In Rotation: 06/10/05

Musically, this has definitely been the best week this year for me so far. Get ready for
this week’s In
Rotation: 06/10/05
. In my opinion, this is the best radio blog I’ve
done in a while, because the music these days has really been on-point. This is tight, people.
It also helped that Todd Kelley’s
birthday was two days ago, so we had to poke him a little.

I have have 2 cuts from Dynamite,
and 2 cuts from Galactic
, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check it:

00 – The KB Drop..
01 – Intro – TK’s-Birthday.
02 – Jamiroquai – Time Won’t Wait
. The album itself,
in my opinion, is the best one he’s delivered in 10 years. A strong track with
a great vocal arrangement.
03 – D Nell – 20/20 (Main Mix).
"This Thing" was one of my
favorite tracks from last year. Producer
Dan Jones and Vocalist Ellie Hajee
have delivered one of my favorite tracks
so far this year, which is making me wonder when, if at all, their album will
04 – D’Influence ft Posnudos – Shake It. [Explicit]
The track from the CD without
Posnudos was great…this has an awesome spin on it.
05 – The Foreign Exchange – Nic’s Groove (Electric Bounce Rock Skate Mix). [Explicit]
I first listened to this mix, I thought, ‘why touch perfection?’ but in
my opinion, they did a great job.
06 – Jon B – I’m Right Here.
From Stronger Everyday, a chillout cut which
is a perfect segue to:
07 – Yamama’Nym – Groove.
I learned about them
from Honey,
of course.
08 – Honey’s Interlude
09 – Jamiroquai – Starchild
. I’m a sucker for great arrangements of strings,
vocals, and guitars.
10 – Esthero ft Andre 3000 – Junglebook.
Track from Wikked
Lil’ Grrrls
11 – Rahsaan Patterson – Yeah Yeah Yeah.
12 – TK Gettin’ Off (EJ).
13 – Repercussions – Turn Your Card.
Still vibin’ off them. Reminded
me of:
14 – The Brand New Heavies – Spend Some Time.
You remember this
, right?
15 – Nikka Costa – Around The World.
From her new album, can’tneverdidnothin’.
16 – Kelis – So Be It.
Not sure why I picked this
out and played it this week, but I was really feeling this track.
17 – Raul Midon – State Of Mind.
Nikki was feeling this artist, so as
soon as the album was released, I picked it up. The entire CD is wonderful.
18 – Roy Ayers – I Am Your Mind (Part 2).
Also from Galactic Soul.

The explicit cuts are ones which ones are a little raw with their dialogue, so if you’re blasting this at work, make sure your CEO isn’t around (unless he curses too). Groove it forward.

12 comments on “In Rotation: 06/10/05

  1. honey says:

    KB and EJ, great job on the drops. I think I would have sounded less “weird” if I would have had some music in the background, LOL. C’mon my brothers…help ya sistah out *hint hint*.
    Now on to the important things. Happy Birthday Todd and many many more!!! I’m so glad we’ve connected through this bloggin thing, you’re like my musical twin brother, LOL. Keep on groovin as only you can do.
    EJ, I’d have to agree that this is one of your best. Good looking on the Galactic Soul. I’ve used quite a few of those joint on radio.blogs myself…and will be using more. Oh yeah EJ …if you happen to come across LL…I’m just know there is room in the dungeon 😉

  2. Good News, Bad News

    Let’s start with the bad news first. I wasn’t able to put together a Friday Freestyle today. I may throw some crazy music and video links on the blog sometimes, but yall know I have to take my time…

  3. Nikki says:

    Haha, funny you should have my favorite cut from Rahsaan’s latest album on your radio blog. I’ll be seeing him tomorrow night in Memphis. And Raul’s album is so nice and mellow. I see you got uncle Roy up there too.

  4. Dayrell says:

    Hi EJ…
    Wow you have some nice tunes on here. I don’t come here much, but I’m going to start to. NICE very NICE man!!! I’m diggin’ it… =)

  5. Todd Kelley says:

    aw man!!! I’ve been in stupid work meetings and training all week. (sat in a hotel room for 10 hours of powerpoint slides on my birthday).
    I finally get some time to catch my breath and I head over here…
    MAN!!! This really IS one of your tightest assemblies man! I feel the love!!!
    Thanx all y’all for the b-day shout outs.
    I’ve been feelin’ depressed due to my lack of blogging lately. I think the fire and been lit again!
    Thank you!!! AND HERE I COME!!!!

  6. chica says:

    Okay EJ, I am convinced that you can read minds. Jamiroquai! I was just listening to “You Give Me Something” this morning. This compilation is wonderful…just what I needed for a relaxing evening. Happy Belated to Todd! Thanks as always!

  7. nastybastard says:

    Great arby EJ! I never got around to recording a shoutout to Todd for his birthday. 😛 And Honey’s voice makes me want to skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet. lol

  8. Hm…gonna hafta check out that Esthero track….look who’s back! Meee!!! Come on by!

  9. Ariya says:

    Damnit E.J., you always have me playing catch up with albums :P. I have Nikka Costa’s new album, but I didn’t know that Esthereo dropped a new one. Definitely will be checking out their new album since that’s one of my favorite bands. *screams for Esthereo!* Will definitely be checking out D’Influence. I’m so happy that Jamiroquai has a new one coming out too, since I love Jamiroquai and has most of the band’s albums, save for maybe one or two.
    Heh, I’m so behind with my music, I’m just catching up with Mica Paris and Joss Stone’s 😛

  10. Xquizzyt1 says:

    Thank you sooooooo much on the Nikka Costa… I LOVE her and wanted to hear at least SOMETHING from her new CD before I got it. Thanks!!!! =)

  11. Xquizzyt1 says:

    Thank you sooooooo much on the Nikka Costa… I LOVE her and wanted to hear at least SOMETHING from her new CD before I got it. Thanks!!!! =)

  12. Kool PT Fresh says:

    Great site.
    Great taste in music.
    Looking forward to tuning in lots in the future.
    Perre – London

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