a shift in focus/questions and answers

Before I give the answers to questions asked during the last couple of weeks,
I’d like to make a little statement and do a little polling.

Without going into details, my work and life schedule has primarily been in
a state where most of my blogging is done when I’m at home. In other words,
being able to read other blogs at work is much easier than actually blogging
at work. Because the break/fix to the radio blog for Old School
Wednesday had to be done during work hours, I received backlash for having to
do so in the workplace. Because of this, I was a little shaken and a little
discouraged in actually finishing work on an In Rotation this week.

I have an In Rotation in progress for this week, but because of the way my week
at has been, I wasn’t able to finish it in time for this morning. I’m thinking
of switching my In Rotations to either:

1. Every other Friday; or
2. Posting one on the weekend.

Readers/listeners out there, which schedule would you vote for? I like to be able
to provide a mix, since doing radio blogs and sharing music is something I really
enjoy. I’d like to hear from you. Thanks.

….and now to answer questions.

1) Why I gotta be put on hold, while you attend to your dog, I mean, Anna,
pardon me? *SLAM*
LOL! Because she licks on me for attention! Don’t even
think about doing it yourself!!!
2) What kind of friend puts on a hat, when his other friend becomes a
A friend that’s either got an infinite amount of patience, or needs
a little kick to realize that he needs to find another flock to hang around.
3) Do you think I’m sadistic or insane and why? Yes. Insane friends
are my theme for this year. Seriously, you’re only as insane as other people perceive
you to be. They don’t hang around to notice that your insanity is actually personable.
Hmm. Personable Insanity. I’ll have to use that…

Keish, who had 6 of them:
1. If you could have a one on one talk to any artist or musician dead
or alive, who would you choose/why?
While this varies from day to day,
and I can only pick one instead of 10, the one that comes immediately to mind
is Shuggie Otis. Listening to his album and realizing that was years ahead of
it’s time when released in 1974 was incredible for me. Unfortunately, he was dropped
from his record label and hasn’t recorded in quite a while.
He was a musical genius. I wish I could find him now. Others include Miles Davis,
Donnie Hathaway, Maysa Leak, Nicolay, the members of D’Influence…..and that’s
just off the top of my head.
2. If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change/why?
I’d be able to work part-time instead of full-time at my current gig (because
I really do love what I’m doing), and also have enough time for the musical side
of things – either being a producer, DJ, or mixer. I love this stuff.
3. If had $100,000 cash to spend any way you wanted, but all of your bills
and debts were paid, what kinds of things would you buy?
Let’s see…more
music, a recording studio, a new car, a house for my moms. I’d save the rest in
investments so that cash would be plentiful and I could retire early. I’m sure
I’ll come up with more later.
4. If u could have any job in the world and get paid handsomely to do
it, what would you do?
Be a producer, no doubt. I’d love that kinda thing.
5. Three weeks vacations, three cities…which three and why?
London, because I’ve never been and I’d love to hang there, the Bay Area, because
I haven’t been there for an eternity, and Hawaii, because I spent a week there
last year, and if I could relocate there, I would.
6. What’s your favorite color and why? Without a doubt, indigo.
I’ve always been partial to bluish-purples, and it’s one of the colors of the
rainbow that hardly ever gets mentioned.

Happy birthday Golden!
1) What is your favorite High School memory? In high school,
I spent a lot of time being a geek (in the top 10 even), and also in the Math
club and on student council. My senior year, I decided to get out of the math
club and student council and be someone’s campaign manager. After being heckled
on the stage when presenting my candidate for student council president, I was
able to spin the crowd into my favor (and hers) by walking off the stage and through
the crowd and being very interactive. I got a standing ovation for being so outgoing,
and she won the student council presidency. Also at the time of being a senior at the school, I                                      also filed student loans from SoFI so that I could go to my favorite school and learn there. But if you ask me, I do not want to be a campaign manager these days. I’d prefer to sit on the float with them and
2) What is your most prized possesion and why? My laptop. I
almost nowhere without it, and it has everything I usually need to get through the day.
3) Why’d you pic me? Cause you’re Golden!!!!

