In Rotation: 07/16/05 – The Anniversary of EJ

EJ for Dollars

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You should be celebrating this entire this weekend. On Saturday, July 16th, at
7:20PM, I turn 19.

Err, um, times two.

There will be a lot of introspection goin’ on this whole weekend. I really thought
about trying to concentrate on the flow as much as I could, but just like I’m
all over the map, so is the playlist.

This week’s In
Rotation: 07/16/05: EJ’s 38th

00 – EJ Rotation Intro. Done by Todd
. He’s a bad man, people. He’s got skillz.
01 – Jamiroquai – (Don’t) Give Hate A Chance.
If you’re a Jamiroquai
fan, you should pick this up. This is a feel good, wake up song.
02 – Groove Collective – Up All Night.
I have to thank Trader
for this one. Made me realize what I was missing on the Acid Jazz front.

03 – Fat Joe – I Can Do U.
A really good mackdaddy cut from Fat Joe.
Special shoutout to Nastybastard.

04 – Little Brother – Love Joint.
Alright, I should be warning you that
this is not a PG track. I can’t help it. I still vibe to it. A head nodder, for
05 – Vanessa Marquez – In The Midnight Hour (2nd Version).
I owe you one. I still can’t stop playing this track (Rocka, take note). Nikki,
just for this, I’m gonna get you a Being Bobby Brown DVD for your birthday! *ducks*
06 – Nate James – Set The Tone.
Another track from Britain.
07 – Little Brother – The Yo-Yo (Nicolay Remix).
From The Chitlin
08 – The Foreign Exchange – Foreign Exchange End Theme.
With Yazahrah
on vocals, I love this short track.
09 – D-Nell – That’s How I Know.
I think Honey
and Todd can agree with me
that this track is a nice one.
10 – Jaguar Wright – Ecstacy.
Thanks. Honey.
We love you down here in the dungeon!
11 – Sy Smith – Aquarius Rising.
Did I mention the dungeon? This
track (from an already great CD) is graced by Nicolay, which, right now, speaks
volumes. Nicolay and Sy Smith may go unappreciated, but not by me.
12 – Raheem DeVaughn – Where I Stand.
I’m tellin’ you, my
people, get this
CD. This CD will be in rotation for a while. I’m sure of it.
13 – Missy Elliott – Irresistible Delicious.
This track features Slick
RIck and it’s infectious. I believe Silence
Is A Rhythm Too
would agree with me. Special shoutout to Kim for the vibe.
14 – Vivian Green – All About Us.
Just like KB
said, say what you want….the album is a good one.
15 – Amerie – One Thing (Silk Remix).
Matt – thanks
for the vibe for this one. I didn’t think I would like this, and I’ve gotta admit,
this is a great remix of this song. Special shoutouts to O-Dub
too, who was feeling this track.
16 – Ladybug Mecca – Centre Of Nowhere.
Her CD Trip The Light Fantastic
is a must-have if you are, or ever have been, on a Digable Planets vibe. Forilla.
17 – Koop – Summer Sun (Markus Enochson Remix).
Keeping summer in mind,
I want to drop two remixes. The first is another remix from a very good album
from Koop. From Disco Jazz, Volume 1.
18 – Louie Vega – Sunshine (Sacred Rhythm Mix).
Ending this mix on a
house note, and who better than Louie Vega. You know how we do. From
Elements of Life – "Extensions".

Anyone wanting to give? Paypal
and Amazon
are there for you.
Good gyrations for everyone this weekend.
Also, give your good vibes to Edwidge as this is also her birthday weekend as well! Go Edwige!

52 comments on “In Rotation: 07/16/05 – The Anniversary of EJ

  1. Friday Melodies: Summer Lovin’

    EJ: Sorry I hit you when you were leaving for work, man. I was a little upset. KB: Do tell EJ: Yeah, man. You’re the guy that started the OSWs, the B12s, and Fridays. EJ: Just never got any comments…

  2. KB says:

    Sometimes this man is so crazy I don’t want to admit I know him.
    But this is not one of those times. Happy Birthday, Potnah!

