In Rotation: 10/31/05

New albums all over the place made this more difficult than usual.

Rotation: October 31, 2005

01 – Carleen Anderson – My Door is Open
02 – Incognito – Come Away With Me
03 – Earth Wind & Fire – The One
04 – Sleepy Brown – Me, My Baby, and My Cadillac
05 – Dangerdoom – Benzie Box Featuring Cee-Lo
06 – Chocolate Genius Inc. – Tomboyrockstar
07 – Stevie Wonder – Moon Blue
08 – Incognito – Baby It’s Alright
09 – Stevie Wonder – Sweetest Somebody I Know
10 – Lisa Shaw – Grown Apart
11 – Don-E – One More Time
12 – Nicolay – I Can’t Wait (Jaguar Wright and Bilal) – Remix
13 – Janelle Monae – Lettin’ Go
14 – Lisa Shaw – Born to Fly
15 – Steve Spacek – The Hills

01 – Carleen Anderson – My Door is Open. I was a big fan of The Young
Disciples and I’m an even bigger fan of Carleen Anderson. I have all of her
albums and was pleasantly surprised when I saw her new album Soul
. The album includes duets with Peter Weller and Jocelyn Brown,
but best of all, Carleen is as good as she ever was and this CD is by no means
a dissapointment.
02 – Incognito – Come Away With Me.
Bluey does it again with Eleven.
Excellent track, with lead vocals by Maysa.
03 – Earth Wind & Fire – The One.
From Illumination.
Produced by Organized Noise, with piano by Sleepy Brown.
04 – Sleepy Brown – Me, My Baby, and My Cadillac.
From Got
Purp? Volume 2
, a compilation led by Outkast’s Big Boi.
05 – Dangerdoom – Benzie Box Featuring Cee-Lo.
From The
Mouse and the Mask
06 – Chocolate Genius Inc. – Tomboyrockstar.
I first heard Chocolate
Genius when he was one of the vocalists on Sweetback’s Stage
, specifically on the tracks Circles and Jesus Girl.
Yankee Rock
is as eclectic as it’s title suggests.
07 – Stevie Wonder – Moon Blue.
Mellow track from A
Time To Love
08 – Incognito – Baby It’s Alright.
Another excellent track. Vocals
by Imaani.
09 – Stevie Wonder – Sweetest Somebody I Know.
Also from A Time
To Love
10 – Lisa Shaw – Grown Apart.
Lisa Shaw is one of the major vocalists
from Naked Music, and that’s why it was essential for me to pick up the long
anticipated Cherry.

11 – Don-E – One More Time.
I loved the 1992 CD Unbreakable,
which is why i picked up Try
. The album also features a duet with Omar.
12 – Nicolay – I Can’t Wait (Featuring Jaguar Wright and Bilal) – Remix.

Nicolay has worked extensively, from Foreign Exchange to Big Brother. This cut
is from The
Dutch Masters, Volume 1
13 – Janelle Monae – Lettin’ Go.
Another track from Got Purp? Volume
14 – Lisa Shaw – Born to Fly.
Another track from Cherry,
15 – Steve Spacek – The Hills.
This track is Space
, the CD I picked up after hearing Steve Spacek on Platinum Pied Pipers’
. Electronically eclectic.

Enjoy (Special thanks to Bomani Jones).

10 thoughts on “In Rotation: 10/31/05

  1. That Nicolay joint is a burner!!! I didn’t care for it when i first heard it, but it creeps in your brain! And the new Stevie? WHEW!!! I’m a beliver all over again!!!!

  2. Dangerdoom – Benzie Box Featuring Cee-Lo — my favorite track on that album. I’m constantly replaying that song when I’m coasting on the Interstate.

  3. You know, Bomani was just talking about the Purple Compilation. Good stuff. Nicolay took me a minute, (mostly because Bilal has always annoyed me a pinch)…but Jaguar…s’my girl. My GIRL.
    Sorry it took me so long. 🙂

  4. wow EJ…U hooked me again with the first song…that Carleen joint is slammin!…And where did Lisa Shaw come from? “Grown Apart” is hot!!!
    Not to mention the Stevie joints… bowing
    U’ve done it again my friend!…

  5. EJ, I love it! I really dig Stevie’s new album and Lisa Shaw is the deal. “When I” and “Always” have been on repeat. Keep doing your thing man.

  6. Wow, I feel like I have been off on another planet somewhere, lol. You know I couldn’t stay away from the Flavor for too long though. That Sleepy Brown makes me wish is was summer again. Carleen and Incognito, excellent choices. Lisa Shaw..well I can’t say much about but thank you for giving me a taste until I can win this lottery and not have to budget when/where I buy music, LOL. Speaking of that Chocolate Genius worth buying the whole album? Been debating that.

  7. @Todd – yeah, that Nicolay hit me and that Stevie always goes without saying.
    @Nastybastard: I keep listening to that Benzie Box nonstop, and that Incognito song is a keeper….
    @RPM: yeah, I love that track…
    @DJ Diva: I bow to your presence. Glad you enjoyed it.
    @Derrick: you know how we do….
    @Honey: Glad you enjoy the spread…as for Chocolate Soul… to be honest, the jury is still out on that… he leaves no stone unturned on his album.
    @Obi – yeah mon, quite prolific….1

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