In Rotation: 05/06/05

Today’s In
Rotation: 05/06/05
is now complete with dialogue in between most
of the cuts. I personally think I sound like I’m talking into pillows, but hey,
maybe they can use my voice as a cartoon character.

In Rotation: 05/06/05.

These are on the mellow tip, which is how I’ve been feeling this week.

01 – Intro
02 – Omar – I Guess
03 – Nicole Willis – Didn’t Feel No Pain
04 – Gordon Chambers – Touch You There
05 – Ivana Santilli – You’re So You
06 – Dwele – Without You
07 – Mint Condition – Whoaa
08 – Mariah Carey – I Wish I Knew
09 – Linda Carriere – Could Have Had It All
10 – Intro to BZP
11 – BZP – Call Me feat. 3AM
12 – Silhouette Brown – Just A Little More
13 – Teedra Moses – Caught Up
14 – EBTG – Low Tide Of The Night
15 – Ivy – I Think Of You

Vibe with me.

11 thoughts on “In Rotation: 05/06/05

  1. Definitely fits my mood! I ♥ it! You sound nothing like a cartoon character, you actually sound like a dj here in Greenville. 🙂

  2. I think you sound GREAT EJ! I really like the song choices and the total vibe you have going on over here. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face this week. It was highly stressful for me and my family due to a financial crisis, but it’s all good now.
    I have to get back to the music now, so enjoy your weekend!

  3. This would make for a great crusing cd; flying down the highway going nowhere happily. Great one, EJ!

  4. WKEJ is dope! 😉 I love the intros! Of course, you prolly know what my fav. cut is right?

  5. Mint Condition, baby!!!
    whew!!!! Ivana into Dwele!! that’s a lot of flava righ there!
    Man, I got this plugged into my stereo. It’ll get me through a day of sickness…

  6. Oh, wow… you included Ms. Linda Carriere in your mix! That probably makes us the only two heads in the new world who know (and love) this wonderful German vocalist 🙂
    My favourite track from her superb album was the bittersweet “Just friends,” the one that you’ve included is awesome too. Hopefully she’ll release a new record soon.

  7. EJ, I meant to tell you on Friday…great mix. And seee…not only are you EJ da DJ, but now you’re EJ da MC. Nice! I see you, Atlanta!!!

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