OSW: The End of Spring

Vibe Music Fest

…as seen by ej flavors.

I had a very, very exhausting weekend working with the Vibe Music Fest which was in town.
That’s alright though, I made it through! Stay tuned for the story. Meanwhile,
let me tell you about this mix:

School Wednesday: The Last Rites of Spring

I was going to try and perform a strictly England mix since I got a chance to
meet up with Loose Ends this weekend for the Vibe Music Fest, but I just went
with the flow this round. I put the headphones on and thought about the end
of spring and the beginning of summer and it came out this way…

01 – Shanice – It’s For You, with verses dropped by one of the guys from…
02 – Portrait – Commitment – one of my favorite cuts, which
reminded me of…
03 – Alexander O’Neal – What’s Missing, because I knew a lot of people have been wanting to hear a little Alex, am I right? Then, I felt like vibing
04 – Vanessa Williams – Work To Do, with rap by Dres, since
Will’s down
in Miami taking lots of photos, damn him! That in turn me think of….
05 – Heavy D – Somebody For Me (big props to Nastybastard).
But then, I thought about Xquizzyt1
and Honey, and decided
to drop…..
06 – Taja Sevelle – Popular…but then I couldn’t go without
the first cut I heard from Loose Ends this past weekend during their performance….
07 – Loose Ends – Stay a Little While, Child [Remix], which
was a perfect segue into the mellow…
08 – Zhane – Just Like That, which made me think of **RPM**,
which is why I dropped….
09 – Chuckii Booker – You Don’t Know, which was an absolutely
perfect prelude to….
10 – Cherrelle – Where Do I Run To? with vocals by Rick, Ran,
and Dan. Cherrelle singing made me pull out….
11 – Mary J. Blige – Reminisce… but then I had to go back
into the crates and pick on Yolanda
and pull….
12 – Soul II Soul – Love Come Through, which reminded me of…..
13 – Club Nouveau – Situation Number 9, and then I had to tip
my hat to Gwen and drop…
14 – Aleese Simmons – I Want To Be Your Lover, and then finally
I had to give a shoutout to Hypothetically
and to Sister
and close it out with….
15 – Loose Ends – Dial 999.

I came up with this mix in about 45 minutes. Think I did alright? Groove with

19 comments on “OSW: The End of Spring

  1. Great mix, what happened to Taja Sevelle anyway? I was looking at your pics and see that you are in Atlanta AND frequent Moods – I’m surprised Darryl couldn’t hook you with The Rebirth. My other half has it and he lives in the states (soon back to ATL) I’ll ask where he got it. Actually, I’m gonna drop you an email rather than take up space here lol

  2. metaphyzxx says:

    Okay, you pulled out Chuckii Booker? Your crates go JUST a little too deep for me bruh.

  3. Yolanda says:

    Yeah, pick away, but where the hell is my Soul II Soul CD. I don’t care if I am gettin’ it for free, I needs to have my music, dude. *SLAM*

  4. Nikki says:

    Chuckii Booker? Lawd, I haven’t heard from or seen that brother since he was the musical director for Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation Tour.

  5. chica says:

    Yes, some of us want a little Alex and you deliver! And a little Vanessa Williams! Thanks!

  6. Todd Kelley says:

    man, you be pullin’ stuff out the crates. I totally forgot about Shanice. Aleese Simmons? Marvelous!!!
    Do yo thing, boy…

  7. ryan says:

    OOH DAMN YOU! lol! between you and the pittsburgh DJ on the black radio station between 10am-2pm, i swear im in a constant groove during the day…
    *why am i doing the running man right now to shanice’s It’s For You*? 🙂

  8. Carla says:

    Man! This is a nice mix!

  9. **RPM** says:

    No worries, I have the Portrait cd too. I have your back. 🙂

  10. Xquizzyt1 says:

    Oooh..so RPM was the other person that bought it!!! LOL I have it too! LOL It actually was kinda slept on, I thought it was pretty good… I was playing the hell out of it in 1991. LOL
    Hey EJ!!! I’m soooooooooo sorry I dropped the ball this week. Me and my sofa were having an intimate relationship on Tuesday night… next time you can call me… anytime!!! =)
    You know if you need me I gotcho back!!! =)
    And thank you for my Taja, you know I almost lost my mind when I saw Love is Contagious that time. LOL

  11. SweetB... says:

    wait….why do I keep “rewinding” Alex O’Neil!!! Great Job!!

  12. lis says:

    ok the winner for me in this selection is ‘Portrait’. Man, I thought their initial cd was awesome! what happened to them?!?!?!

  13. Kentesheia says:

    Can I make a request for one of your future playlists — Can I get a bit of “Your Love is a 187” — sir, if you can bust out the Shanice, you can do 187 ^_^

  14. Laniza says:

    I love “It’s for you”. Hearing that song just made my whole weekend :)!

  15. Hopluv says:

    I’m jealous!!!! You met Loose Ends damn it!

  16. honey says:

    Oh Taja! Thank ya for that alone but the rest is pretty sweet too. Chuckii..Chuckii plus Portrait, Loose Ends, Cherelle and Mary. Ha’mercy 😉

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my God!!! Why did you have me rocking last night around 3 AM when I thought I couldn’t push through to deadline without dropping dead?!? You just brought back my entire junior high/high school years! Do you ever burn CDs for loyal reader/listeners? If so, sign me up! If not, perhaps you could be pursuaded if I rave on enough about the unerasonable and insane love I have for your radio blog?

  18. SweetBianca says:

    hey, remember Chuckii Bookers lips…that brotha was funny lookin, oh and these were the days!! Remember when Vanessa was hittin the charts, well I’m laying it on thick, but she made good mature music. I thought I was going to have to loose it. One of these day’s I will be checking this site at work, and mess around and hear Candy by Cameo, and I will get up and dance!…thanks for the memories EJ

  19. Gina A says:

    Mmm, yes, i remember Chuckii’s lips. He wasnt funny lookin’ to me. He’s cute girl!!!! He could put them lips on me anyday!
    Let’s not forget Howard Johnson

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