OSW: In My Write Mind: The Mix

I love the vibes of other people and their musical tastes, believe that. That’s
why when I checked on Will of In
My Write Mind
, I saw his post about Melancholy
. I had to find out what he would possibly have on his mind if he were
emcee for the OSW. I asked him to be the emcee, and man, I’m here to tell you,
I was impressed. You will be too. Check it.

Old School Wednesday: In My Write Mind: The Mix.

01 – Al B. Sure – If I’m Not Your Lover
02 – Rolls Royce – Love Dont Live Here Anymore
03 – Atlantic Starr – Circles
04 – New Edition – You’re Not My Kind of Girl
05 – Guy with Heavy D – Do Me Right
06 – Mary J Blige with Heavy D and The Boyz – My Love
07 – Boyz II Men – Please Dont Go
08 – Chantay Savage – I Will Survive
09 – Blackstreet – Before I Let You Go
10 – Today – Him Or Me
11 – CeCe Peniston – Crazy Love
12 – Lisa Fischer – How Can I Ease the Pain
13 – Intro – Let Me Be the One
14 – En Vogue – My Lovin’ (Never Gonna Get It)
15 – Allyson Williams – Just Call My Name
16 – Jodeci – Stay
17 – Slick Rick – Teenage Love

While I was listening to this, I couldn’t stop playing Guy, Slick Rick, and New
Edition. Well, let me not lie about that. I damn near played the mix at least
3 times today. I won’t front.

It’s all about Will, the emcee. Let it flow.

15 comments on “OSW: In My Write Mind: The Mix

  1. Anitra says:

    Lisa Fischer! I used to love that song. Whatever happened to her? You are the man twice over for including that one EJ. 🙂

  2. will says:

    THANKS, EJ, FOR ALLOWING ME TO COMPILE THIS WEEK’S LIST. This took me back to a simpler time in life.
    Ahhh…the memories.

  3. MsThing says:

    It’s on and poppin’ today!
    *turns up speakers*
    Thanks EJ and Will.

  4. Nikki says:

    I loved Chantay Savage’s redition of the Gloria Gaynor classic!! She made it an anthem all over again.

  5. Todd Kelley says:

    puttin’ it down as usual!
    Chante Moore? I will survive! She freaked it!!!
    Throw in some Jodeci and wrap it up with The Ruler?
    Classic material, mayne! Bravo!!!

  6. Fave says:

    The playlist is that hotness. I’m not in the right mood 2 listen 2 it right now; maybe I will be before today’s end. Nevertheless, the selection is very much so on point.
    Slick Rick? Oh, you gon’ win!

  7. KB in AR says:

    I won’t even attempt to listen to this (I’m on dial up this week) but from the looks of it you done did it again, my man. I’ll hit you up when I get back to Jerze. We got some chattin to do.

  8. godizus says:

    Thanks EJ, now I gotta figure out how to make myself STOP doing the whop! Hot mix, took me back to high school in Baltimore.

  9. Frank says:

    It’s good to know that there are so many old school lovers out there. Between you and my girl Blaize, you guys are going to make a brotha create a time machine back into the 80’s and early 90’s. The last bastion of true r&b and hip hop music. Good job man!

  10. metaphyzxx says:

    Yo, I straight up was not ready for this one. I might have to go home and take those tracks, burning them to cd. Hot work.

  11. honey says:

    How weird is this. I was just listening to Chantay Savage and Alyson Williams this week thinking about adding them to a mix, lol. Great job Will and EJ! And why is KB on the run again with just dial-up? I bet he had too many gadgets hookep up to his pc and blew it up, lol. Tell him I said “hey” if you talk to him 🙂

  12. chica says:

    Oooh… no you didn’t just make my week with Lisa Fischer! I was just looking for this song this week! And Allyson Williams! Thanks for making me feel like a kid again!

  13. Ariya says:

    Seconds chica on Lisa Fischer! That’s one of my favorite old school songs.

  14. ManNMotion says:

    Hey man, cool blog. I would have commented sooner but I’ve been too busy listening to the music…and reminiscing.

  15. Michael says:

    Man, I gotta thank you.
    I came across your site while doing a search on Slave. When I saw that you had included Fonda Rae on one of your past OSW I almost cried. The memories just came flooding in. Wow!
    I have been on a mission to find 2 jams from back in the day. “Help is on the way” by the Whatnauts and “Love has come around” by Donald Byrd. None of the chains here in B’more can get it. I’m going to NYC to hook up with some HS friends in a few weeks time. Any suggestions as to where I could find this?
    Thanks , Michael.

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