In Rotation: 04/22/05 – Nickles and Dimes

As usual, I’m a sucker for a music meme. When Todd’s not bein’ the
ultimate freak
, he’s dropping a meme that I can’t ignore. The task:

A) Post your Top 5 CD’s of 2005 up to this point
B) Then, create a (or just list) your Top 10 Songs of 2005

The Rules:
For The Top 5 CD List:
1. All material must have been released in 2005 (compilations do count as CD’s)
2. Advance copies count, as long as the official release is scheduled for 2005
3. Small summary on why the CDs are on your list, with a list of the standout
4. They don’t have to be in any particular order

For The Top 10 Song Radio.Blog/List:
1. All songs must have been officially released in 2005
2. No more than 2 songs from one artist allowed in top 10 singles. [arby’s and
3. They don’t have to be in any particular order

Each album is represented below and are
In Rotation: Nickles and Dimes.

The five albums that are in my stash right now that stand out are:
Mariah Carey – The Emancipation of Mimi.
Faith EvansThe First Lady. A solid,
solid CD.
Deep Thinkers – Necks Move.
Big PoohSleepers.

Each album has one track below. The 10 that win are:
01 – Faith Evans – I Don’t Need It.
As many old-school radio blogs that I’ve done, samples of great songs done excellently
are always, always, on rotation. Nikki told me "EJ, just get the damn album."
And I’m glad I did. With Nights Over Egypt being the backdrop, it works out well.
Catching Feelings and Lucky Day stand
out also. Pound pound, Nikki,
pound pound.
02 – Mariah Carey – Stay The Night.
Just throw, just throw, just throw your hands in the air…. Im with
Mr. JT that this
is my favorite cut off her album
because 1) she hits all the notes in this
song, 2) it’s a head-nodder, not a dance tune, and 3) it’s a perfect mix of
soul, pop, and a hip-hop influence. Fly Like A Bird and I
Wish I Knew
stand out also.
03 – Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme (Lola’s Lounging
. I got sucked into Virgin Megastore in NYC, and. the first
song I heard was this song. Ultra
Chilled 05
was the first to go into my stash. I’m not too enamored about
the album, but I love this song. Even though it’s a dance tune, this mix is
my thing. I keep expecting Electronic
to come through the door and invite Cookie to sing Getting
Away With It
. I’m jus’ sayin’.
04 – Beady Belle – Closer. This is an extremely mellow
cut from their album of the same name. It’s simplicity at it’s finest. The sampling
just slides in and glides through the song. Perfect mix of electronic and acoustic.
Irony stands out also, as dropped before.

The hip hop vibe:
05 – Common – Real People. Great, great album. I could
have chosen Love Is, but this is just as good. Kanye rocks
this cut of course. This may be the best hip-hop release this year.
06 – Big Pooh featuring Phonte – Every Block.
You all know what time it is. Big
? Phonte? 9th Wonder? C’mon. You know I loved Foreign Exchange last
year. My Mind stands out also.
07 – Deep Thinkers Here One Minute.
, Todd and I believe Necks Move is a hot CD. Please don’t sleep. This
and Movin On are still in rotation.

…and three who don’t fall under those two categories above, but still keep
my head nodding:
08 – J*Davey – No More. Well damnit, right now I’ve
been playing this song so much I’m afraid that I’ll wear it out and hate it
by the end of the year. It’s infectious as hell, and right now it’s my favorite
cut. It’s some next ish, and big
ups– Stone,
JustWill, y’all ain’t neva lied. Yo Jack
, you workin’ me, forreal. Wondering how I can cop that album….
09 – Earth, Wind, and Fire ft. Raphael SaadiqShow
Me The Way
. It’s still on heavy rotation, with good reason. The
album, Elevated, is scheduled to come out this year, in the
fall, from what I can discern.
10 – Anthony Hamilton I Don’t
Want Nobody Else But You
. It could have been No Time To Waste,
but I did that last week. What can I say, I’m a southern cat. I’ll divulge more
about his activities this year as I get more information.

Have a great weekend.

12 comments on “In Rotation: 04/22/05 – Nickles and Dimes

  1. rocka says:

    I agree with your Faith pic… I am loving what she is doing with her voice and body these days…

  2. FaveNite says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…what a challenge. I’m in…gimme til this evening, though.

  3. honey says:

    Why am I not surprised we have some of the same albums in common? lol. I almost forgot about the EWF track. I wish they would drop that CD already. That J Davey is infectious!

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  5. Nikki says:

    I’ve been so swamped today, but I’ll try to get around to posting mine.
    That Faith is hittin’ all day and all night and I love the EWF/Raphael Saadiq cut.

  6. nakachi says:

    ewf & rafael saadiq? word? right on.
    and yay for anthony hamilton making the cut.

  7. Ariya says:

    My favorite Mariah Carey track off her new one is “Say Somethin.’ “Again” is one of my favorite tracks off of Faith’s new one. Will be checking for Common’s new one.

  8. Ty says:

    yeah i agree faith and mariah are definitely on the come up. Im so happy for both of them too.

  9. todd kelley says:

    man! you put it down!
    maybe i can change mine…

  10. mr. vee says:

    EJ, this meme is definitely worth doing. The only problem for me will be choosing only 5 albums.
    You are sooooo right, “Stay the Night” is definitely the song on Mariah’s newest (along with the Snoop duet).
    Now I gotta figure the 5 “masterpieces” that i will add to my own meme.

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  12. willis says:

    damn ej, still feeling the necks move, dope! Gonna have some new sounds for ya soon. Hope all is good my man

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