In Rotation: 05/27/05

It’s been a long week, and I’m glad it’s over. Today’s In
Rotation: 05/27/05
is in full effect. This was a bit of a challenge
for me, since I was (as usual) feeling very mellow after a long work week, which
was pretty much a repeat of last week. After I turned up the sound and rested
a bit, I was able to drop a mix of cuts that, outside of the OSWs, have been in
rotation and haven’t been too mellow and a even- dare I say- a little eclectic. If you’re feeling mellow, you know you can always dip into our crates

And people, if you happen to see Todd Kelley around, do
not give him a photo of yours
. There’s no telling what might happen. And yes, I’m still open for Q&A. You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers. I’ll start dropping them on Tuesday. Go for it.

Check it out:

01 – The
– Since I Left You. They
are an Australian sextet that, if I tried to classify into a specific genre, I
would fail miserably. This is the lead single off their CD
released last year
. I would definitely classify this as one of the misses
of last year. (Big ups to Gwen
for the tip — I owe you a big one).
02 – Platinum
Pied Pipers
f/ Tiombe Lockhart -Stay With Me.
Don’t ask me, ask Honey.
Like I mentioned to her, their album is quite possibly one of my top 10 of this
03 – Ivana
– Should I. Todd
is a mellow cat. Yet another one of my misses from last year.
04 – Jamiroquai – Little L. Word is Jay is in the studio.
Let’s hope so.
05 – Maya Azucena -Too Much. Yep, Honey
again. It’s like an addiction.
06 – Rahsaan Patterson
– The One For Me
Wonder who
designed his website
? Hmm……
07 – Frank McComb – Do You Remember Love? I got to see
him perform at Prince’s concert and picked up his CDs.
08 – Lalah
– Outrun The Sky. From her
album of the same name.
09 – Toshi
– Beating of My Heart
. I mentioned
his album
last year.
10 – Kem – Set You Free. From Album II. (Yep, her
11 – Michael Johnson – Move On. One of the close friends
of Julie Dexter and a wonderful producer. Cop
his album
if you like this track.
12 – Q-Burns Abstract Message f/ Lisa Shaw – This Time.
Whisper "Lisa Shaw" into Todd’s ear and find out what
happens. Wish I could see her again.
13 – D’Influence f/ Shola Ama – This I Promise You.
From their last (and hopefully not final) album, D-Vas.
14 – Jhelisa – Whirl Keeps Turning. I’m
wondering what she’s doing these days as well.

I’ve made myself a happy camper after a busy, yet productive week. Let’s hope
I spread the love. Have a great weekend and a wonderful holiday – and Chicagoans, I will see you in July…..

11 comments on “In Rotation: 05/27/05

  1. metaphyzxx says:

    See, this is why I check our rotation. I wouldn’t have heard of NONE of these otherwise!

  2. fave says:

    What kind of “crates” do you have????!!!!

  3. Nikki says:

    Ah, you went with a very eclectic radio blog today.

  4. golden says:

    YaY! See you in July!

  5. Todd Kelley says:

    Once again, you’re bringin’ it!
    I’ve never heard the Jamiroquoi cut! Lovely!!!

  6. honey says:

    Yeah Jay is in the studio again, should be interesting. Michael Johnson is still on my watch list…one day I’ll break down and get it, LOL. Very eclectic today but your mellow side is still showing 🙂

  7. don says:

    Thanks for turning me on to your site. More good music is always welcome. You had me going on that Jet cover though.

  8. Jason T. says:

    Nice mix. The Avalanches album is actually from way back in 2001 (maybe even 2000). They dropped a remix/inspired by import late last year (or was it early this year?) that is pretty cool too.

  9. EJ Flavors says:

    Meta, Fave: This is how I go broke!
    Nikki, it was a long week, and lots of songs just hit me. At first I was self-conscious about it, but when I listened to it, it made me feel great.
    Golden, you know I can’t wait for ya!
    Todd, you mean you don’t have A Funk Oddysey?!
    Honey, it did turn mellow after a while, didn’t it? Woah. Is this age hitting me again? Hmm….
    Don, you’re the man with the plan. Good writing and reflection is an excellent thing. My hats off to you.
    JT: my bad. I got confused on releases from 2001 and 2004. Amazon had a release date of August 31st, 2004, which is what threw me off.

  10. Ahem.
    Does someone owe me a phone call?!

  11. Dynamite – the forthcoming album from Jamiroquai.
    1. Feels Just Like It Should
    2. Dynamite
    3. Seven Days
    4. Electric Mistress
    5. Starchild
    6. Love Blind
    7. Talulah
    8. Give Hate A Chance
    9. World That He Wants
    10. Black Devil Car
    11. Hot Tequila Brown
    12. Beatbox
    13. Time Won�t Wait

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