In Rotation: 10/01/05

A long month ends, and a new one begins. I’m still putting the finishing touches
on the upcoming Old School Wednesday, since the
two questions are still in play
. Meanwhile, in my ears are:

In Rotation: October 1, 2005, which are, as usual, primarily on the mellow tip.

01 – Blaze – All That I Should Know, again from Soul
Heaven Presents Blaze
, which is more significant to me. This song came to
mind when I was thinking of Stevie Wonder.
02 – Paul Hardcastle – Was it Love.
The singer on this track is his daughter
Maxine and is a track from Hardcastle
03 – Michael Johnson – Your Love.
The first track featured here from
04 – Motorcitysoul – The Dream.
I’ll never forget this track, which was
playing as I was purchasing my CDs. I picked the CD Motorcitysoul
up without hesitation.
05 – Dwele – Lay It Down.
From the upcoming CD, Some
. I know I already have mine preordered.
06 – Havana – Feel My Love.
Track produced by Zo! from the just released
CD entitled Life: Living In Fearless Emotion. Definitely something to check out. Check
her website here
07 – Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio – Try Love.
With Love
Is The Answer
being a CD which has J Dilla, Madlib, Sa-Ra, and more, it piqued my curiosity.
08 – Karen Ramirez – Wings.
With my bad luck, I’ve misplaced Distant
twice. Relentlessly, I’ve picked it up and now I’m spinning it yet again. Think Sade meets Everything But The Girl, with a twist of drum and bass thrown in for good measure. This
CD was recorded in Italy and was masterfully performed and produced, and I’m still trying to find Karen Ramirez.
09 – Blaze – Fly.
Yet another track from Soul
Heaven Presents Blaze

10 – Blackalicious Featuring Floetry – Automatique,
from the solid, just-releaseed
11 – Akon – Don’t Let Up.
From Trouble.
12 – Wynter – Love Like This (So Good It Hurts).
From While
U Wait
. I’m of the opinion that this is one of the finest compilations this
year. Don’t believe me? Ask
13 – India Arie – Simple
. The second track featured here from Atlanta
. Hits me to the very core.
14 – Bruno E – Feel Featuring Sarah Anne Webb
. I don’t ignore anything
featuring Sarah Anne Webb, or anyone from D’Influence, for that matter. From Alma

Groove it forward.

9 comments on “In Rotation: 10/01/05

  1. Enigma says:

    H&O – Sara Smile
    Stevie – ..I can’t remember the title. seriously, i gotta scan FFF, Talking Book, and Innervisions.
    [EDIT] Adding “You Haven’t Done Nothing” [/EDIT]

  2. Fresh! says:

    It’s about 12:04am, and I just finished loading Mark Farina’s classic “Mushrroom Jazz One” into iTunes. Looking forward to checking out the arby tomorrow at work. Blaze is always a winner in my book and Karen Ramirez appears to have a chance in holding that same spot.
    Peace, bruh…the bed is calling.

  3. Todd Kelley says:

    Paul Hardcastle?!?!? What’s up with that Jazzmasters homey? 🙂 Throw in that new Dwele, and it’s a good Monday morning, fella!

  4. **RPM** says:

    I miss you Sunshine. I hope you’re following orders and taking care of you. Hugs and Oceans of Love,

  5. Terecico says:

    Can’t wait for that Dwele to drop.

  6. DJ Diva says:

    Ok…I’m listening to this thru my stereo (or component set LOL)
    I didn’t know about Blaze. Thanks for putting me on! He really does sound like Stevie…I had to look back at his name like I didn’t see Stevie LOL…Havana is soo smooth…”Try Love” really made me think of Jeffrey Osburne…and how come Blaze hits me again…with a track sounding like it’s from the 90’s soulful house?…gotta love India…It’s just that simple lol

  7. EJ Flavors says:

    @Enigma: I got you.
    @Fresh: yeah, that Blaze has never steeered me wrong. Karen’s definitely different, and I can’t tell you why I love her so much.
    @Todd: Paul Hardcastle has some good tracks, pretty mellow.
    @RPM: Thanks, love.
    @Terecico: Dwele comes out tomorrow.
    @DJ Diva: Blaze is good stuff, Havana is way smooth, and Dwight Trible makes me smile the more and more I listen to it.

  8. ceecee says:

    i’m seeing some of my faves here…Paul Hardcastle…Akon…Dwele! India.Arie!!
    Dang EJ…you’re back!

  9. del says:

    glad to know you are getting better.
    ‘try love’ from the dwight trible album is one of the more straight-ahead tracks as there’s some experimentation on the record. my personal favorite is the title track ‘love is the answer’.
    i’ll be posting an interview i did on the project soon if you are interested.

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