Saturday Random 5: I Need To Get Out More, Volume 2

Terrance tagged me and so
did KB
. I’m a sucker, yet again, for a music meme. I did it before…what’s
the harm in doing it again? Taking it from the top…

1. What is the total volume of musical files on your computer?
Apollo – 85.0 GB and rising.
Hermes – 32.8 GB. Most (if not all) of them are on Apollo.
ejPod – 2 GB. Doesn’t take too much music to work out to.

2. What song are you listening to right now?
Avalanches – Since I Met You.

3. Last CD I bought?
– Chicago
from the rekkasto, Natalie
from Amazon.

4. Five songs you listen to a lot and which mean something to you:

Just five? Let’s make it 10.

The newer cuts:
Ivana Santilli – You’re So You. Played this cut to death after Todd kept
singing it, and singing it, and singing it….
Teedra Moses – Caught Up. My favorite cut off the album, don’t care who tells
you anything different. It’s gotta be the guitar and the keys in the high register.
It’s intoxicating. There’s another one, but I won’t present that one yet.
Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist. This track is wild! That
boy needs therapy!
Michael Johnson – Do It. He’s so smooth.
Platinum Pied Pipers feat. Steve Spacek – No Worries. Anything from PPP right
now thrills me. This one grew on me and now won’t go away.

The old school/not so new cuts:
Shuggie Otis – Inspiration Information. I can’t describe it. I think I
played this song to death, seriously.
Soul II Soul – Missing You. Ditto on this one. IMHO one of the best British
cuts from back in the day out there.
Bill Withers – Let Me Be The One You Need. Love the way he whines.
Chuckii Booker – You Don’t Know. One of the cuts that never got airplay.
Troop – You Take My Heart With You – One of those cuts that they should have

Stephen Charles.
Curious to see what he’s up to.
Ditto for Chandra.
Humanity Critic.
Gotta see what’s in his head.
Will. Because
I have to do it to him.
Golden. Where
you at?

Can I go outside now?

8 comments on “Saturday Random 5: I Need To Get Out More, Volume 2

  1. jw richard says:

    ej, you are a music man after my own heart. Makes me want to put on some Bill Withers right now.

  2. DON says:

    Soul II Soul, they are so familiar, but for some reason, I can’t remember one tune of theirs. I know Im a fan, but I’ll have to visit itunes and refresh my memory.

  3. Keish says:

    3 Questions:
    1. If u could have any job in the world and get paid handsomely to do it, what would you do?
    2. Three weeks vacations, three cities…which three and why?
    3. What’s your favorite color and why?

  4. Golden... says:

    I’m here! I’m here! *LoL* Dang, man! I just went on hiatus! Now I gotta come back!
    3 questions…
    1) What is your favorite High School memory?
    2) What is your most prized possesion and why?
    3) Why’d you pic me?
    Oh…and i’m only givin ya 5! *LoL*

  5. greggy says:

    lol @ your “Bill Withers – Let Me Be The One You Need. Love the way he whines”…my wife thinks he is the joint! As for me anything old school will do as long as they singing about love and not anger like the brats of now-a-days! Peace bro, nice spot!

  6. **RPM** says:

    Chuckii Booker. This is the 2nd time in as many days that someone referenced a song I thought only I kept as a secret treasure that I could whip out and impress people with. A great track. Great post too. Thanks for the great read. 🙂

  7. EJ Flavors says:

    Greggy, JW: I still play Bill Withers to death, you guys. I’ll have to pull that out yet again.
    Don and RPM, Don’t worry. Next week, I’m pulling out Chuckii and Soul II Soul. It’s already in the works!
    Keish and Golden, I’ll have the questions ready for you in 48 hours…..

  8. Danja says:

    The Troop, Soul II Soul, and Bill Withers cuts are the JAMS!!!
    Not many people know much about these lesser known jewels.
    Good post!

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