OSW: Philly Soul, Volume II

The first time was so good, it was impossible to let these go, especially with the requests from the last one. Presenting:

School Wednesday: Philly Soul, Volume II.

01 – The Intruders – Cowboys to Girls.
My moms used to play this cut endlessly.  And sing it. All the time.
Hats off to London Lee for bringing it back. 
02 – The Stylistics – You Are
I honestly can’t get enough of the Stylistics, so I made sure to
myself.  In my opinion, everything they touched turned to

03 – Billy Paul – Let’s Make a Baby. GrantLove
had it on his mind, so why not pull it out?
04 – The Spinners – It’s a
Co-written by Stevie Wonder (who was 20 at the time) and
Lee Garrett,
this song is also a classic. This helped put The Spinners on the
05 – Jean Carne – I’m Back For
.  Back in 1980, this duet with Al Johnson
was released. Nods to
GrantLove on this
one also.

06 – The O’Jays – Used To Be My
O’Jays biggest selling single.
07 – The Jones Girls – Children of the Night. 
Originally performed by The Stylistics, this socially conscious track always
gets repeated in my car when played.   A classic Thom
08 – Jean Carne – Don’t Let It Go
to Your
In my opinion, her greatest track- and most

09 – Harold Melvin & The
Blue Notes – The
Love I Lost. 
Considered one of the first disco
10 – Instant Funk – I Got My Mind
Speaking of disco, this song was mixed by the one and
only Larry
Levan.  This hit number one on the R&B chart and top
20 pop.
11 – The O’Jays – Love
single from The O’Jays.
12 – Instant Funk – Crying.
Also released
by Instant Funk. Yet another underappreciated track from
13 – Phyllis Hyman – You Know How
To Love
. I don’t think I can say enough about it, so I’m
calling on the people
leaving comments to speak about this track instead. 
14 – MFSB – Love Is the
. This
track, over 10 minutes long, was often the track that you heard at a
club before
they took your drinks out of you, started bringing up the lights, and
the doors up, while personnel were getting ready to start pushing you
out of the
door when the song ended.  Classic.

Vibe it through.

13 comments on “OSW: Philly Soul, Volume II

  1. Carla says:

    Oh. My. Gawd. The O’Jays! Phylis Hyman! The Stylistics! The Spinners!
    I just love your musical mind.

  2. GrantLove says:

    YES EJ, That’s what I’m talking about. Philadelphia International was one of the best labels ever. Tantamount to Motown on the ability to crank out hit after hit, Philly International became known as The Sound Of Philadelphia thanks to Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff. So many great songs to choose from, you did your thing.
    Interesting article on Philadelphia International Records…Check it out:

  3. Philly International Story
  • Soft Spoken says:

    Wow, you took me back in that post.
    I will be singing “Got my mind made up, you can get it…Get it girl, anytime” all dang day
    Lovely blog!

  • Nikki says:

    No I’ll never (never)
    No, no never (never)
    Love again

  • Bernie says:

    Man, I’m loving this and I haven’t even started listening yet. Just reading the song titles takes me back.

  • What would I do without my OSW? I don’t wanna imagine. Thanks for another moving and grooving one, EJ!

  • DJ Diva says:

    cause if you’re playing games
    it would be a shame…

    Jean Carne…one of my favorites…along with “was that all there was?”
    Go EJ!

  • James says:

    WOW!!! Another journey back to Philly Soul! This is wonderful. Jean Carne and Phyllis Hyman are both very underrated singers. I think I will need to pull out music from both of them this weekend.

  • Nathans says:

    Just awesome
    I used to live in philly and this stuff brings back so many memories!

  • Todd Kelley says:

    Good Lawd!!! That’s a damn lineup!!!! Where dem O’Jays at? Oh!! There they is!!!

  • Qamar says:

    Timeless! For a few seconds I was back at one of the house parties my parents hosted (or used to take us to).
    I’m loving this series!
    Keep it comin’, EJ (the new conductor of the Philly Soul Train)!

  • instant funky baby! beautiful

  • Bernie says:

    Ok, more than a week later and I’m still listening to this. Can’t get enough Phyllis Hyman and MFSB.

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