In Rotation: 06/19/05

Lina Personified

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This week’s In
Rotation: 06/19/05
was inspired by Lina’s appearance in town this

Check it:

01 – EJ Intro.
02 – Raul Midon – Everybody.
03 – The Plant Life – When She Smiles (She Lights The Sky).
I’ll keep
dropping tracks from Galactic
until it’s exhausted I’m sure.
04 – Loose Ends – Love’s Got Me.
05 – Dwele – I Think I Love You.
New cut from the upcoming album Verbs
& Predicates.
06 – Fernanda Abreu – Eu Quero Sol (Brazil).
From Global
. I’ve been really feeling this CD, because it’s great hearing hip hop
and soul music from all around the globe.
07 – Zo! – Say How I Feel – Remix.
Zo! took Rhiann Benson’s
cut with a little hip-hop laced into it and dropped a cool cut, with Dwele in it for good measure. I vibed from his Re:Definition
CD. Check him out on his Musical
08 – Nuwamba – Caught Up
. From his new CD Above The Water.
09 – Platinum Pied Pipers – Fever (feat. Zeno).
10 – Algebra – Some Kinda Wonderful.
Meeting her last weekend was great.

11 – Lina – I Am.
her upcoming album, The Inner Beauty Movement.
12 – Amerie – Can We Go (Feat. Carl Thomas).
13 – The Rurals – Pleading With You.
14 – Jamiroquai – Seven Days In Sunny June.
15 – Salakida – Beautiful.
Available on Songs From The Soul Mecca…and
Beyond. Check her out here.
16 – Plantlife – Stardancer.
17 – Positive Flow – Natural.

A couple of notes:
If you’re so inclined, check out the Vibe
Musicfest A/B conversation
, and Kevin’s
assesment of it
. My take? Let’s hope Lauryn doesn’t do this again.
My tickets are purchased for my visit to Chicago for Independence Day weekend.
There’s a meetup- if anyone has any info they can share, let me know. I’m down
with whatever is happening that weekend.

Groove it forward.

15 thoughts on “In Rotation: 06/19/05

  1. e thx for the shout and hookup. mucho gracias. now i’ll be in trouble with wifey cos nugguz aint gonna be going bed anytime soon, scanning all these dope mixes. bliss

  2. I swear, everytime I hear Maroon 5 I think, “That ain’t nothing but Jamiroquai…” LOL Where has he been!!!??? thanks for throwing him in here. =) Oh and Lina… haven’t heard her in a while!!! She was a nice surprise too. =)

  3. ps: saw Lina twice in ’02. on her own in a showcase and supporting Guru during one of his jazzmatazz gigs. fell in love with mami. really worked the crowd. couldn’t figure out why she didn’t blow in the UK. stranger on earth was the joint.

  4. You know I should probably never come to Atlanta because I would be bugging you to death to hang out and go to all those cool places. Don’t be tryin to lose me in the city either, LOL. I think “I Am” is my favorite Lina song from this CD…that I’ve heard so far. What can I say about Dwele. Hmmm, I’ll just swoon, love his voice! Great mix EJ.

  5. Isn’t that Lina album lovely? Some beautiful cuts on there. You know, I did NOT expect this from her since I never really got into her the first time around.
    You picked a track from my fav Loose Ends Album (I have about 4 copies between vinyl and cd lol) but my fav track is “don’t you ever try to change me”
    Anyways…have you been to GUESS what they have in stock…GO BUY IT. Now! :o)
    Oh and thanks for your comment ‘ppreciate it ;o)
    Sorry, your blog inspires long comments!

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