In Rotation: 04/15/05

What was great about my trip to NYC was meeting, hanging out with, and just vibing some really great, talented people. When
I arrived, Christopher David tells me that I’ve got to meet a
great guy by the name of Gordon Chambers.
He proceeded to tell me about how who he’s written for: Brandy, SWV, Whitney Houston,
and that he’s even won a Grammy by penning one of Anita Baker’s greatest songs, I
. After hearing about his writing skills, I listened to the
album and was instantly impressed- and I demanded an autographed copy.

Visiting him, and listening to him talk about books, music, and the music industry
was nothing compared to when I heard the man sing live. If I had one word to describe
his voice it would be illuminating.

Today’s In
Rotation: 4/15/05
starts off with three of his songs. If it hits
you like it hit me, go
purchase it now

In Rotation: 4/15/05

Starting off with of three Gordon Chambers grooves:

01 – Gordon Chambers – Never Fall In Love
02 – Gordon Chambers with Sara Devine – Still In Love
03 – Gordon Chambers – Slippin’ Away

And a track with one of Gordon’s friends, Eric Roberson:
04 – Eric Roberson – Runaway

An unreleased and never played track from two fine singers:
05 – Anthony Hamilton – No Time To Waste
06 – Syleena Johnson – Now That I Got You

Tunes released last year but rarely played:
07 – Julie Dexter – Look Who’s Got Ya Back
08 – Michael Johnson – Be My Woman
09 – Ali Shaheed Muhammed – All Night

A little rhyming:
10 – Gift Of Gab – To Know You
11 – Common – Love Is
12 – Art of Noise – Metaforce (with rap by Rakim)

And a little house:
13 – Presence – Future Love
14 – Blaze featuring Joi Cardwell – Be Yourself

Vibe with me.
*Special thanks to Christopher
for the vibes and the love, and Todd
who always knows the tight beats.

10 comments on “In Rotation: 04/15/05

  1. Todd Kelley says:

    Good Lawd! Whe the hell is Gordon Chambers, and how can i be down!!!?!

  2. honey says:

    Talk about being on the same vibe, lol. Gordon has definitely been on my radar since a friend played him on a radio show. I adore everything I have heard so far. Great mix…as usual 🙂

  3. Nikki says:

    You met Gordon Chambers? How sweet is that?

  4. Ariya says:

    Agrees with Nikki. EJ, you’re just too cool.

  5. Rod says:

    Gordon is fabulous, no? Have been knowing him for years, quite soulful, beautiful voice.
    His career reminds one of that Illeana Douglas movie based on Carol Kane’s life, Grace of My Heart. The gifted songwriter who had a brillaint voice of his own.
    Love the new design.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Wow, what an honor! How cool is that EJ?!

  7. Michael says:

    Gordon’s bringing the heat. Thanks for sharing this DJ EJ.

  8. Ty says:

    thanks for the luv ej. Im really feeling this guy, thanks for telling us about him. Its kinda like when i heard Eric Roberson for the first time and all that he has written for many artist. I will definitely purchase his album.

  9. lashundra says:

    look at you meeting someone famous/talented, i will have to get a copy of his cd, thanks for sharing.
    looks like you all had a ball from the pictures in your photo gallery.

  10. Frank says:

    Hey E.J. What’s happening? Good looking out on your scribes over in Splinter Cell. Sounds like you were pretty stoked in meeting Gordon Chambers. I’m clueless as to who he is, but judging by the reaction here, I’m in the minority and I’ll have to give brotha man a listen or 2. Good job on the enlightenment friend.

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