Don’t stop.

Yesterday, I sent a text message to my cousin at Keesler
to check and see if she was okay. Early this morning, I heard my Sidekick
vibrate. She sent a text message back saying that she was alright. I immediately
called her back.

"Hey, EJ, know anybody who wants to buy a Lexus? Sure, it’s flooded out
but will make a nice ornament in the front yard!" We both laughed for 60
seconds, because as they say, laughter is good medicine, especially considering
the circumstances. You gotta love her.

Three things she wanted right now:
– $500 to get her hair done;
Plays from Chili’s
– Someone to purchase relaxer for her hair- cause she has a nappy afro.

I asked her how she was feeling. "I can’t break down right now, I havent
because I haven’t interacted with some families, I defintely will, but right
now, I just can’t." I feel her. While there are no commercial phone lines
up, there are two lines that they’re able to use for military purposes. While
there are people that have broken their legs while tripping down the water-filled staircases
in the dark, and $6 million worth of medicine lost on the base, it’s been surreal
for her. Imagine looking out the window when a storm is blowing, see 20-foot
waves come in, take whole houses, and then retreat. People on the base know
that there are more than one hundred people missing, but won’t be able to
recover the bodies until the waters recede.

Like people’s lives along the Gulf, our conversation is cut short because she’s
got to go back to work, and go raise the flag to half-mast. Four months from
now, she’s going to be relocated, but until then, she’ll be working.

Every day.
Katrina didn’t stop.
Therefore, she can’t stop.
around us ain’t gonna stop
Therefore, we
don’t need to stop

12 comments on “Don’t stop.

  1. Hyps says:

    $500 for a hair do! Wow. Tell her to love that ‘fro she’s got (no more $500 spending with a fro lol).
    I’m glad she’s safe and well and keeping her humour through all this.

  2. Nikki says:

    Hey EJ, tell your cousin if she needs some place to come and chill on weekends, she has some place to rest her head in Jackson. Give her my number.

  3. Todd Kelley says:

    Dope Man!!! I’m glad you found your cousin!! It’s nice to start hearing some good news for a change. And tell her the keep the nappy afro. i hear it’s coming back in style.

  4. honey says:

    I’m glad you were able to hear from your cousin. Sounds like a girl after my own heart with her humor. Glad she was able to hold onto that in spite of the tragedy of it all. I say she should keep the fro too, naps are beautiful!

  5. Sun says:

    That’s great news EJ! Glad to hear some right about now, you know?

  6. Brotha Buck says:

    $500 for a do? OMG, you’ll have to post a pic of a do like that!

  7. Ms. B says:

    EJ, this experience is embedded deep within my soul. I remember it took months to finally get over 9/11. I didn’t experience Katrina personally but I felt like I did. I know this situation has renewed my desire to offer public service as it has with others. They won’t stop so we won’t stop.

  8. Yolanda says:

    You are so right–we can’t stop. I know I won’t. Umm, a ‘fro is the shiznit. Tell her to hang on to it. LOL

  9. kathi says:

    First time here, glad I’m here. Thanks for the personal insight into Katrina. I’ll be back to catch up with past posts. God bless

  10. Cheryl says:

    I’m glad you heard from her EJ and that she’s okay.

  11. Michelle Gant says:

    Hi EJ and friends. Thank you all for the encouraging words. Another day at work and yes we have limited email capabilities and a few phones lines that work. Thank God I work for the Gen 🙂 You know how us sisters do..we found a way to relax our hair 🙂 I make jokes and smile because I have people here who depend on me for that. I’m working beside men and women who are treating patients everyday and they don’t have a home to go to. I’m currently living in a dorm room on base– it’s a big adjustment. I built my house about 3 months ago. It is standing with a garage door that is caving in along with some structural damage, but in my eyes that is nothing in comparison to what others are dealing with. My car was totaled along with hundreds of others on the base. We’re going to get a day off tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that. Continue to pray for us. No I haven’t let the tears shed yet.
    EJ I have some awesome pictures I would like to send to you. I tried using your email address but it wouldn’t work. The men and women here on yesterday spent 6 hours moving over 200,000 medical records from our flooded basement. A human chain is definitely something to see.
    Once again take care and God Bless you.

  12. **RPM** says:

    Thanks God. This is excellent news.

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