  3. Timi says:


  4. lis says:

    happy birthday ej… you know it’s also… uhm… well… come see for yourself 😉

  5. Xquizzyt1 says:

    Happy birthday SWEETIE!!! *HUGS, KISSES and $1 bills* =))) Have a fantabulous day/weekend!!!! =))) Ummm… and do not forget the damn LEO OSW… that should be airing soon LOL… =))))

  6. Yes rude boi! 16 again. feel good to get younger ever year innit?
    Happy B’day and many more years to you brethren.
    no stevie wonder “happy birthday” in your rotation? *sigh* these teens man lol. take care and have a good celebration weekend. get drunk off the vibes

  7. ej says:

    @KB – you know how we do.
    @Timi – thanks a million, lady.
    @Lis – you are a certified trip! thanks for that post! That had me laughing this morning!
    @X – thanks, but you know it’s STILL Cancer season. Oh, and um, aren’t my gyrations worth more than dolla bills? i’m just sayin’.
    @Obi – thanks man. They’re not working you too hard are they?

  8. Edwige says:

    Happy Birthday! I will be celebrating the entire weekend starting tonight..what’s your drink of choice and I’ll have one on your behalf if you have a Vodka Gimlet for me sometime this weekend.
    Happy Birthday!

  9. Yolanda says:

    I don’t know what to say about you. Do you have to let everybody know that Cancers ain’t nothing but freaks? Gyratin’? Lawd, hamurcy! LMAO
    I ain’t throwin’ out no birthday wishes here. I’ma call yo’ butt up, so I can cuss you out ON your day. LOL

  10. ej says:

    @Edwidge: I’ll have the Vodka Gimlet for you right here outside my office. A toast to you! As for me, anything Southern Comfort, Amaretto, or Midori will do juuuuust fine….
    @Yolie: I have one word for you. NUTS!

  11. chica says:

    Happy birthday EJ! The picture tickled me to no end! Enjoy yourself…(you know the rest!)

  12. **RPM** says:

    Fat Joe!!!
    **RPM** falls out. Stands up, dusts self off…then looks back at EJ’s pic. Falls out again.
    That’s a damn good idea. I’m gonna go try that on I-35 and see what it gets me. Oh wait…I do live in Texas. Nah. Ne’remind.

  13. ceecee says:

    Happy Berfday!

  14. ej says:

    @**RPM**: just visualizing you gyrating at the same speed as the number of revolutions per minute you generate, and my head spins! Thanks!
    @ceecee: thanks!!!

  15. Hyps says:

    Man, I posted a comment and I don’t know where it went! Basically have a LOVELY b’day :o)
    Much love

  16. Michelle says:

    Happy, happy birthday my friend. I hope it is glorious.

  17. ej says:

    @Hyps: Thanks. I need to send you an email too! I’m so behind.
    @Michelle: I totally forgot about /open! Thank you! Shall I gyrate down in Indy?

  18. cee says:

    You love Southern Comfort? Have a Southern Comfort and Cran for your birfday. And have a great weekend. There are so many people celebrating their birth this weekend. I think I’m gonna be drunk celebrating with them. LOL..

  19. matt says:

    Yo EJ, good lookin’ out on the amerie/silk “one thing” remix/blend. The rest of your mix is smooth (as usual)….hope the B-Day weekend is as well.

  20. ej says:

    @Cee: i’ll save a glass for ya!
    @Matt: good lookin’ out, man! matt for president!

  21. Will says:

    Dude…you know how we do. *pounds, pounds* to the Moon Man! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend!!!
    Enjoy yo’self… and know that because of this latest mix, we’re all gonna enjoy ourselves right along with you!
    Respect, Mayne!!!

  22. Carla says:

    Happy Birthday Youngster! I want to see some gyrating on the your next post!! LOL Enjoy your weekend.

  23. fave says:

    Happy B-day 2 my brother in blog…
    You need to make a gif of you gyrating with that sign…that would be hilarious!!!

  24. Friday Random Ten – The “Happy Birthday To Ya” Edition

    To EJ, that is, one of my favorite musically oriented bloggers. If I need a recommendation for new music, I can almost always find something at his blog that’s worth trying out.
    And so, in EJ’s honor, here’s a random ten from the mu…

  25. I Get By With A Little Help From…

    My friends… EJ – Go EJ, it’s ya birfday! The Moon Man has reached another milestone…and he gives us the present, music. Go wish him a Happy Birthday. Lis – Double “Mint” Twins? Stokley and EJ..seperated at birth? Hmmm, you…

  26. Nikki says:

    Happy Birthday, EJ!! May you have the slammingest (Is that a word?) birthday ever!! So let’s get the corks poppin’ up in this joint.

