In Rotation: 10/15/05

The effects of treatments for grand mal seizures are no joke, people. Talk about

EJ: chicks say i’m sooooo sexy after I take a nap.
Todd: ha
ha ha ha
Todd: it’s the drool
Todd: sexy juice LOL

That can be taken so many ways, I know. He needs We need help.

It’s mad around here.

First it was KB making me think
of my favorite movie quotes
when I had my headphones on. So then I tried to
steer away from music but then Grant
had me pull
out my Dynasty album again
(not only does he have my initials, but he even
has my first name too!). Then, it was all about James
and his
three year anniversary
. On top of all that, Bomani
decided he was going
to name his top 50 Stevie Wonder songs
, knocking me off the map for half the
day. After all that, It took all I could to make my way back to the rotation.

Rotation: October 15, 2005

01 – Ski Oakenfull – So Beautiful
. Off of Rising
. It’s a clap your hands and feel good track. Like house? Ski’s got you.
02 – Darien Brockington – Listen.
Listen when I tell you, I can’t
let go of this track.
I have it on repeat. Just think, if Jerry Hey would
do some pro-bono work to put in a live horn section, it would be all over…..

03 – Kindred the Family Soul – Turn It Up.
I heard some tracks before
it’s release and picked it up. The last CD was good; this has my attention more
this go-round. I’d like to see them live.
04 – Toni Braxton – Take This Ring.
This song has Amerie/Rich Harrison
all over it, and yet I’m still bumpin’ the track. Don’t tell anyone.
05 – Eric Roberson – Hesitation. From The Appetizer.
He’s still got it.
06 – DJ Mitsu featuring Dwele – Right Here. Got this off of Jazzy
Jeff – The Soul Mixtape
. DJ Mitsu is a Japanese-based DJ, who has piqued my
interest with this track.
07 – Kindred the Family Soul – My Time. Mellow
track from In
This Life Together
08 – Rich Medina – Happiness. From Connecting
The Dots
. Loving the CD from start to finish. Someone dropped Adventures In
Lo-Fi to me, which made me pull this CD.
09 – Middle Child – What If. See, Honey
started this
, and it was all over. Also appears on J Rawl’s CD The
Essence Of Soul
, which mixes it in too.
10 – Darien Brockington f. Yazarah – Sacrifice. Darien and Yazarah?
Produced by Nicolay? C’mon.
11 – Rich Medina – Holdin’ Up. Again from Connecting The

12 – Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio – I Was Born On
Planet Rock. KB made a killer,
killer radio blog with it in it. Check
his out
13 – Ladybug Mecca & Martin Luther – Last Train. Also off
of Jazzy Jeff’s mixtape. I saw Ladybug Mecca and knew it was a good track, and
accentuated with Martin Luther? Good stuff.
14 – Sol Uprising – Ill Connect. More off J Rawls.

Between this and the Old School Wednesday, I’m set. Until Wednesday, that is….
Good times, everybody, good times…..

11 comments on “In Rotation: 10/15/05

  1. GrantLove says:

    Appreciate the visit to my site. Glad I could inspire you to dust off that Dynasty album. Every day I’m diggin’ through my crates trying to hit people off with some seldom heard treats… Keep giving us that Flavoe EJ… Peace, Blessings, & GrantLove

  2. Berry says:

    Right on time 🙂

  3. Carla says:

    I’ve been listening to this all day. I just decided to comment though. LOL I LOVE IT! I’m glad I got a chance to hear the Kindred the Family Soul. I loved the their first CD. This will might be a winner with me as well. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cheryl says:

    I’ll be here groovin’ from my desk at work tomorrow… You are so wonderful for giving me something to listen to everyday!

  5. Nikki says:

    I loved Kindred’s first cd and their latest is rubbing off on me as well.

  6. KB says:

    Hot arby… not permitted to stream at work… jealousy ensues…

  7. Qamar says:

    Sweet mix!
    Lovin’ “Last Train” and “Listen.” Yeah, EJ, it is good stuff!

  8. courtney says:

    *sigh* cant wait to get home…

  9. DJ Diva says:

    I did get to see Kindred live here in NY at Le Bat Bat..(before it was closed down due to violence…some folks mess it up for errrbody!) They were awesome!
    I love their new album…and your new list…
    Keep it up EJ…I’m coming out with my radio blog either 2day or 2morrow LOL…

  10. Terecico says:

    EJ- Good stuff. Kindred is currently on tour with Jag Wright sponsored by VH1 Soul. The Atlanta concert already passed though. For more info. check out VH1 Soul. Their new album is growing on me. Although, I enjoyed the first one more. But the new Dwele is getting crazy play in my crib right now.

  11. Haxwell says:

    Man, I know I’m later than black folks to a Klan meeting, but DAMN! I gotta give you some love on this one.. you brought some heat man. Keep it up!

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