Late Registration: The IM Review

Give Todd and EJ an hour on instant messager,
and it’s instant review. Here we go…. the unedited IM review to:

Late Registration.

01 – Wake Up Mr. West (Feat. Bernie Mac)
02 – Heard ‘Em Say (Feat. Adam Levine of Maroon 5)
03 – Touch The Sky (Feat. Lupe Fiasco)
04 – Gold Digger (Feat. Jamie Foxx)
05 – Skit #1
06 – Drive Slow (Feat. Paul Wall & GLC)
07 – My Way Home (Feat. Common)
08 – Crack Music (Feat. The Game)
09 – Roses
10 – Bring Me Down (Feat. Brandy)
11 – Addiction
12 – Skit #2
13 – Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix) (Feat. Jay-Z)
14 – We Major (Feat. Nas & Really Doe)
15 – Skit #3
16 – Hey Mama
17 – Celebration
18 – Skit #4
19 – Gone (Feat. Consequence & Cam’Ron)
20 – Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Bonus Track)
21 – Late (Hidden Track)

toddkelley: starting to listen………….NOW!!!
toddkelley: on "Heard Em
ej: i breezed through that one.
that’s just a sample. the whole ish gets better.
toddkelley: i think this is gonna
be something that’s gonna grow on me. i never really cared for KW’s flow.
ej: right, you can skip to 3 if
it’s not hitting you just yet.
toddkelley: ok. I’m digging "Drive
ej: waaaait! you skipped past
"Touch The Sky!"
toddkelley: yeah. it’s ok. not
really feeling it. like i said. gonna be something that grows on me…
ej: what?! daaaaamn, that one
was on repeat for a second. okay, ….deep breaths……
toddkelley: ha ha! not my style
at first listen…..damn, but"My Way Home" is dope.
ej: too bad it’s only 1 minute
43 seconds.
toddkelley: woah. "Crack
Music" is nice too. Ok. it’s starting to warm me up…
ej: you sure? "Crack Music"
was a little on the whack side, you might wanna….
toddkelley: aw man!!! that’s dope!
ej: alright, i retract it. it’s
toddkelley: those drums or CRAZY!!!
not a big Game fan, but those drums are DOPE!
ej: they are, my bad. i was getting
sick of The Game’s lyricism.
toddkelley: next: "Roses".
ej: his best flow so far on the
toddkelley: man, Kanye’s wrting
has really improved. I’m just not into his flow. "Roses" is cool.
toddkelley: onto: "Bringing
Me Down".
ej: yeah, cause i feel this track.
alright…. i listened to it all the way through, and that’s a track that’s
gonna burn up the charts, watch.
toddkelley: hmmm…… true. it’s
cool. i like it. next: "Addiction"
toddkelley: ha ha ha
ej: if you think you’re gonna
skip through the next track, fast forward to near the end of it before you hit
toddkelley: "Make me
smiiiiiiiiiiiiile with my heeeeeeeeeeart"

toddkelley: ok
ej: best. track. ever.
toddkelley: nice 🙂
toddkelley: yeah. this is nice.
ej: Addiction. it’s my favorite
toddkelley: very nice. the best
one so far. ok… skipping Diamonds… woah!
ej: yes, i’m sicka Diamonds.
toddkelley: "We Major!"
ej: yessir. 😀
toddkelley: WOAH! NAS!!! HOT!!!
ej: listen to it all the way through.

toddkelley: sorry, had to go straight
to Nas. ok, this is my fav on the album so far. whew… that hook…
ej: yeah, between that and Addiction,
I’m torn.
ej: cmon homey, we major (we

toddkelley: i’m all on this one.
ok. "Hey Mama…."
ej: i had heard that before, so
i know i liked it.
toddkelley: DAMN!!! "Celebration!!!!!"

ej: 😀
toddkelley: DAAAAAAAAAMN!
toddkelley: aww man. this is killing
me. my new favorite the strings….
ej: yep. but we’re not done yet.
toddkelley: next: "Gone".
this is ok. Not really feeling it, but it’s not wack
ej: it’s southern fried, not your
thang, but we’re lovin’ it hurr…. and now for the hidden track.
toddkelley: Uh oh!!!! those…
strings… aww…. i just crapped my pants!!!!
ej: LMAO! i knew your a$$ would
just love this one.
ej: now, which CD is better, College
Dropout or Late Registration?
toddkelley: Late’s already beat
the sh!t out of Dropout.
ej: all bets to Late Registration.
no sophomore slump here.
toddkelley: aw man… backing
up the hidden track…
ej: don’t be late for iiiiiiiittt…….

toddkelley: ok… final thoughts.
you first…
ej: it feeels goood. there’s no
sophomore slump here at all. although i’ve heard too many remixes of Diamonds,
clearing past i can listen to the CD all the way through. what he lacks in flow
at times he makes up for backdrop. call t you want, but Kanye knows how to drop
a track.
ej: now you.
toddkelley: hell yeah. I’m still
not on the ‘Kanye’ bandwagon, but this is a cool-ass CD. I’d drop $20 on the
strength of "Late", "Addiction", "Celebration"
toddkelley: big thumbs up.
ej: i’m all on it for "Touch
The Sky", "Roses", "Addiction", "We Major",
and "Late"
ej: big thumbs up.
toddkelley: 3.75 out of 5 for
ej: yep, i concur. that makes
it a 7/10.
toddkelley: "Late" is
gonna be my anthem for the day. just put it on loop with the Little Brother
ej: yep. "Touch The Sky"
is going to be my wakeup song. anything with Mayfield and Lupe in it is enough
to make you rise. "Late" will calm me down. and "Bring Me Down"
has got a little bit for everyone. since it hits all cylinders, everyone’s gonna
like this track.

Your opinion?

8 comments on “Late Registration: The IM Review

  1. **RPM** says:

    Ok…now I’m broke…and trying to figure out what I can sell on EBAY to get this cd now. *sighs* EJ…why for you do this to me?

  2. **RPM** says:

    Gold Digger.
    I’m sorry…that’s sick. Kanye makes me laugh out loud. I swear he’s brilliant.

  3. “late” is the best song on the album. kanye’s a genius when he wants to be. it’s just a shame those moments are not in abundance.

  4. Edwige says:

    Cool thanks for the early listen :-).

  5. MrMike says:

    MOS DEF –
    I’m part of The Kanye West Fan Club!
    Check out “Addiction” and “Bring Me Down” feat. Brandy to understand what I’m saying!
    Don’t Try To Bring ME DOWN!!!!!!

  6. jdid says:

    I like what i’ve heard of the album so far. i’m still trying to finish the whole thing. my subway ride aint long enough.

  7. saga says:

    Y’all both need to get out of my head, for real. I can’t stop listening to Late, but my other Fave’s are: Celebration, We Major, Addiction, I like the hook from Roses, and Crack Music smacked me ‘cross the head like “psych, this ain’t really Kanye…” My ear for hip-hop is partially deaf, but I’m feeling this even more than I felt Common (blasphemy I know, but still true…)

  8. Berry says:

    Doing my best Paris Hilton impression….that’s hot! I like this IM review idea!

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