In Rotation: 05/13/05

It’s going to be a very special weekend for me: spiritually, literally, musically,
and socially. Check it out:

We’ve mentioned it more than once this week, but KB is going to be
the walk this weekend
. Please show your support to my man.

Chandra is incredible
and asked me to take part of an interview. I thought to myself, after knowing
her and communicating back and forth for at least a year, what I could possibly
say to answer her questions. However, true to form, she posed the questions
so eloquently that it was amazingly easy to answer them, and for that I have
the greatest pride in coming up with the answers. Chandra presents: The
blogger’s blogger: an interview with EJ Flavors of Celestial Movements.

I’d encourage all of you who would like to take place in this interview to do
so. It’s eloquent and to the point.

Today’s In
Rotation: 05/13/05
is live and in effect. Note that ALL of these cuts are fairly new- no old-school in this mix. These songs have been released within the last year, which is why they’re fresh in my mind. Check it:

01 – Intro
02 – Teedra Moses – Complex Simplicity
03 – Amerie – All I Need
04 – Bobby Intro
05 – Bobby Valentino – Come Touch Me
06 – Loose Ends – Don’t Worry
07 – Symbolyc One and Illmind – Night Like This feat Darien Brockington and
Big Pooh
08 – Maysa Intro
09 – Maysa – Hypnotic Love
10 – Siji – Starting Over
11 – Miguel Migs – One Wish For Me
12 – Gordon Chambers – My Imagination
13 – Morcheeba – Slow Down
14 – EJ Intelude (Underoos)
15 – Ivana Santilli – Cool Down
16 – Kashif – He Don’t Love You
17 – Reel People – Runaway
18 – Jody Watley – Whenever . . .

My voice is again in a few places (Todd,
KB, Hopluv…it’s
all about you guys). I’m getting used to the Mickey Mouse sound effects.

Again, if you’re in Atlanta, I hope to see you this weekend:

Barley’s Billiards – Friday 05/13, 6pm
338 Peachtree St NE
(404) 522-7177

Chequers Bar & Grill – Saturday 05/14, 6pm –
236 Perimeter Center Pkwy NE
(across the street from Dunwoody train station)
(770) 391-9383

Love is all around. Give it, take it, be it.

9 comments on “In Rotation: 05/13/05

  1. Nikki says:

    It’s been a minute since I’ve heard Kashif’s name mentioned.

  2. rocka says:

    I am really feeling ur play list on this one… Not only do you have my girl Teedra, you also brought it back w. Jody Whatley… Now you have me pullin gout her greatest hits CD… Thanks for this.

  3. Todd Kelley says:

    Aw man,
    I think you just raised the bar in arby’s!
    My favorites: The Miguel Migs and Teddra Cuts.
    And who’s that handsome sounding fella in the intro? I’m not into guys but… he sounds hot!

  4. Hey moon man! 🙂
    Thanks so much for your kind words and for honouring me with the interview. You’re doing something special here and you’re one of my favourites so naturally I had to interview you. In fact, you were among the first people I thought of!
    BTW – loving your Friday playlist. It’s inspired and perfect for today 😉
    PS – Good luck on the walk and I like your friend’s intro of you as “moon man” (I’ve just incorporated that into the bio of your interview cause it’s so great!)

  5. karsh says:

    I’ll be there. If I had a laptop strapped to my hip, I’d come just for the free wifi! Also, since it’s 31 Days of Jazz in Atlanta, Bailey’s will also have live jazz there tonight. Cool!

  6. Yolanda says:

    Ooooh, live jazz. So glad I’ll be in the house. Karsh, it’ll be nice to see you again.

  7. honey says:

    LOL @ Todd. I see you have been reading my musical thoughts again, LOL. Good one!

  8. Hopluv says:

    I’m lovin Maysa and Loose Ends in the same play list!!!

  9. hopluv says:

    pound pound baby, pound pound!

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