OSW: EJ’s Request Line, Volume 1

There’s a lot going on with life as usual, and I thought that maybe I should retire
the OSWs for a little bit and catch my breath, ’cause it takes a little while to organize
and get it together. Well, when I put the thought out there, a mini-revolution took place. KB the originator
told me no. **RPM**
was going to put me in a chokehold, ’cause she looks forward to it. And Todd,
well, he not only told me to keep doing it, but threw down a design on my site,
as you can see. Now, I’m still trying to get the rest of the kinks out, but it’s the
happiest I’ve been in more than a little while. And to come up with a design in
a day? Now that’s hotness. I’ve even managed to break down into categories and
visualizations, and even
upgrade to MT 3.2
, thanks to Carla’s
thumbs-up about it. I’ve even suspended Typekey for now, and shaking out the new features of the upgrade. Now if there were only more hours in the day, right? But hey,
onward and upward…

Jabriel mentioned
that there was a concert right around the corner from my house, so I showed up,
took some pictures also
. Since that made my Saturday, I asked Xquizzyt1
again, as she loves to do, to knock another Old School Wednesday out the box.

School Wednesday: EJ’s Request Line, Volume 1.

I asked for some Lisa Lisa, some Big Daddy Kane, and some Whodini, and
all vibes in between. She delivered.

01 Shannon – Let the Music Play.
02 CBank – One More Shot.
03 Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait.
04 Debbie Deb – When I Hear Music.
05 Freeze – IOU.
06 Full Force – Alice, I Want You Just for Me.
07 Malcom McClaren and the Rock Steady Crew – Buffalo Gals.
08 Art of Noise – Beat Box.
09 Man Parish – Hip Hop Be Bop.
10 Schooly D – PSK What Does it Mean.
11 T La Rock – It’s Yours.
12 Just ICE – Latoya.
13 LL Cool J – Dear Yvette.
14 Stetsasonic – Sally.
15 Kool Moe Dee – Go See The Doctor.
16 Big Daddy Kane – Warm It Up Kane.
17 Whodini – Friends.
18 Dana Dane – Delancey Street.
19 Bad Boys – Inspector Gadget Rap.
20 Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – I Wonder If I Take You Home.

Enjoy the vibe, and pardon the dust as we try to clean up the spot around

17 comments on “OSW: EJ’s Request Line, Volume 1

  1. Xquizzyt1 says:

    Umm… is it wrong to be jamming to your own OSW??? LOL *bopping head* I listened to it all the way into work (I always make CDs of my OSWs) and was BLASTING Hip Hop Be Bop in the truck. LOL *ahem* Back to work…

  2. Had to make sure there wasn’t any pics of me all hot and sweaty. Did I say how HOT is was, and I got there late.

  3. Carla says:

    You’ve got me addicted to your OSW. Coming here on Wednesday mornings (that is, if I don’t get here before a little after midnight Central time the night before) is starting to be routine for me.
    Shannon & Nu Shooz!!!!! I used to jam to them. Falling out!

  4. Todd Kelley says:

    IT’s yours!!!!
    Man, i’m waiting for part 2!!! Where’s the Expose?!? Where’s the Stevie B!!?!
    In the meantime, i’ll sit back and rock that T La Rock!!!! “It’s Yours!!!!”
    Do your thing, boa!!!

  5. Godizus says:

    What the hell?! this mix is CRAZY! Looks like something I’d put together 🙂

  6. fave says:

    U ARE HELLA WRONG!!!! Full Force…Where’s the MC Shan??? U bout to make me burn my cookies.

  7. **RPM** says:

    eyes well…
    this is beautiful!! Simple, clean. Easy to navigate. Friendly for my eyes. Lots of things to review, lots to listen to. Baby boy – you took this house and made it a home.
    and to think…he didn’t even call me to tell me the good news…
    **RPM shaes head sadly*

  8. xquizit to the fullest yeah? wikid playlist

  9. gwen says:

    can I say the f-word here?
    aw, fuck yeah! i’m about to shake my chair off its wheels.

  10. nastybastard says:

    I like the new layout, EJ. I haven’t heard that Stetsasonic song in a looooong time!

  11. KB says:

    *falls off chair when Man Parish comes on… lands on cardboard… begins to breakdance*
    GET BUSY YA’LL! Man, talk about flashbacks! This is better than the one you did last week. Retire? Brah, you’re just getting started. Where you going?

  12. Michael says:

    The site looks great (good job Todd) and you know I love the Flickr thing. 🙂 I upgraded to MT 3.2 too… man was that upgrade needed. Seems like they finally got the SPAM thing under control and there are some real nice plugins being built. Many of them by Arvind (http://www.movalog.com/)

  13. nOva says:

    You know I’mma cut you for this…..
    Yes I remember these songs. How old did you think I was?

  14. muffin says:

    of course, this goes without saying, i’m lovin the new layout! the moon is too cool!
    hella stuff goin on this weekend…. you gonna make it to shandon anderson’s charity event @ lake lanier? you know me, if musiq is gonna be there, i’m there! 🙂

  15. Ms. B. says:

    You always have the coolest templates.

  16. jdid says:

    I just saw this OSW, Delancey street! oh my gosh, x gets mad props over here

  17. Two turntables says:

    Damm I’m old. these songs bring me back to the good old days in washington heights nyc. Its amazing how music could take you back into time. Great stuff..

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