In Rotation: 06/26/05

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This week’s In
Rotation: 06/26/05
just goes with the flow. Sometimes I wonder if
I’m getting too mellow, but as Terecico’s
told me, "Man, you can never get too mellow…there is no such thing."
You know what? He’s right….and all the while I thought it was one too many mojitos
this weekend. Or maybe it was mellowing out after checking out Flip The
. I echo the same sentiments as Rainmayan
– it wasn’t a bad flick at all, but Teck was killing me. Note to Teck:
polish up that acting, dawg.

That’s how my weekend went. Check the flow:

01 – Eric Benet – Where Did The Love Go? From his new album Hurricane.
02 – Lina – Run To Me.
03 – Towa Tei – Luv Connection (Album Version).
Remember this cut from
about 10 years ago? Sure you do.
04 – Ivana Santilli – Breathe Inn.
05 – Michael Johnson – Own Way.
06 – Donnie – Rocketship.
He didn’t perform this last night, but trust
me when I say his performance this weekend was phenomenal. Am I right, Ms.
07 – Greyboy – Genevieve.
From Midnight
08 – Jamiroquai – Talulah.
I keep singing the hook on this song.
09 – N8E – Brainstorm
. Again, from Galactic
. Told you about that, right?
10 – Esthero – Thank Heaven For You.
This song hits me in all the right
11 – Break Reform – All In Good Time.
12 – Alison Crockett – U R (Yam Who? mix).
I tried singing this
to Enigma
over IM. She called me insane.
13 – New Sector Movements – Download This.
As I was leaving a restaurant
before coming home and putting this together, the valet asked me about this cut.
He thought it was very cool. I have to agree with him.

Enjoy, peeps.

11 comments on “In Rotation: 06/26/05

  1. Terecico says:

    Not the Towa Tei joint…you a bad man ej. This mix is gonna start that work week off right.

  2. Now see, you’ve been hating on Esthero and Michael Johnson yet they both made your list. Mmhmm…

  3. ej says:

    Thanks Terecico. J, um, I never hated on Michael Johnson. Love everything he’s done. Esthero though? It’s growing on me. Still – Breath From Another is a classic. It’s hard to top that.

  4. milo says:

    “Love Connection”… Miss Joi Cardwell… she was ‘my’ Lisa Shaw of the early 90’s… I loved her solo record and the collaborations to the Lil’ Louis album (along with Barbara tucker)… Too bad she sort of vanished from the music scene… Towa Tei’s albums were always the bomb though… remember ‘German Bold Italic’? 🙂

  5. MsThing says:

    *hating on your photo with Donnie*
    This man surely does get better with time. His talents are amazing. I LOVE me some Donnie. When he hit the stage, I stood from my seat and didn’t sit down until I got back in the car!!! Heaven Sent… umph! That one song did it for me.

  6. Nikki says:

    Donnie is gettin’ his cheese on in that pic!!

  7. Lisa says:

    I got to interview Lina…I’m feeling that cd of hers!
    And hell yeah that Esthero track is the certified shit. I’m diggin’ on Gone and My Torture too.

  8. muffin says:

    i love that picture!

  9. What do you know about Break Reform? lol

  10. Yolanda says:

    Umm, Eric Benet’s still making music?

  11. James says:

    Now per our discussion, I check this OSW and it was not dedicated to me. Good mix though!!!

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