In Rotation: 06/04/05

It’s been a helluva week, as I mentioned before. I believe I’ve taken the word
‘overtime’ to a whole new level, but thank goodness I got a break. Thanks for
all the votes of confidence– but more than that, thanks for all the emails as
well. Because of both the emails and the comments, I’ve been able to push my way
through life’s challenges and present In
Rotation: 06/04/05

I’m in chill mode. Check it out:

01 – Platinum Pied Pipers ft Rogier – 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
. They’re
still on the top of my stack. Excellent remake.
02 – Omar – Tell Me
. He’s in the studio right now working on his next
03 – D’Influence ft Julie Anne Evans – Dreams.
04 – Teedra Moses with Raphael Saadiq – Take Me
. Underappreciated album,
and a very good duet with Raphael.
05 – Matt Bianco – I Never Meant To. Matt Bianco is
back, and this time with Basia. This CD is reminiscent of the way they were back
in the day, which is why this track has been in my rotation for the past month.
Ultra mellow and ultra addictive.
06 – Beanfield – Close to You
. From Seek, with Ernesto on vocals.
07 – Ivana Santilli – Never Again.
Yep, I’m still on my Ivana kick.
I’m a sucker for a good guitar solo.
08 – Syleena Johnson – I’m Gon’ Cry. I’ve been vibing
to Kanye lately, which made me pull this cut out. The guitar and the vocals fit
the mix perfectly.
09 – Natalie – You Don’t Love Me No More
. Again with the guitar. iTunes
is addictive, which made me purchase this CD outright. The rhyme didn’t hurt either.
10 – Symbolyc One And Illmind ft Kenn Starr and Thesis – Guilty Pleasures.

Mellow hip hop.
11 – Siji – Running Away
12 – Incognito – Listen To The Music
. Maysa on vocals, of course.
13 – Repercussions – Promise Me Nothing.
It took everything I had to
limit myself to only one song from Repercussions. I had to force myself not to
just drop their entire CD in the mix. Much thanks to my homeslice from PA.
14 – Reel People – Butterflies
. From Second Guess, featuring Dyanna Fearron.
The instrumental ending always puts a smile to my face.

5 comments on “In Rotation: 06/04/05

  1. Carla says:

    I never took the time to really listen to Teedra Moses. But now that I’ve heard the duet with Raphael Saadiq, I am really feelin’ that! I’ve never heard of Siji, and now that you’ve introduced me to it….I need more! LOL

  2. Cheryl says:

    Okay, I thought I knew music but do you know I don’t recognize a single name on your list? Dang. Educate me EJ!

  3. honey says:

    Love that PPP remake. Good way to kick it off! Ohhh loving the D’Influence, never heard that one before. I see why you don’t need gravity Moon Man, you’re just floating around on the grooves 🙂

  4. groovebunny says:

    Acck sorry to read about all that overtime. I’ve been doing a lot of it myself! Thank goodness for the weekend. 🙂

  5. Xquizzyt1 says:

    I have GOT to listen to more of Teedra. I was never really impressed by the few songs that I did hear, and everyone else was going BANANAS over her. But if my favorite Tony(i,e) can f*ck with her… then I guess I’ll have to give her a chance. LOL Tiff…… Rhap *rolling eyes* tried to tell me she was the bomb, but… she also loved Jaguar Wright. *BLECCCH* and I’ll never forgive her for the aural assault she made me endure trying to listen to that CD. Good Lawd. LOL

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