100 Things, Volume 2

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100 Things About EJ,
Volume II.

26. When I go clothes shopping, it’s a four-step approach: I go in, find what
I need, purchase the clothes and go. I’m not looking for bargains then – I’m looking
for an immediate need for clothes. Don’t try to keep me in there for more than
an hour. For malls, it’s an hour and a half – unless you feed me while we’re in

27. I’m okay when I have cash in my reserves, but when I don’t, all bets are off.
If I’m broke I will be one evil man and lock myself in the house. No restaurants,
no record stores (which is bad in and of itself), and minimal conversation. Leave
me alone with music and I’ll be fine.

28. I have this thing about British acts, but I’ve never been to Britain. For
instance, two bands that always make me smile are Loose Ends and D’Influence.
I have all of their songs (and the remixes), have seen both in concert, and would
gladly have them back together. Then there’s Incognito, Sade, Paul Weller, The
Style Council, Carleen Anderson…..

29. One of my self-evaluations that always perplexes people is that I believe
I’m one of the most boring people you’d ever meet. In group settings, I listen
more than I speak. It isn’t because I’m shy – I just don’t think I have much to

30. Both my father and grandfather died from cancer. Both of them smoked also.
Now you know why smoking around me is annoying. I can deal with it, but only for
so long. Don’t smoke in the house. That’s like signing your own death warrant.

31. I would use the phrase “I’m a lover, not a fighter” if it weren’t such
a cliche. I’m not one who likes fighting. I’m more of a peacemaker.

32. When I was growing up I wanted to be a fireman, then an architect. I
drew all over every piece of paper I could find and idolized Frank Lloyd Wright.
As a matter of fact, I still love that guy.

33. When I was in the third grade, you couldn’t catch me out of English
class. I hated math and scored low. Then, something happened when I was 10
and 11. I started acing math and science, and was placed in advanced classes
during those two years.

34. Around that time I also started growing hair in a couple of
places. I was in chorus class too, until the summer between the 5th and
6th grades. Around my 11th birthday, I tried out for chorus and I didn’t make it
because my voice was changing. My teacher looked me straight in the eye
and said to come back after I was “done with puberty.” That made it one of
the best summers I ever had.

35. For some strange reason, I took an IQ test back in the 6th
grade. That’s when I got placed into the gifted classes. I always
thought it was something fun to do. I never considered myself gifted, and
I still don’t. Quirky, yes. Gifted, no.

36. I played Little League Baseball for exactly 1 day as an outfielder. I
wandered off the field to talk to my mother in the middle of a game because I
was bored. My mother laughed hysterically. They didn’t let me back on and
told me to go home. That’s when they realized sports wasn’t for me.

37. When I was 13, my family moved from Atlanta to Alabama. That’s
when life got even more distressing for me. As I told a friend, a New
Yorker being pulled further south was like being pulled slowly into a deeper,
hotter hell.

38. I had to get the hell out of there, so in high school, I applied for
as many universities as I could. Problem was, I got accepted to every one of

39. When I graduated high school I graduated in the top 10 (#7), and was the
valedictorian,” being the highest-ranked African American

40. I have my headphones on. Constantly. It’s not
that I’m trying to
ignore anyone, it’s just that I need my music. Constantly.

41. I wear size 9 1/2 shoes.

42. I like people. I can count one one
hand the number of
people I’ve met over the past couple of years that I’ve engaged in a
conversation with, and after having that conversation, wanted them as
far away
from me as possible because I disliked them so much.

43. I’m pro-choice. Doesn’t mean I like the outcome
of the choice,
but I respect it.

44. I’m lactose intolerant. Why? Because stomach aches are
not my thing,
and I’m sure pungent air isn’t your thing.

45. Even though I live in the south, I’d still prefer cooler
I’d rather freeze to death than have heatstroke.

46. My birthday should be considered a holiday. Even though
it’s not,
everyone should treat it as such.

47. I was supposed to be born on or around September 10th,
according to my
mother’s doctors, but I wanted to get out a couple of months earlier,
instead for July 16th.

48. My astrological chart places me as a Cancer with a
Capricorn ascendant
and Scorpio moon, if you’re interested.

49. I took French in high school
and college. Too bad
I can’t speak the
language. I believe I’ve forgotten 99% of it.

50. Turn away from soap operas, please. I love cartoons. Dangermouse
was my favorite show back in college. In fact, I’m going to make it my mission
-to find all of the Dangermouse episodes.

13 comments on “100 Things, Volume 2

  1. Nikki says:

    I too took French in high school and college. You’d think I would be somewhat fluent, but I’m not.

  2. **RPM** says:

    I played Little League Baseball for exactly 1 day as an outfielder. I wandered off the field to talk to my mother in the middle of a game because I was bored. My mother laughed hysterically. They didn’t let me back on and told me to go home. That’s when they realized sports wasn’t for me.
    – Why can I see little Flavors, wandering off.
    And hey – I did the same with French. Absurd, isn’t it?

  3. muffin says:

    lmao @ #37

  4. Mashaun says:

    you are fucking hilarious … puberty, no sports, lactose intolerant and being broke were the most hilarious posts and i feel ya on each and everyone of them …
    loving the list so far …

  5. ManNMotion says:

    51. EJ absolutely loves country music. Secretly listens to it in his car when no one is riding shotgun.
    For real though here’s a jazz blog you may not know about with radio posts. Slightly different genre but you’ll appreciate the serious musical intentions:

  6. Brotha Buck says:

    Thats funny. I’m beginnng to wonder if my problem is that maybe Im not shy, but not confident in having anything to add further to a discussion. Also, I can’t stand to shop. I mean, I will because I need stuff. But its go in, get what I need, and hopefully no crowds. I went in to Walmart the other day, and asked the lady at the front to please show me where the paper plates are because I’m not trying to spend 20 minutes in there trying to find them. She show’d me.

  7. todd Kelley says:

    Dangermouse!!! My best friend in grade school was a dangermouse finatic! Even talked like him. scary…
    I still have to do this damn 101 thingy.

  8. Yolanda says:

    Ahhh . . . someone else who hates to shop. When my clothes start looking runover, I finally make it a point to do a quickie. hehehe
    LMAO @ you walking off the field. My youngest son did something similar, and you know the boy is a Cancer, too.
    He’s begged to play peewee football because his older brother played. So, we signed him.
    The first game, another kid grabs my son’s flag. The boy walked off the field and said, “Okay, that’s enough. I’m ready to go home.”
    I died on the sidelines. My ex-husband tried to force him back on, but it wasn’t happening.
    He recently told me he wants to play again. We’ll see how this one goes. LMAO

  9. jdid says:

    no record stores. oh man i know what that feels like. I swear record stores are like my addiction.

  10. DJ Diva says:

    Straight 35…I used to wonder if they made a mistake LOL…Then I just accepted it…LOL
    Keep ’em coming EJ!!!!

  11. James says:

    EJ, this is fun to learn so much about you after being friends with you for over 15 years.
    ManNMotion, thanks for the props! EJ is actually responsible for getting me into blogging and more recently, radio blogging. I am grateful but I am sure am sleepy!

  12. I now declare July 16th a public holiday! Everyone should take off, go shopping and buy presents for people born on July 16.

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