In Rotation: 08/12/05

I’ll be workin’ it on out this weekend with the Atlantis
Music Conference 2005
, which is what I’m vibing to this weekend. And what
better way to get it started with the:

Rotation: August 12, 2005

01 – Renaissance – Do It To It
. From Midnight Soul. Honey
mentioned it here,
and it’s still getting heavy play by me.
02 – The Rurals – Days Gone By.
From the new album from Peng, Soulfields.
Since I was still feeling house music, I thought it would be good to listen
to what is termed as deep house. Since I was thinking of house, what better
reason to revisit….
03 – Larry Heard – Let Me In.
Since I was thinking of house, what better
reason to revisit him? From Where Life Begins.
04 – Roy Ayers – Liquid Love.
While walking into the rekkasto, this
album was placed in my hands
05 – Slide Five – Streamline.
Todd graced me with Slide
. From People, Places, & Things.
06 – Rehaset – U So Blind.
Her EP, The Dreamchaser, was also
placed in my hand.
07 – Phillippia – I Gotta Get Away.
Hearing her album, and having tickets
to go see her this weekend, piqued my curiosity. From her album, Earth Child.
For more information about her, check
her out here
. Since I dropped Phillippia, I thought it
would also be good to hear a little….
08 – Carmen Rodgers
– The Way (I Want To Touch You).
Remember Captain & Tennille? Sure you do. Remake present on Free.
09 – Toshi – Hold Me Down (featuring Angie Stone).
From last year’s
Time To Share.
10 – Gordon Chambers – Still In Love
. Yep, more Gordon, of course.
Since I was still in last year’s embrace, I reached back for more Beanfield….

11 – Beanfield f/ Ernesto – Close to You.
From last year’s Seek.
12 – Don-E – Me Oh My.
I had gotten London Soul, which is
still in rotation, and the cut Bus Stop was a song I kept returning
back to, so I had to go look for Don-E’s CD Unbreakable. I’m glad the
rekkasto had it. Released in 1992.
13 – Sly & The Family Stone – (You Caught Me) Smilin’ (w/ Scar).

Someone told me
that Different
Strokes by Different Folks
could be found in Starbucks,
so I had to pick it up.
14 – Soulive – Clap! (with Black Thought of The Roots).
Soulive with
Black Thought is a great combination,

Good times, everyone, good times…..

6 comments on “In Rotation: 08/12/05

  1. Terecico says:

    EJ couldn’t think of a better soundtrack to my Friday, thanks for poppin off my weekend right. As I’ve said before “Heineken and lounge chair please…”

  2. todd kelley says:

    Slide Five mayne!!! Man, just when i think i’ve heard everything i like, you bust out with an arby to tell me know the student still has alot to learn from the master. Keep bangin’, mayne! Damn…

  3. Nikki says:

    Ah, I see you did swing by Starbucks. Got uncle Roy in the rotation. Nice.

  4. Hyps says:

    This is niiiiiiiice – so much to comment on but I’m sleeply. Sorry I missed you whilst in ATL – maybe next time :o)

  5. courtney says:

    should start burning ej

  6. honey says:

    Does it get any better than Roy Ayers? Of course I’m loving the Carmen, not only is she talented, she’s just cool peeps. Great mix EJ!

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