B12: Chillin’ In The Summer – Literally

EJ and Gordon Chambers

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B12: Chillin’ in the Summertime. Literally. From KB’s

Beyond the music, there’s not much to tell, but let’s see what I can do. The
life of EJ boring? You decide.

1. My weekend started officially on a Thursday, when I figured I would choose
my two stay-at-home-days back to back. Wednesday night seemed to be surreal
because I started to feel like I was living in the middle of winter while it
was 92 degrees outside.
2. While I was in the middle of working, trying
to finish my in-rotation
and trying to fight this bad cold, I read
a post from Sister Outsider
which echoed some of the same sentiments Jason
had about being disengaged
. I felt this as well, since now my blogging feels
more like infotainment than actually engaging in conversation about how I really
feel. Is this just a phase, or am I really consiously trying not to put myself
out there in front of a wider audience? I’m wondering how others feel about
that as well.
3. Ironically, this was also mentioned on Wednesday afternoon when I had one
of the best lunches ever with Tiffany
B. Brown
. I think we all echo the same sentiments that blogging has definitely
changed. These are the kind of lunches I live for, where there’s more going
on than just blogging. The conversation was so good, I think another blogger
get-together definitely needs to happen.
4. During Thursday, chills turned to fever and then back to chills. Never mind
that I was supposed to be taking it easy on Thursday – I ended up working four
hours of overtime and caught up on my Star Treks and my CSIs…
5. …and discovered two new shows that have consumed my curiosity – It’s
Always Sunny In Philadelphia
and Starved.
Those two shows are the best premieres I’ve seen in quite a while. Why you ask?

6. Well, first you’ve got It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
which had a
bar turning into something more than mixing drinks
, which personally I thought
was hilarious., and more close to home, even though most of the reviews I’ve
read don’t believe so, and….
7. …then you’ve got Starved which, of all things, has men
using a scale in a restaurant that’s usually just for weighing carrots
the pilot.
8. I figure I’d make up for it on a Friday and work a half day…which didn’t
happen. Working from home again on a Friday was a full day. You too can work from
your bed, with two computers, cell phone, and a box of Kleenex.
9. I got an email and a phone call that Gordon
was in town and needed a little assistance, so I went down to hang
out with Gordon. It was probably the break I needed. I was glad to had gone,
had a great time, but just to be safe, I went back home.
10. I finished up my in-rotation, then took a nap. I got outta bed and stopped
by a party that a friend told me
and had a great time even though I stayed there for an hour and hung
out with friends I hadn’t seen in years….
11. …and then, true to my promise, went down to go see Fly
and Champ down at the Mike Phillips
concert at Apache Cafe. As Fly Girl stated, that concert was an awesome one.
12. Sunday evening I chilled, had dinner with Prime,
and then put my votes in for the Black
Weblog Awards
. I suggest you do the same.

Fall asleep yet?

8 comments on “B12: Chillin’ In The Summer – Literally

  1. Nikki says:

    I caught Starved last night on the FX channel. That scale in the restaurant scene had me rollin’!!

  2. Carla says:

    Hey! I read the post from SisterOutsider too. I think my deal with blogging has always been what you said, “consciously not wanting to put myself out there in front of a wider audience”. So, I’ve been battling with that for quite sometime.
    I will be sure to check out the two shows you referenced. For some reason, I always forget I have a Tivo. I need to use it!

  3. chica says:

    I hope that you are feeling much better. Your life is not boring. I started my blog to learn html and it is a boring collection of words, but, for me, it’s also a release. I don’t believe any of my friends know about it. I was happy to find out your state of origin. 🙂

  4. Bernie says:

    I was sick as a dog this weekend too. I think it’s the hot weather and the constant going in and out of air conditioning that did it. Freezing and sweating at the same time.
    And yeah, I’ve noticed a definite change in your blog. As I always like to say, write as though no one else is reading it but you.

  5. muffin says:

    i missed mike cuz i was too busy being all over common, musiq, and john legend. 🙂 but i will be checkin apache thurs-sat. they have a HOT line up!

  6. tiffany says:

    yes… lunch was wonderful. glad you’re feeling better.
    you’re right though … it seems that when you realize your blog isn’t being read by your crew of 10, you start to privatize things. i don’t think it’s a bad move. somethings just ain’t for the world to read.

  7. Anna says:

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  8. Odin says:

    Thanks bro!

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