In Rotation: 09/12/05

My weekend was all about hanging with some cool people, seeing two concerts, and
then making up for it pulling an all-nighter. Was it worth it? Most certainly.

I started on Thursday evening captivated by Honey’s radio blog
for Katrina:
Anger, Sadness, and Hope
, and because she and a couple of other people mentioned
it, ran out the door to the Apache Cafe. I worked myself into a stupor on Friday,
and then after going to Apache Cafe yet again on Friday night, I got to see Anthony
, Jiva, and Donnie…..

…as if that weren’t enough, I started out my Saturday having two awesome conversations.
I started it out by an impormptu breakfast with the one and only with Bomani,
one of the coolest brothers you’d ever want to meet. And then, to put icing on
the cake, five hours later, I got to hang with another cool brother by the name
of Johnathan. I thought it would
end there, but it didn’t.

On Sunday, after chilling out with my friends for breakfast, I then got to email
back and forth with my cousin and then chill with Donald
especially Darrell,
who recounted his experiences that Katrina has placed on him. After all the cool
people I met during the weekend, and all the good food I’ve had, what happens?
I end up pulling an all nighter, which is what I’m doing now. What’s keeping me
awake while I’m waiting on co-workers? Music of course.

Rotation: September 12, 2005

01 – Blaze – Elevation. Again from Soul
Heaven Presents Blaze
02 – Tortured Soul – Why
, per request from Johnathan, since I dropped
03 – The Sunburst Band – Thin Air.
Instrumental from Until
The End Of Time
. It took a lot of time and more than a little money to find
this CD, and I’m convinced it’s one of the best CDs to come out in 2004. I equate
it to the same vein as Tortured Soul.
04 – Larry Heard / Loose Fingers – Dreaming Of Better Days.
05 – Alice Russell – What We Want!
From the just released CD, My
Favourite Letters
06 – Jiva – Free Falling.
Saw these cats perform this past weekend. From
thei new CD Sun & Moon. Check
them out
07 – Bruno E – Alma Featuring Xanton Blanq
. From the just released Alma
08 – Sandboy – Call Out.
From the just-released Echoes.
09 – Jafar Curry – No Longer In Love.
I mentioned him
before, and I’m still grooving his EP.
10 – Floetry – In Your Eyes
11 – Raheem DeVaughn – Until.
Still living in The
Love Experience
12 – DJ Language Featuring Nas – War.
From Real
Music For Real People
13 – Little Brother – All For You.
From the upcoming CD The Minstrel
Show. Review to come soon as soon as I can sync up with a couple
of people.

Groove it forward.

12 comments on “In Rotation: 09/12/05

  1. MsThing says:

    Did you say, Donnie????
    Oh HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL no, EJ! And you didn’t call me????

  2. Fresh! says:

    That’s (still_ my DJ!! Dope tracks, mannnn! Hope all is well with u. Good grooves for a Monday…I WILL partake. Get at u soon enuff…

  3. todd kelley says:

    Feels like a continuation from the last rotation. And feelin’ good… Really feelin’ the Jiva cut.

  4. Nikki says:

    Dagnabit, you didn’t get that autographed Anthony David cd for me?

  5. KB says:

    Whenever you and Big La are ready, boss.

  6. honey says:

    I heard a Sandboy cut with Clara Hill (I think). I’m gonna have to look into that. Floetry..hate that that pushed back the release date. Feeling that DJ Language/Nas cut. Little Brother…I been waiting on this one. Raheem..I’m gonna have to buy another one, I’m wearing the groves out this CD (do CD’s have grooves?) lol
    So in other words…I’m feeling this rotation!

  7. twin says:

    Hey I just want to say keep up working on the old school jams, I love old school

  8. Will says:

    Mayne!!! This comment is for the music you’re bumpin in your headphones. LUBBBB me some Caron Wheeler, and especially that song!!!
    This is why you’re a musical genius. You agree with ME! LOL

  9. Dayrell says:

    Hi EJ…oooh guess what? I found Jiva’s album on sale for $4.99. You know I was SYCHED!!!! *smile*

  10. Dayrell says:

    Never mind. I see you plugged the site. =)

  11. Alemanyorks says:

    Kickin’ selection…….including the genius Larry Heard ….must have his new CD. THX

  12. HC says:

    I saw Tortured Soul in concert and the were off the hook. I’m glad to see people putting them out there.

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