B12: Fifteen Minutes, Some Food, and a Flick

Fifteen Minutes, Some Food, and a Flick. From KB’s

1. I received an an email from Trader
which alerted me that I need to keep track of my eleven50
emails, because I had totally missed the fact that Miguel
and Lisa
would be in town for the weekend. I had never seen either of them in
concert, but being fans of both of them, I wouldn’t dare miss this.
2. The excitement of seeing them, however, was alleviated the fact that I had
to be on-call this weekend for work and wouldn’t be able to go see my mother because
of it.
3. Spent Friday night playing Shuggie
over and over again and catching up on blog entries. I hate when I’m
so behind. It’s like reading a newspaper a couple of days after it’s on your doorstep,
you know?
4. After catching up on blogs, decided I’m ready for blogger Q&As again, so
here goes: the call is now open for the 3 question meme that Xquizzyt1,
and Yolanda
have done fairly recently. Yeah, I’m bitin’ too. Ask me three questions. The gates
are open, people. Go for it..
5. I got up to get my hair cut Saturday morning because I had to look great for
Lisa Shaw to see me…..
6. …but I had also had to rest up for the evening, so Saturday afternoon I appropriately
crashed and was awakened by D-Nice
who asked me if I was going, so I jumped out of bed, got dressed, made my Miguel
Migs-and-Lisa-Shaw-CD in the car, and ran out of the door.
7. Met up with Trader Mike there and after about 90 minutes after his arrival,
Miguel manned the turntables and lit up the joint. I swear, people, I’m not a
dancer, but I had to get on the floor and at least look like I could. I managed
not to break the camera and was able to take some great pictures also.
8. Thirty minutes after Miguel took the turntables over, Lisa Shaw jumped up on
stage, sung about 3 songs, and left. Happy to see her? Hell yes. Was I dissapointed
that she only sung three songs and then left the stage? Most certainly. Lisa:
you know I love you, right, but c’mon, give me more next time, alright? Alright.
After her 15 minutes of splendor, she left, so I left also.
9. Got an IM from Brown
and talked to Yolanda
and made plans to see Crash
on Sunday, so on Sunday morning….
10. …and went to breakfast with Prime
and Karsh to Rays
In The City
downtown. A subpar meal was had, but hey, it was food. Something
had to soak up last night’s imbibing. I’m jus’ sayin.
11. I went to the movies Sunday afternoon. Crash, hands down, has got to be one
of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. I actually had to concentrate through
this entire movie to keep track of all the plots, subplots, and twists, of everything
that was going on. I was certainly not dissapointed. I’d recommend anyone who
hasn’t seen this movie to go check it out. It definitely deserves to win awards
this year. Having said that, however, I hope I haven’t jinxed it.
12. ….and in case you’ve forgotten, Atlantans. Friday and Saturday:
Atlanta blogger’s meetups this weekend!!!!. RSVP if you haven’t already so
I can get fairly accurate headcounts:
Barley’s Billiards – Friday 05/13, 6pm – 338 Peachtree St NE
(404) 522-7177
Chequers Bar & Grill – Saturday 05/14, 6pm – 236 Perimeter Center Pkwy NE
(across the street from Dunwoody train station)
(770) 391-9383

Hope you guys had a great weekend and a great Mommies Day!

14 comments on “B12: Fifteen Minutes, Some Food, and a Flick

  1. btrlfy says:

    Crash was EXCELLENT… and didn’t you find Ludacris’ Chris Bridges’ rant about hip-hop a tad bit ironic? I felt like yelling, “TAKE NOTES!!”

  2. Nikki says:

    EJ, I peepd Crash on Friday night. I loved the way it dealt with race relations and how we each perceive one another. I must say, Matt Dillon need a muzzle.

  3. ej says:

    Man, my thought about every 10 minutes was I expected to Keenan Ivory Wayans to jump up outta nowhere and yell, “MESSAGE!” like he did in “Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood!”

  4. Todd Kelley says:

    whew! Lisa Shaw! I love that woman! I need to get her entire catalogue!!!
    And Shuggie Otis is the man!

  5. golden says:

    Wasn’t it GREAT! I went with da kid who’s 14 and actually found it interesting which was refreshing because it seems like kids these days don’t have a clue. BUT MINE DOES! Yessssssssss!
    Hmmm…so 3 questions huh? Lemme think bout those I’ll be back!

  6. will says:

    YESSSSSS! CRASH was really deep. I enjoyed it. I actually stayed awake the entire movie for fear I might miss something. It definitely should win awards and I’m glad it was released before the onslaught of summer “blockbusters.” I would recommend it strongly.
    Peace, EJ.

  7. Yolanda says:

    Oh, do I have 3 questions for you:
    1) Why I gotta be put on hold, while you attend to your dog, I mean, Anna, pardon me? *SLAM*
    2) What kind of friend puts on a hat, when his other friend becomes a bird?
    3) Do you think I’m sadistic or insane and why?
    I expect these answers some time this week, as I have serious urshues, and your responses could assist in ironing them out. LMAO

  8. courtney says:

    sounds like a productive weekend… 🙂

  9. mr. vee says:

    Lisa Shaw in concert? no way! I’ve never had the fortune of seeing her perform. Thanks for the pix 🙂 Even if it was only 3 songs it must have been wonderful. I wonder if Naked Music is ever going to release her full-length, which they’ve been announcing foreva’ and a day.

  10. Don says:

    That whole post had a vibe that had me snappin and clappin. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the movie. I’ll have to check it out myself. Looks good.

  11. Keish says:

    ((waving)) Hey EJ!
    1. If you could have a one on one talk to any artist or musician dead or alive, who would you choose/why?
    2. If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change/why?
    3. If had $100,000 cash to spend any way you wanted, but all of your bills and debts were paid, what kinds of things would you buy?

  12. ryan says:

    crash was the ish! i think thandie newton, terence howard, and matt dillon ALL deserve oscar nods for their work..the movie was well written and definitely well acted!
    been telling people to go see this film..may try and catch it again when im in the big apple next month trying to get through all the interviews i have.
    have a good one!

  13. KB says:

    And I had the nerve to say you don’t go anywhere? Man, you were busy!
    Thanks for playing!

  14. Funkeedva says:

    Hey EJ, Do ya’ll have any Sunday blogger meetups? I will be in Atl in a few weeks from Sun to Weds 🙂

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