An Appreciation

Most times, if you ask, I’d tell you that the reason that most of my blogging is musically oriented is because I often believe that I don’t have much to say. Sights, sounds, work, life and
love around me are pretty straightforward. Some people might tell you I’m
a mellow kinda cat, and for the most part I’d like to believe that’s true. You
can even hear me a referred to as listener instead of a speaker. Every so often I have cause
to reflect on how good life is, as I’m sure you do. I don’t express myself that
often because most of the time there’s other people around me with a whole lot more to
say, and I just enjoy listening, hearing, vibing, being. That’s my thing. I’m
sure you feel me, right?

Well, the last couple of weeks were a little different if you didn’t get that
from the vibe all around. While the headaches were a warning sign, I kept going, until I was literally out, as in unconscious, for 48 hours,
after having that grand
mal seizure
. Seems that Thursday and Friday from week before last, they
poked and prodded and tried to find out what was goin’ on inside my head. Literally.
Apparently when I was awake I wasn’t happy about the IV equipment (and from
what I understand, I was trying to take it out of my arm), the fact that my computer
wasn’t near me, and most of all, I couldn’t listen to music or find
interesting television. Of course, when work calls you on the weekend while
you’re lying down on the hospital bed and you’re telling ’em you will be working
from home for a little bit because of this seizure, you get a lot of support-
even when the workaholic worker in you is trying to find a way to make
up for these hours on your unwanted vacation, or figuring out what’s gonna be
on your next Old School Wednesday, or In Rotation, or what you’re gonna have
on Flickr, because life is not supposed to stop…just like I’m not supposed to stop!

You also get a chance to find out that some people are actually are reading
what you’ve got to say- which isn’t much because, ultimately, you’re trying
to get through these life situations behind and continue forward. What you don’t
expect is that there are comments waiting, IMs, emails, phone messages
and the most unexpected of all, music, plants and flowers. I can name one- and only one- dissapointment
that I had while I was laid up. While that one person may or not be contacted,
I can honestly say that this has shown me that I’ve got way more friends than I’ve ever imagined, that
I don’t regret walking through my blogs everyday even though I constantly believe that I’m insanely behind,
because I still get to see and vibe through things on the web every day that pale in comparison to what one book could show me.

In short, I really do want to thank those that have reached out and said something,
have knocked me across the head with love, and have kept me up and carrying
on, because even though I’m sure I’m behind in a lot of things, there’s quite
a few of you who know how to nudge me along and keep me moving, even though I’m convinced I haven’t even moved a muscle.

What I’m sayin’ is- there’s love out there especially to you. If I haven’t specifically said so, know that it’s definitely my head and not my heart and I have every intention of giving
you the same appreciation you’ve given me.

Thank y’all for showing love to me. In fact, I’ve
been feeling so good about it, I don’t believe I’ve even expressed myself vocally enough.
Leave me an email, comment, whatever, if I haven’t. We’ll exchange phone numbers, whatever you
want. I’ve got love for you even if you can’t see it.

And that’s the truth. Forreal.

30 comments on “An Appreciation

  1. Todd Kelley says:

    Cheers, mayne.
    I didn’t realize how much you and this blog was a part of my daily routine. You are usually the first person i see online in the mornin’. And when you dropped off the radar, it was like something was missing. And then when the website wasn’t updated, i thought “ok. something is wrong.”
    Glad to see your feeling better mayne. Don’t let stress and other crap do this to you.
    Peace, love and music mayne. That’s what it’s all about.

  2. Anitra says:

    I am so happy to know that you are feeling better. Like Todd, you’re usually the first person I see online (even on the weekends), and when I didn’t see you, I worried, too.
    I am glad that you’re feeling the love, ’cause there’s a lot of it out there for you. You put so much of yourself out there; you actually DO express how you feel about others, all the time.
    Sometimes, it’s OK to slow down. Remember that. We gotcha back. *hugs*

  3. Dodgrlvr33 (Eman) says:

    You and your thoughts have been a regular part of my life for a long while now. I am glad that we have gotten to know each other a little better through short convos and sharing musical opinions. I have shared with you the little dramas of my like and work and now I am returning the favor. A little following-your-own-advice kinda thing. Dont let work stress you out and above all keep your health. You gotta lotta love out west. Stay healthy and as always… Keep Shining.

  4. lynne says:

    I’ve told you a few times, don’t know if you remember, that I don’t know how you manage to stay in touch with so many people or make so many new friends. Your capacity for giving and sharing love – is GREAT!!! Huge.
    And I have never seen you look down – I mean wear a frown – or anything. It’s amazing.
    A lot of people could learn a few things from you. A lot of people – including myself.

