In Rotation: 08/06/05

Somebody hand me some Kleenex, please. Between chills, fevers, headaches, and
working from bed on my sick days, it’s been a little slow around here. So let’s
see if I can get it all out of my system here…..

Rotation: August 6, 2005

Todd Kelley had
brought up the fact that he wasn’t very familiar with house music, so I went ahead and
started the flow to some mellow cuts in the house genre:

01 – Mr. Fingers – Survivor. Surely people have heard of Mr. Larry
02 – Sunburst Band – Far Beyond.
Yes, I’m still on a Sunburst Band
03 – Roy Davis Jr. – Slow It Down (For The Steppers).
A great album
from last year, Chicago Forever.

But then I felt a little European flow going down, as is normal as
I’m recovering:
04 – Don-E – Bus Stop.
Again from London Soul.
05 – Break Reform – It’s Love.
From their new album Reformation.

Putting in a little soul, here after slowing it down:
06 – Angela Johnson – All I Need.
07 – Conya Doss – Here We Go Again.
08 – Sy Smith – Love And Such.
Yep, more good stuff. Sy Smith is some
good stuff. Just ask Honey
and Stone.
09 – Vanessa Freeman – Shades.
10 – Jully Black – Stay the Night.
Special shoutout to my man, Cannon
11 – D’Nell – 1st Magic Groove.

Since 1st Magic Groove has spoken word, I felt it fitting to finish
it off with a little hip-hop.
12 – Goapele – Go Find A Way (Kanye West Remix). Obi
From South London
dropped this track. Check him out, people. Hats off to
13 – People Under the Stairs – Back on the Block (Thes One).
From Step
Off The Frankfurter
14 – Kanye West – Improvise
. Waiting patiently for Late

Enjoy it all. Better late than never, and the weekend’s not over yet. I need to play catch-up.

6 comments on “In Rotation: 08/06/05

  1. thx mr flavors for the drop 😉
    People just dont know about house music man! was never into it till a few months ago. went to a club and the soulful house room was poppin’ something crazy. trendy heads shaking their thang. I had to diss the hiphop room that night.
    not been updating the blog recently. now you’ve inspired me.
    1 luv and get better

  2. Michael says:

    I hope you feel better soon mang.
    As for Todd, I’m shocked — shocked! That’s almost as bad as you not being up on your dancehall. 🙂 But I can understand since Todd is out in Cali. I never heard House until I went to college and the New Yorkers and Chicagoans busted it out.

  3. sean says:

    House – is like religion.

  4. Berry says:

    I hope you feel better 🙂

  5. todd kelley says:

    whew! A whole new world to start exploring!!!! Here I go…

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