings all day on Wednesdays.
    Great memories and great songs.
    Thanks again, EJ!

  12. You asked me and I have yet to see “Love’s in Need of Love.” Humph! *Filing papers to offically divorce this one-sided friendship* LMAO

  13. EJ…I had to come back to comment after playing it all evening…it’s late and I’m still nodding to “Maneater”….Thanks mayne…for all of it…and the extra long versions….gotta love the instrumentals..

  14. Love.ly! The only one I would add is Superwoman/Where Were You When I Need You Last Summer. But officially, Rocket Love is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE STEVIE Jam. EVER.
    Rock ‘n Soul on…

  15. Hi EJ! I’ve missed you! I was commenting but you didn’t stop by so I thought i’d done something wrong and didn’t want to be a stalker. So glad that wasn’t the case after all. Now that i’m here i’m going to put my headphones on and listen in while i’m at work.
    I do like that Lil Kim CD we mentioned, but since you’ve been to my blog you know my current frame of mind. Gotta run!

  16. Wassup EJ,
    I saw your name a few times on Todd and Honey’s site, thought I’d come over check your site out. This OSW is like that! Too young to have memories of these songs, but I know real music when I hear it!
    Peace and Blessings!

  17. Can’t remember (or even imagine) a time when Stevie’s music was not a part of my life.
    “Lately” and “My Cherie Amour” are probably my favorites.
    “Everything Your Heart Desires” and “Out of Touch” still sound great.
    What an inspired pairing of artists.

  18. Yeah…that CD is hard to find. I don’t even have it. All that old stuff is tucked away on vinyl.
    GREAT set this week, Mr. Flavors. I’ve had people stopping my cube for work related stuff, hearing your mix, and wanting to rock out.

  19. OK, everytime I hear “That Girl” I must get up and dance like a fool. I hope you’re happy you made me do that, LOL

  20. Wow. Very eclectic music making sounds orchestrated by the one and only Moon Man, EJ Flavors. This playlist, if one is into the old school and it seems many are, is as solid as they come. Very impressive and very smooth listening music. Keep up the great work…

  21. uh k…not that it matters…but uh, i like this design better than the last one…and umm…this monday’s tracks are on point. *thumbs up*

  22. Ever heard Tammi Terrell’s version of “All I Do”? It’s on the ‘Cellarful of Motown’ compilation and, of course, is brilliant. Hard to believe Stevie (and Motown) sat on that song for so long.

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