  27. honey says:

    Ok, I will give you the keys but I expect you back first thing Monday morning 😉
    Happy Birthday EJ!!!!! You deserve the best…if it doesn’t come to you, go out and get it.

  28. Keish says:

    We’ll hafta take shots on your behalf…lol
    Happy Birthday, enjoy your weekend!

  29. muffin says:

    happy birthday ej!!!! i would of NEVER guessed 38!

  30. Berry says:

    Happy happy E.J!!! Enjoy your burfday week!

  31. Aziza says:

    EJFlavors: Have a very, very Happy Birthday on Saturday and many more!!! 🙂

  32. ej says:

    @Will: pound pound, man! LOL! thanks for grooving with me.
    @Carla: thanks. i’m trying to find a good director to help me gyrate the right way! LOL
    @Fave: thanks man. you know a good director?
    @Nikki: thanks, you. want me to pass you a glass?
    @Honey: thanks. need to find someplace to place the keys so they don’t gingle so much when i gyrate!
    @Keish: thanks!
    @Muffin: thanks for the compliment! 😉
    @Berry: thanks a lot, really appreciate it!
    @Aziza: thanks for the shoutout. hope you have a great weekend yourself!

  33. MsThing says:

    Happy Birthday, EJ!!!

  34. George says:

    Happy birthday, EJ! A. and I dig you like an old soul record.

  35. Jen says:

    Here’s to a happy 38th, many blessings and happiness for your new year.

  36. ej says:

    @MsThing: thank youuuu!
    @George: a toast to Meshell! thank you!
    @Jen: thank. hope you’re having a good time up in VA.

  37. Jason T. says:

    Big Dog! Big Birthday Wishes.
    Do I say it every year?
    Keep on Movin’, Don’t Stop, Like the Hands of Time.

  38. Ariya says:

    Happy birthday EJ. My bf’s was also this week. Cheers to Cancers.


  40. James says:

    Happy Birthday! May your life be filled with love and music!!! And to think that I met you when you were just 21! Keep on gyratin’!

  41. Dayrell says:

    Happy B-day EJ! Well, belated! lol.
    I’m lovin’ the music as always…thanks for keepin’ my head noddin’…

  42. Happy “19th” birthday!!!

  43. ej says:

    @JT: Thanks. I’m gonna start callin’ you Jazzie T from now on…
    @Ariya: Thanks! Hope you’re doing okay.
    @Bianca: Hey you! When was your birthday?
    @James: Jazzin’ it up as always. Thank you!
    @Dayrell: Thanks. Sometimes I think the music is all over the place…but hey…
    @::joz:: hey you!!!!!!

  44. Frank says:

    Hey dawg. As you can see, I’m a little late to the party, so I hope you saved a brotha a slice of cake. Just came in from out of town and stopped in to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday brotha. Lots of love..

  45. intellifreak says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  46. thad says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! I see you’re still gyrating.

  47. hopluv says:

    I hope you had an enjoyable birthday. Happy belated!

  48. alboogie says:

    happy bday homie!! cancers will rule da urf!!


  50. djdiva1973 says:

    *hanging my head in shame*
    happy birthday
    to you
    *sang Marilyn Monroe style*
    Sorry I’m so late…thanks for the love..Yeah we need to collabo real soon..I’m coming up with my Augusticus(august) list… Bout to get my fix of the rotation…

  51. ej says:

    @Frank: thanks man, good lookin’ out.
    @Intellifreak: i’mma forgive you for bein’ late. hugz.
    @Thad: thanks! indeed i am!
    @Hopluv: thanks! much love!
    @AlBoogie: you know how we do!
    @BirthdayGirl: *shouts* Happy birthday!
    @DJ Diva: thanks, love. see you in August.

  52. Sun says:

    *So Shamefaced*
    May I wish you a very, very, happy belated birthday.
    I hope that you thoroughly enjoyed yourself!

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