The awesome Fantasy Beyond!
(1) How intimidating is it to set up the ATL Brown Bloggers: Impromptu
Meeting? (getting strangers to meet up in a central location has got to present
a challenge.)
I’ll tell you, in retrospect, it was much easier to set
up an impromptu meeting than actually have a planned one, as
strange as it sounds. It was very, very disconcerting to have one planned and
then to have it be less vibrant than the one that was actually planned. After
the last planned one, it took me a while to get back into the swing of things.
I’m thinking of setting one up fairly soon.
(2) Can you remember a posting you put up that garnered the most spirited reactions
and debates from your commentors? The most spirited reaction from posters in regards
had to be the Old
School Wednesday: Euro Groovin’
one that surprised me because people came
out of the woodwork for that one. I believe that was the impetus for me to keep
the Old School Wednesdays going. Shoutout to KB
who’s the originator. He started a trend that keeps going, and going, and going….
The one that I got a lot of emails, a couple of threats, and almost a fistfight
about was one about a
same sex marriage
. I’m starting to get riled again just thinking about it.
(3) Much like your Volume 2 post above, what volume have you constructed
stands out the most in your mind as the best collection of music you’ve ever put
together and what’s on that list? (I know that was something of a 2-parter)
I don’t mind two parters. That actually got me to think….but man, the best OSW
had to be the one mentioned above. I didn’t expect that to be hit so much. The
best in-rotation I think I had in my mind had to be Friday
Melodies VII
which I took down because I was having space issues at the time.
I’m seriously thinking of ressurecting that one. Think I should?

Thanks, guys. Got more? Bring em on…..

15 comments on “a shift in focus/questions and answers

  1. Carla says:

    I’d like to see it on the weekends. As of late, work has be consuming me, and I typically I don’t get to most of my favorite blog sites until the weekend anyway. So, there’s my vote! *smile*

  2. Ariya says:

    Heh, dogs are like little kids in a way, always asking you to give them attention – no matter how old they get. Even my my little pooh, who just turned 15 years old, still barks every morning/evening for attention.
    And P.S. thinks you would be perfect for the job as a music producer, E.J., not only because of your love for music, but because of your warmth and music sensibilities.
    Take care, E.J..

  3. Nikki says:

    My dogs are my kids, so I understand how they become your first priority at times.

  4. saga says:

    What kind of friend puts on a hat, when his other friend becomes a bird?

  5. honey says:

    Shuggie is on Luakabop Records now. Well, at least the re-released his Inspiration Information CD. Boo @ the workplace nonsense. Don’t they realize alot of folks count on your radio blogs to get them thru the day 🙂 I have no preference…just as much as you can, whenever you can.

  6. saga says:

    what I had meant to say was….
    What kind of friend puts on a hat, when his other friend becomes a bird? < < Even if this wasn’t directed at me, this point is DEFINITELY taken.

  7. DJ DIVA says:

    I would prefer every weekend..I’m being kinda selfish…I don’t really want to wait 2 weeks in between rotations… 😉
    Don’t get in any more trouble at work!

  8. DJDIVA says:

    I would prefer every weekend..I’m being kinda selfish…I don’t really want to wait 2 weeks in between rotations… 😉
    Don’t get in any more trouble at work!

  9. Keish says:

    Had to get things going…make up for the non-participators….:)
    Thx for the great answers!
    I vote for weekends! Latah!

  10. Frank says:

    Every weekend dawg! I’d like that and I totally feel you. My gov’t job is cracking down on posting blogs…reading’s not a problem but not the other way around. Do your thing my man.

  11. EJ Flavors says:

    Carla, Ariya, and DJ Diva, you know you’re making me smile, right? Right.
    Honey, I went through and corrected what I stated…what can I say, the sun wasn’t even up yet.
    Keish – thanks for the vote of confidence. Saga, I’m still waitin’ on ya….
    Frank – thanks for the vibe. I would think that they’d understand that a perk of being able to work and be more productive would be blogging during downtime, but alas, that’s not going to happen.

  12. Sun says:

    oooo weee…I feel on that work issue, I’m in the same boat, its blogging or paycheck, and right now that means I’m bloggin on the weekend!
    sooo…weekend would be great!
    Hang in there…it will get better

  13. Melanie says:

    EJ – your lists are a *gift* and we are all very fortunate that you are able to find time to share that with us. I think you should create the list whenever is best for you. Personally, I find weekends work best for me in terms of putting together posts. I tend to do my surfing in the evening. Occasionally I’ll post something short in the AM on a weekday but usually I wait until the evening. Given the work that goes into your list I’d think weekends would be ideal for you?
    Just remember: your readers adore you and they’ll be here list or no list 😉

  14. chica says:

    Whatever works for you. Please don’t get in trouble at the job! I agree with Melanie: your lists are gifts. Thank you very much! 🙂

  15. Did I hear someone say London? lol Anytime you decide to make your way over here, let me know! :o)

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