In Rotation: 08/19/05

I’m back with a little house, a little love, some beats, some rhymes, and some
Atlantis Music Conference
, goodness. I only got to hang out for one night, but that was
quite possibly one of the best nights I’ve had this summer. Check it out.

Rotation: August 19, 2005

A little house for the masses.
01 – D3 Feat. Ivana B – Love Will Find A Way.
From Soulfields.
02 – DJ Spinna – Music In Me (Come Alive).
From Here to There.

Love, part I.
03 – Don-E – Love Makes The World Go Round. More love from Unbreakable.
04 – Solsonics – Keep the Rhythm Strong.
From Jazz In the Present

Love, part II. Last weekend, I got to meet these two gentlemen:
05 – Randevyn – Dear Farah. I
got a chance to meet Mr. Randevyn
. Great guy with a soulful voice. This song
struck me. From SolTrain.
06 – Keni Myles – Piece of My Soul.
"You mind if I take a picture
of you?" I asked. He said, "Sure,
but it’s gotta be from the stage
." He’s a guy to watch as well. From
his eponymous EP.

Love, part III.
07 – Lizz Wright – I’m Confessin’. I was trying to figure out
a way to flow Lizz Wright into the mix without playing the entire CD instead.
It took me awhile. From Dreaming While Awake.
08 – Adriana Evans – Kismet.
From the import Kismet.

09 – Carmen Rodgers – Dream.
checked the interview out, haven’t you
10 – Latrelle – Infatuated With Your Love.
From the unreleased Dirty
Girl. I love this track. Produced by the Neptunes. Special shoutout to CannonNYC.

Putting some funk, beats, and rhymes into the flow.
11 – Phillippia – We Gonna Party. More
Atlantis Music Conference goodness
12 – Floetry – SupaStar.
13 – Funkilinium – All That You Need.
While I was in Apache Cafe,
also got to meet
the lead singer of Funilinium. I miss live bands. Check
them out also
14 – Little Brother – Lovin’ It (Featuring Joe Scudda).
and Todd
have been mentioning the upcoming release as well. I know for a fact, I’m chomping
at the bit for it, so I had to pull this off of iTunes, forreal.
15 – Sly & The Family Stone – Runnin’ Away (w/ Big Boi (Ft. Sleepy Brown &
Killer Mike).
Still lovin’ that Starbucks.

Enjoy it.

8 comments on “In Rotation: 08/19/05

  1. Todd Kelley says:

    I had to skip down to the Little Brother cut first. Good lawd, that’s a dope cut!!!!
    The first 3 tracks go perfect together! I just kept restarting cause the flow was so dope.
    Another excellent outing, mr. Flavors.

  2. nOva says:

    you and honeysoul are killing me these HOT-ASS playlists!!!!!!

  3. Terecico says:

    YESSSSIR…that Little Brother “Lovin It” is tight work…EJ hook me up with a glass of lemonade and a lawn chair. HOLLA!

  4. Frank says:

    Go EJ! Go EJ! There is simply no limits to the music you put together. Keep bringing that hot ish to us my brother. Laying down the law like you are, maaannn, it should be a crime. Holla back!

  5. **RPM** says:

    Lizz…now if she isn’t the best walk in the park. I love her voice so.

  6. Yolanda says:

    Do you realize how many artists I have been introduced to because of you? I don’t care what anybody else says about you, you all right in my book. LOL

  7. Del says:

    nice mix. Especially liking the Adriana Evans. I was a big fan of her first album way back when, didn’t know she had this record out.

  8. ceecee says:

    I’m seeing a lot of my faves on the list….you’re about to make me go woowoo!! *lol*

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