OSW: Xquizzyt1: The Dancehall Mix

Alright, people here we go. It’s Xquizzyt1
time again.

School Wednesday: Xquizzyt1: The Dancehall Mix

01 Shelly Thunder – Kuff
02 Shabba Ranks – Twice My Age
03 Ninja Man – Murder Dem
04 Cutty Ranks – A Who Seh Me Dun (Wake Da Man)
05 Spragga Benz – She Nuh Ready Yet
06 Tenor Saw – Ring the Alarm
07 Reggie Stepper – Drum Pan Sound
08 Nardo Ranks – Burrup
09 Joseph Stepper – Wife
10 Little Lenny – Punnanney Tegereg
11 Terror Fabulous – Nadine Sutherland – Action
12 Buju Banton – Batty Rider
13 Panhead – Punny Printer
14 Cutty Ranks – Limb by Limb
15 Dirtsman – Hot This Year
16 Super Cat Junior Cat Demus – Cabin Stabbin’
17 Shabba Ranks – Caan Dun
18 Chaka Demus & Pliers – Murder She Wrote
19 Pliers – Bam Bam
20 Sister Nancy – Bam Bam
21 Nardo Ranks – Dem A Bleach

Now I know nothing about dancehall. At all. I’ve never seen these tracks before
either, so I’ll have to put this question out there- what’s the thrill of dancehall
music? I think I need a little education, people.

Also – stay tuned for Friday. We’re havin’ a little birthday tribute to the Big
La. Get ready for it.

23 comments on “OSW: Xquizzyt1: The Dancehall Mix

  1. Xquizzyt1 says:

    Live uptown in the Bronx, or anywhere near Church Avenue in Brooklyn for about… ohhh 10 minutes. And you will get a Dancehall lesson REAL quick. LOL This used to be ALL I listened to… like, exclusively. LOL

  2. Nikki says:

    *goes into closet to try to find my poom poom shorts*
    Alrighty mon, mi ready to wine.

  3. Godizus says:

    OMG!!! Dis a wicked mix man! Big up to di selecta!

  4. Edwige says:

    EJ, Dancehall is the music of the West Indies. Jamaicans started it and the rest of us jumped on the bandwagon. If you’re ever in NYC on Labor day make your way to Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn and you’ll be amazed at the dancehall influence at the west indian day parade. Big up to X! Campaigning for part deux.

  5. Robert says:

    Its surprising to hear such a comment from you. You either feel it or you don’t. That’s usually the initial feeling upon hearing something you like musically…right? Usually knowing about the music comes after the interest has been captured. It would seem that you probaly don’t like dancehall as much as other genres.

  6. Godizus says:

    Something’s missing…oh yeah, the smell of blunt smoke!
    Quick Note: Track 6 should read Tenor Saw/Buju Banton – Ring the Alarm/Quick (it’s a mix of two tracks)

  7. ceecee says:

    thank you!!!
    it’s going to be a good day 🙂

  8. Xquizzyt1 says:

    Oh damn Godizus, you’re right!!! I didn’t listen to the Tenor Saw song before I uploaded it… I didn’t mean to upload that remix… but I’ve always liked that remix anyway… so it’s cool… at least to me. LOL =)

  9. cee says:

    EJ…As Edwidge accurately stated, Dancehall has been the music brought to us by Jamaicans from way back. Even before that, Trinidadians and other West Indians were getting down with Soca. For us, it’s a time of celebration. What I love about Dancehall and Soca is that people of all ages come together in peace. It’s pure unadulterated fun. Like how Americans’ did the Electric Slide, West Indians did the Butterfly. And we used silly little things that we saw to create dances that everyone learned and songs were fueled from. I can’t explain the hype except to say that any music that can make you sing, chant, happy, and horny all in a matter of minutes, is some kinda special music.Not to mention, it is a form of social commentary.Sometimes, it offends, but it is the expression of the feelings of a slew of people who have not always been able to say “this is how we truly feel.” But that’s just this Guyanese girl’s perspective on it.

