In Rotation: 07/09/05

Someone asked me a while back, "EJ, why do you put up mostly radio blogs?
I mean, is there some hidden message there? What do they mean?" Without blinking
I said, "No, there’s no hidden message there. Either you get the flow or
you don’t. Either you feel it in your bones or you don’t, in which case you click through them. I’m happy with
the way the flow is." When listening to other mixes, other flows, I’m rarely
ashamed to say, "I don’t get the flow." Reading and absorbing thoughts
and flows around me is essential. Listening to music is a learning experience,
24/7. In short, Vibing is fundamental.

I suppose I could sit and lament over life’s issues and bring myself down.
Lord knows there’s a lot of ’em. Or, I can do as I always do, sit there and
brood for a while, fuss around for a while, then put my headphones on, and then
get back up and keep going, because the flow is always there. The tunes will
always be here. And, as they always say, life will go on. It’s always good to
get a kick in my shins from a couple of people, ’cause that’s what they’re here

Now, where does the flow come from? Well, this time, I believe I’ve got enough
space and time to put some words around my thoughts as I sequence the flow for
this week’s In Rotation. This is my month that I get to shine, since this is
the month of my birthday, and marks the third year blogging and entering my
second year of being able to share my music.

Most of the flows come through just from listening, reading, reacting, and
movin around the internet and blogosphere. Check it:

This week’s In
Rotation: 07/09/05

01 – Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered (DJ Smash Essential Funk
From Motown
. JT
and Terecico
really liked
the album
and based on their recommendations, I picked it up.
02 – Vanessa Marquez f/ Justin Timberlake – Want You To Know.
Rocka dropped this
one to me exactly ten minutes after I had completed this mix, which made me
have to reshuffle everything just to fit it in. There was no way I could have
possibly ignored this cut.
03 – Five Point Plan – Tremble. From Rare,
another recommendation
from Honey
04 – Mint Condition – That’s The Way (It’s Going Down). A lovely
lady by the name of Lis
has a new site devoted to Mint Condition which is called TMF:
The Mint Factory
. This is one of the cuts she has there for your listening
pleasure, from the movie Good Burger. Check her
site out, let her know what you think.
05 – Vanessa Freeman – Dawning Of A New Day. From the CD London
, which inspired me to check
her out even more
and order her CD. Be sure to stay tuned for more from
Vanessa. This is only a taste.
06 – Will.I.Am – Swing By My Way. More Galactic
for you. By default, because of the flow, I had to followup with:
07 – Yam Who – Star Of The Story. More Midnight
for you. I never thought I’d say this, but this is a damn good remake
that injects just enough funk to make it different but not take away from the
original. Considering this is one of my all-time favorite songs that Yam Who
remade, that’s saying quite a bit.
08 – Anthony Hamilton – Icing On The Cake. From the new CD,
09 – Raheem DeVaughn – You. If you don’t have The
Love Experience
, then you need to go get it. Now. Everytime I hear this
cut, I start thinking about Moments In Love by The Art Of Noise.
10 – Leela James – Don’t Speak. Leela takes a song by No Doubt
and injects gritty soul into it.
11 – Rebirth – Common Ends. Now, a while back I was mentioning
that I was looking for this CD. Hypothetically
immediately let me know where to find their
. Glad she did.
12 – Dwele – Real Love (U Don’t Love Me). Another single from
Verbs and Predicates.
13 – Salakida – Like Heaven. From her album of the same name.
14 – Ivana Santilli – Caramel Sky. More Ivana. Just ask Tyrone
from Palm Trees In The
15 – Lina – Story Goes (featuring Big Rube). Big Rube was one
of the members of Society of Soul way back in the day, and can be heard on quite
a few Outkast cuts. Nice flow from this track on The
Inner Beauty Movement
16 – Esthero – My Torture. Just ask Lisa from Nonsensical
, she’ll tell you just how good this track is.

And if anyone should ever ask you– yes, Cancers rule this month. Enjoy the
Soon to come, my 10 After 6. Jason has started a revolution.
Don’t sleep.

17 comments on “In Rotation: 07/09/05

  1. Yolanda says:

    EJ, my man, you put it down today. It’s like I told you a moment ago: I scanned through this and all I could think was “make my funk a p-funk.” LOL
    I’ll be rocking this all day. I needed the upliftment to get through my hours here at the pro-slavery establishment. You saved the day, but can I expect anything less from a Cancer? Thanks!

  2. ceecee says:

    Got dang! this mix is on point…!!
    Lis has everyone going crazy over Mint Condition.

  3. Nikki says:

    Ahh, nice mix to chill to on Friday.

  4. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!
    Oh btw. Nuwamba is opening for Frank McComb on the 23rd (my b’day lol) in ATL, if you are around and you are gonna go let me know ok?

  5. Xquizzyt1 says:

    I am soooo digging Star of the Story… I love love love love love love love… Heatwave’s version (George Benson’s??? Not so much) so I was really surprised that I would possibly enjoy this remake. Hmmph. Go figure. I usually HATE remakes of old school shit. =)

  6. Xquizzyt1 says:

    Okay… have I ever told you how much I looooooooooove Raheem DeVaughn? he’s the ugliest thing ever, but I LOOOOOVE his music. *sigh* I’m listening to You over and over all day. Thank you.

  7. muffin says:

    niiiice line up! *vibin*

  8. Michael says:

    Looks like another great mix EJ — I’m gonna listen to it later tonight but for now I just had to say that Leos rule this month! What, what!?!? 🙂

  9. honey says:

    LOL @ us both having Raheem’s “You” on the same day. Talk about vibin. I get totally what you are saying about the music. Vibe on!

  10. **RPM** says:

    Ok…several points.
    1) Anthony Hamilton’s new cd is the most beautifullest thing in this world. Although for some reason it made me suddenly jones for a return on Maxwell. Don’t know why…
    2)Mint Condition. If I were to have a dream wedding…I would want them there, live. Ok…crackish dream. But still
    3) I love the way you write. Write more. I am going to nag you about this shortly.
    4) I think we may have been seperated at birth.

  11. Dayrell says:

    Wow! I’m lovin’ your site EJ. The music is great! Your site is like crack to music fiends such as myself. *aaaah!* *lol!*
    Well I’ll definitely be back here. Nice line up of tracks this week to. Damn man, youre def doing the damn thing. I gotta check your archieves. *lol!*

  12. I always dug’s solo work via BBE and other stuff. seems more inspired than his later BEP gigs. “Swing By My Way” rocks (just like the rest of the rotation). ej for presidente

  13. Xquizzyt1 says:

    Ummm.. yeah, I’m STILL rockin’ “You”. LOL

  14. Terecico says:

    Once again another classic list. EJ you da’ man.

  15. scholar says:

    Thanks for the link EJ. You’ve been helping me get some hits at Souled On.

  16. Lissa says:

    That Leela James “Don’t Speak” was simply amazing. Wow.
    I’ll second Dayrell by saying this site is crack for music fiends. *grin*

  17. Del says:

    I am really feeling this selections. My only beef is the “Star of The Story” remake. I normally love how Yam Who redo tracks but I just wasn’t feeling this. The original is one of my all-time favourites (the intro is amazing), so that might have something to do with it.

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