OSW: Will’s Birthday Mix

After such an adventurous weekend and a busy week, I’m all tapped out. No theme
here, just good tracks. My imagination is gone. Any takers for an official title? Looks like we’ve got a winner:

School Wednesday: The Untitled Mix Will’s Birthday Mix.

01 – Gary Taylor – Compassion. From the eponymous debut
02 – Zhane – Sending My Love.
From Pronounced Ja-Nay.

03 – Slam/Slam Feat. Dee C. Lee – Giving It Up.
While I was in Philly,
my friends let me into their basement. It was all over. I think I spent at least
6 hours in there. Makes me want to pull out The Style Council.
04 – Mr. Fingers – What About This Love?
More Larry Heard.
05 – Patrice Rushen – Number One [Instrumental].
Grammy nominated cut
from Straight From The Heart.
06 – Patti Austin – Gettin’ Away With Murder.
From the album of the same
07 – Curtis Mayfield – Give Me Your Love [Love Song].
Everyone’s theme
08 – Mary J. Blige – Love No Limit.
Since Mary (read: Sean Puffy Combs)
sampled Curtis Mayfield on her second album, it made me pull this track out. From What’s The 411?
09 – D’Influence – Good 4 We.
From their debut album, which made me spend
most of my college money on cassettes from Great Britain.
10 – Shanice – The Way You Love Me.
From Discovery.
11 – Michael Franks – Now I Know Why [They Call It Falling].
Back when
funk was ever-present in 1985, I bough three copies of this cassette tape and
played this cut endlessly. From Skin Dive.
12 – Stevie Wonder – With Each Beat of My Heart.
From Characters.
13 – Maysa – More Than You Know.
From Maysa.
14 – Earth, Wind & Fire – Fantasy.
From All N’ All.

Happy birthday, Will!

16 comments on “OSW: Will’s Birthday Mix

  1. Carla says:

    As usual, thanks for the giving me something to vibe to while at work.

  2. Sup Mr. Flavors long time no see…cool blog. Streetism sending you some love

  3. Yolanda says:

    What would I do without OSW? I’d completely forgotten about Ms. Ever-smiling Shanice. LOL

  4. Nikki says:

    I have always loved the way Mervyn Warren arranged Take 6’s vocals on Stevie’s With Each Beat of My Heart.

  5. Will says:

    Ahem… I have a suggestion. Let’s name this the HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL OSW. Dammit. LOL
    Great as always mayne!!!

  6. Todd Kelley says:

    Good 4 weeeee…. Good 4 weeee… Good 4 weeeeeee…

  7. T says:

    That Zhane was right on time…Gracias!

  8. MsThing says:

    Why didn’t I think to ask you for that Zhane tune when I was searching high AND low for it last week :-/?

  9. Will says:

    You’re the best! Keep jammin, my friend. Always.

  10. lynne says:

    can i get a b-day mix too – to post on my site for people to hear? – this is a special request of course, today is my bday.

  11. Joe Greenlight says:

    Slam Slam! What a find. There’s about three songs on there that should have been Style Council songs, had their label not dropped them. In fact, “Round and Round” shows up on Paul Weller’s first solo CD. Shame Paul and D.C. split up, but that’s how things go.

  12. Xquizzyt1 says:

    What does Will have that I don’t??? *rethinking that question and rephrasing* Umm… more importantly… whycome he got a birthday mix and I didn’t??? *sniffle* *kicking rock*
    Cool mix by the way. =)

  13. KB says:

    How about “I forgot it was Lynne and my main man KB’s Birthdays Mix?”

  14. **RPM** says:

    This is a lot of pressure you’re under. Nice b-day mix Flavors, you done opened up a can of worms f’sho.

  15. James says:

    Wonderful mix of music!!

  16. Del says:

    d-influence. a lot of people always said sarah anne webb sounded like sade, but this whole album was excellent. “good 4 we” is my favourite off this album after “i’m the one”.
    btw, happy belated birthday lynne.

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