  10. Godizus says:

    Xquizzyt1, I agree it’s one of my old favorites too!
    cee, the dolla whine would be a good comparison to the electric slide (cent, five cent, ten cent, dolla!).

  11. EJ Flavors says:

    DJ X: I really do need to spend some time becoming truly acclimated to it. Being in the South most of my life, haven’t had a chance to really get into it.
    Nikki, Godizus: you know it’s still daylight out, right? Wonder how that’s going to look at the office…LOL!
    Edwidge: I’ve been lurking on your site for more than a little bit. Thanks for dropping that knowledge to me.
    Robert: It’s interesting that you mention it. Back in the late 80’s, I was a resident of Chicago and I was not a big fan of house music, opting for music from England at the time. It’s until I heard Devotion by Ten City that the tide turned into me being a house music lover. It was an acquired taste.
    As far as dancehall music is concerned, there are a handful of cuts that I have enjoyed- Patra and Foxy Brown for instance. In providing the music, however, I am not that knowledgable about dancehall and I’ve heard it but not been inspired to pick albums up and actually listen to them in their entirety. What I look for is recommendations of CDs from others who read and listen here, such as yourself.
    That segues into what Cee just said. Cee, I’ve heard a lot about the negative statements given about dancehall which gave me pause to listen to it, but you’re correct – it’s an expression of feelings, which is true of music in general. The comment you left inspires me to look a little further and actually really listen to dancehall more. Thanks for the vibe – what you, Edwidge, and Robert stated above is VERY much appreciated.

  12. ceecee says:

    they have good reviews and lots of full length samplers

  13. chica says:

    Ring the Alaaaarm! My favorite is “Pressure”. I don’t know the artist, but it is my song. Thank you so much!

  14. Wow that takes me back to high school. Back in the day I had a six pack. Listening to reggae will get you into shape fo sho and free dinner and a movie if you wined it right. LOL

  15. Golden... says:

    *Sparkin’ da blunt as I sit back and enjoy!*
    THANK YOU! I WISH I could listen to this at my NEW job! Now I just gotta wait till I get home! *smh*

  16. MsThing says:

    I’m with you on this one, EJ :-/.
    *happy that I’m not alone!*

  17. Frank says:

    In the words of Chris Rock, “GOOOOOD LAWD!!!!!!!” This is one slamming Dancehall mix. Damn, this thing reminds me of all of the clubs I used to go to in NYC back in my clubbin’ days. Level 10, Demerara, The New Savoy in the Bronx, and Bentleys. Incredible selection. Do the damn thing guys!

  18. Ariya says:

    Thanks EJ. I’ve been meaning to check out some dancehall stuff, now I’ve got a list of artists to check out.

  19. saga says:

    am I the only horndog Dancehall lover in the audience?
    dancehall music is sensual & divine…makes u wine ur body to di music, even if u don’t want… u can’t help it…
    < remembering some fond dancehall “dry sex” moments > oh, ahem…my bad..did I type that out loud?
    and yes – I’m so feeling this!

  20. Diva says:

    Hey EJ! Hey Xquizzyt1!
    Ummm…is it just me or does this RB make ya feel “randy”? Me like a lot 😉

  21. QueenT says:

    OK, I had gotten behind on my blogging, but I am catching up now. Damn! This is so nostalgic for me. I can rememebr being in thr clubs(wyyy before I should’ve been…lol) windin’ up my waist teasing all the cats. So glad I didn’t play this at work or I’d be fired for lewd behavior…lol

  22. akiey says:

    Super, super fine mix up in herrre! I love all the songs & some take me back nearly a decade!
    I can hang with anyone that feels the vibe in:
    Shabba Ranks – Caan Dun
    Chaka Demus & Pliers – Murder She Wrote
    Cutty Ranks – A Who Seh Me Dun (Wake Da Man)
    Pliers – Bam Bam
    Nardo Ranks – Dem A Bleach…Until late ’97 I thought it was Daddy Freddy’s. Mighty Dancehall forever!!

  23. 1badmarine says:

    Hey, where can I get this mix? This mix took me way back and I need it on CD.

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