OSW: The Lynneluvah Mix

Just last week, it took me a while to try to come up with a title, which got bestowed
upon Will. Well, little did I know that there were not one, not two, but three
birthdays on that same day: Lynne,
KB, and Will.
Well, it’s time for me to make up for one of them now. To one of the coolest women
you would ever want to meet. This one’s for you, Lynne.

School Wednesday: The Lynneluvah Mix.

01 – Lalah Hathaway – Heaven Knows.
02 – The Stylistics – People Make the World Go Round (Full Version).
03 – The Crusaders – Streetlife (Complete Version).
04 – Gap Band – Yearning For Your Love.
05 – Slave – Just a Touch of Love.
06 – D Train – Walk on By.
07 – Chaka Khan – Clouds.
08 – Yarbrough & Peoples – Don’t Stop the Music.
09 – Change – The Glow Of Love.
10 – Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait [Dance Mix].
11 – Teena Marie – I Need Your Lovin’.
12 – Lisa Stansfield – All Around The World.
13 – Evelyn Champagne King – Betcha She Don’t Love You.
14 – Expose – Let Me Be The One.
15 – Aurra – Make up Your Mind (Extended Version).
16 – Loose Ends – Slow Down.
17 – Five Star – Let Me Be The One (Extended Version).

Oh, but wait. There’s more. You don’t think we would have forgotten about
my man, KB, would you? No, not
the KC’er. Hop on over here to Nasty
‘s for yet
another belated birthday mix
. These two should keep you busy for more than
a little while. Happy belated birthday, Lynne and KB!

23 thoughts on “OSW: The Lynneluvah Mix

  1. This is a very hot mix of music. I am playing now and I will definitely be playing it at work tomorrow. Nobody hardly plays the extended version of Randy Crawford’s “Streetlife” plus some folks think Lalah was the first to do it. Thanks for it including it and all the other great songs.

  2. Cool mix. Nice to hear Starleana Young featured on two tracks: Slave’s “Just a Touch of Love” and Aurra’s “Make Up Your Mind.” Plus Nu Shooz’s Valerie Day sounds like she was influenced by Miss Young on “I Can’t Wait.” But I’m getting a special kick out of “Let Me Be the One”… used to love that first album of theirs!

  3. ACCCKKK I love this mix. Love, love, love it. And I won’t post 3 comments this time. I LOOOOOOVE ANYTHING Steve Arrington related, so Slave… PERFECTION.
    Umm… I thought you didn’t love me anymore. *sniffle* so thank you for stopping in. CALL ME AT WORK (if you still have the number)!!! =)

  4. Hotdamn, you took me back to days of running through the dust in Louisiana with these. I can close my eyes and remember the tar bubbling on the street, as the sounds of “Don’t Stop the Music” stream outta the window.
    This gets heavy rotation today!

  5. You get props for no other reason than including the complete version of “Street Life!” That takes me back to hanging out with my cousin. We used to be playing, wildin out until his father threw on that song. We would just stop in our tracks and just listen. Man, Randy Crawford at her best…
    Also that Yarbrough & Peoples joint was the first 12″ single my little 10 year old butt ever purchased with my allowance!

  6. EJ strikes again!!Whoo…HOT mix, man! Thanks especially for the Streetlife…brings back some good ol’ memories…..this will HAVE to be a good day!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Lalah Hathaway!!! And especially THAT song! This will be on repeat all.day.long.
    *pounds, pounds*

  8. thank you – anything that takes me away from Young Jeezy is a ‘ OK – especially since this music takes me back to my youth – got damn! Loose Ends – Slow Down.Change – The Glow Of Love. Chaka Khan – Clouds.

  9. great mix…hearing Street Life just gave me a new perspective on Leela James, who I’d been comparing to Gwen McCrae (Funky Sensation)…definetely hear a little Randy Crawford in her as well.

  10. OK I’m burning a copy for the car…love the way you organized the list…I won’t even specify…but Streetlife? I see I’m not the only one who can listen to it for more than 6 minutes LOL

  11. Chaka Khan.
    *RPM collapses on floor*
    Her song, “Love Me Still.” (I have a secret to tell you about this song – but will preserve it for IM – hollerate)

  12. Oh no…you dug waaaaaay back to Yarbrough and Peoples Don’t Stop the Music. I always hated that muppet song, but The Crusaders…wow, now that brings back fond memories.

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