  5. Godizus says:

    I’ve known you for a while now, man. And you’ve always been one of the coolest cats I’ve known. We could always vibe through music despite the hectic work environment we shared. Like you, I often do more observing and analyzing than expressing, but I have to express my sincerest wishes for you to find yourself 100% well again. PLEASE find a way to enjoy your days off – relaxation is its own benefit sometimes. And if ya need an OSW anytime soon – HOLLA ATCHA BOY!
    Get well, man. Love.

  6. Berry says:

    I’m just glad you’re better. Take care. That must have been a wake up call…take heed. 🙂

  7. Jason T. says:

    ain’t no lover haters, haters of love around here.
    Keep your head right, big dog, because your heart is always spot on.

  8. hopluv says:

    EJ you are well loved and held in high regards by many people due to your loving, caring and giving spirit! You reached out to me in the most difficult time in my life, I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart – because you certainly didn’t have to. I’m happy that you are are doing better – god takes care of his own.

  9. **RPM** says:

    One thought:
    *insert hugs here*

  10. rocka says:

    EJ, I have to echo Lynne, since I am amazed at the amount of people that know and love you, I have yet to meet a blogger, who hasn’t experienced EJ…
    You inspire me… So don’t go anywhere…

  11. Nikki says:

    Glad you’re doing better. Love you much, EJ!

  12. a. says:

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better.

  13. Carla says:

    I’m glad you’re doing better. Lynne expressed something similar to what I’ve always thought. Who does not know EJ in the virtual world? You’re indeed loved by many, and I’m one of the many.
    Take Care!

  14. MrMyke says:

    Life Is Good and YOU know it’s TRUE! Because of people like YOU, ME, The People who READ This and Many Many Others, we ALL Know the importance WE make in each other’s Life!
    I’ve read thru all comments posted and one similar trait is constant. (YOU) GIVE-GIVE-GIVE and (WE) TAKE-TAKE-TAKE all that you offer!
    Let’s take a moment to reflect into ourselves and realize the importance we make. How much we value ourselves should dictate how well we value others! We gotta take care of SELF before we can take care of others!
    EJ – I value you for giving and careing so much!
    ” I Love You Mann!”

  15. jdid says:

    oh man sorry to hear about your illness man and I hope you are much better now. workaholic or not you got to try and take it easy till you get better guy
    take care

  16. chica says:

    You have opened my eyes to great music…more than you’ll ever know. And you like Alexander O’Neal! I’m glad that you are feeling better. Please take great care of yourself because your presence is needed out here in cyberspace. Keep vibing.
    P.S. You also get points from being from L.A…lower Alabama!

  17. KB says:

    Love is love, homeboy. Love is love…

  18. Edwige says:

    Glad you’re feeling much better and {{{Hugsss}}}

  19. Yolanda says:

    I waltzed over here this morning and my heart dropped. I thought it was Wednesday, and you know what I was looking for. When I didn’t see it, I ran to IM to see if you were signed on. *Taking deep breath . . . letting it out* Boy, don’t be scaring me like that twice in less than a week. I’ll be back tomorrow. LOL

  20. Michael says:

    I was just about to IM you and ask how you were doing but something told me to check your blog first. Glad to hear that you’re getting back to normal.
    Please pay attention to those warning signs man. That must be a male thing, I just had to deal with some thing similar with my father. 🙁

  21. Keish says:

    Hey EJ! Goodness, please take care of yourself. I’m so glad u are better. Sending u major love from Chicago. We love u and jam to u on the regular! Best Wishes & Be Well.

  22. jbeezy says:

    just sending a shout out to EJ. didnt know you were ill….hope you feelin better man…can any one of you(todd or ej or honey) help me out with my website? its
    im trying to get it off the ground sort of like your sites…216 288-3269cell

  23. “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
    EJ, you have a gift. It took me a long time – maybe too long – to realize. Just when I thought I’m all caught up in the mundane you remind me of what it means to love and be loved. Without grandiose gestures or big words, no. Simply by facing life head-on. You don’t give love, you ARE love.
    Quite concerned about your crisis and relieved you made it through. But you’ve always been a survivor and will come out ahead bigger and stronger. – HFO

  24. Thierno says:

    Hi EJ… I take it for granted to get on this site, read a few of your comments then jam to the great selection, without really worrying about whether or not you’re in good health. Well, first I apologize for this and, secondly, I am sorry to hear about your illness and hope you feel better.

  25. djdiva says:

    OMG EJ…I didn’t know…but please know that you have my love and the most hearty prayers I can give on your behalf…Stay well my friend…

  26. Will says:

    Dude… you had us scared. So damn glad you’re doing better! Hugs and pounds to you, mayne. Stay up!

  27. ceecee says:

    i’m a few days late but we love you too ej!!

  28. Bianca says:

    ….I’m late I know….am praying for you nonetheless…My bestfriend has seizures, out of the blue…it’s scary because it’s unknown where from, but I know it’s scary not knowing…but your blessed and will continue to be blessed…thanks in the midst of all that for the Stevie/Hall and Oats radio blog….it’s very much appreciated

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