B12: ATL Brown Bloggers: the impromptu meetups

From KB’s

This weekend ended up being so good, and so impromptu, I decided to name it
the ATL Brown Bloggers meetup. Considering the last two attempts at a meetup
here were pretty whack, one ending up so strong was very cool, especially it
being so impromptu. How so? This is how it went down:

1. The first thing I did on Friday was go straight home, because you know I
was exhausted after a long week, I got an IM. "Yo, EJ, come on down to
Barley’s. Bruthacode
is on his way back from the mall! I’m thinking, "who’s Bruthacode?
Let me read now…..
2. After that it was all over ’cause he had me laughing at his posts. By the
time I got there, he was there with FlyGirlATL,
the invisible blogger (when you gonna come out with a blog,
Futura?!), Yolie (hilarious, vicacious, and definitely not rated PG!),
and wonderful Swayzee.
3. Kelvin was nowhere
to be found, though, and I kept getting dizzy as I watched Bruthacode’s
glass go up, and down, and up, and down, and then another drink appear, and
then him swaying back and forth, and then….
4. Brown
showed up. Soon afterwards, my homie Saga
and Hammy dropped by. It all capped off with DJ XStacy AKA Xquizzyt1
and Gorgeous Grayse,
who lit up the joint.
5. After 1 bad meal, 2 hilarious hours, 3 bad sweet teas, 4 (or was it 5, or
6…hell, I can’t count!) drinks had by Bruthacode, I took
off with a promise to make an Apollonia Six CD for Brown
, and take my the Davina CD I made for Caramel
back home…..
6. …only to find out that Fave
came by, took pictures and left…dag. That’s alright, I’ll just go back home
and watch Enterprise and trip on the parallel universe. Hmm, I wonder what Bruthacode
would be like in a parallel universe….. and for that matter, how does Kae
really look? Yet another person I didn’t get to see.
7. So then Saturday rolls around I go to hang
out at the park
with Karsh
(mental note – next time whatever’s going on, I gotta call him, cause I’ve seriously
been slacking). After a pretty nice time and a bad meal, I head home. Then I
get another call from Yolie. "Meet us up in Marietta….cause
Kelvin’s gonna be there. You have 30 minutes!" Sure enough,
they come rolling through….
8. ….and as I’m hanging out and talking about Soul II Soul, Thelonious Monk,
and a camera with a floppy disk (you know I had to mention that, right Brown
Sugar?), some lady comes up and says "gimme my CD!"
That’s no one other than Caramel, who was pretty cool. She
even let me take a picture.
9. After that, I duck out and run back home to get close and personal with my
bed, but on Sunday, as I go online, the first person who IM’s me is Brown
. Considering that Prime
and I are starving, we jump in the car and run up to Checquers.
10. As I’m pulling in, Grayse calls my cell phone and says,
"I’m comin’ even though you didn’t invite me! Where y’all at?" Yeah,
I’ve done it again. First Karsh, now Grayse.
11. We came, ate, drank, ate, took pictures, ate, talked some more, ate, took
more pictures, hung out in the not-so-warm spring air, talked some more.
12. The outcome of the weekend?
— Preliminary plans for a Chicago meetup to coincide with The Taste
of Chicago
— Another blog meetup here in the ATL, centering around the possible appearance
of In My Write
— Making sure I call everyone, because I’m sure that the people who are reading
this and are from the ATL area and didn’t get to hang out will probably kick
me when they see me, right? Right.

So, clear your calendars, ATLiens. I’m targeting for the weekend of May
. Drop me a line if you wanna be down, and I’ll give you all my
vital info….let’s work it out. I had a blast this weekend, as you can tell,
and I know this can be done again.

15 comments on “B12: ATL Brown Bloggers: the impromptu meetups

  1. Yolanda says:

    EJ, you know I’m down. I’ll be sending that e-mail for the vitals. LOL

  2. Brown Sugar says:

    Oh you know I’m down! Uh…ya’ll gone leave Brown Sugar and her floppy disk digital camera alone! LMAO!

  3. saga says:

    U know I’m down – sans Hammy. A sista’s 3X b-day is not far off, and I think I’m haveta do the bruthacode workout – bicep curls NE1?
    Oh and Brown Sugar – girl, I have one of those too…lol. I love my floppy disk camera 😉

  4. golden... says:

    hmmm…let’s see if i can find a flight for $50 and a hotel for $10 a nite I’m THERE! *ROFLMAO*
    Sounds like you guys had a blast! I’m sooooooooooo jealous! BUT I will be in Chicago in July AND so will YOU! Cause I already added you to the list!

  5. Niche says:

    Ej, Way to get it goingin the ATL! Next New York meetup will be May 15th!

  6. Kelvin says:

    Man this past weekend was a BLAST!! It was cool to meet a man that can appreciate Monk and Appolonia 6 at the same time…LOL
    Can’t wait till July!!

  7. Frank says:

    Great concept man…maybe like Fight Club, there’s a Va Chapter somewhere? Huh,huh? Anyone…lol

  8. Cheryl says:

    WOW! I’m JEALOUS with a capital J! I live all the way west in Colorado. I wanna be down too.
    Sounds like a fun bunch of folks with great taste in tunes!

  9. Nikki says:

    Y’all did it up big!! Wish I coulda been there.

  10. grayse says:

    Definitely great to see you as always :). Im really trying for Chicago, but Im sure I can make it may 6th. 🙂
    Brown Bloggers, eh? LOL… You know I had to represent for the white people!!

  11. KB says:

    What? My comments didn’t post yesterday? Oh well I’m all for the Brown Bloggers. ATLiens. Me and you… heh.
    Thanks for playing!

  12. Funkeedva says:

    I’d love to meet this EJ….I tell everyone about your blog 🙂 I will be in Atl in July and Aug….
    Umm, tell Xquizzy to save me some Maker’s Mark! 🙂
    Yes, Bruthacode is CRAZY!

  13. lynne says:

    wow – i always wonder how you manage to keep in touch with so many bloggers – shit, so many people in general – u shouldn’t even feel bad about forgetting to call people once in a blue

  14. Princess Kee says:

    Just passing through! I’d be interested in getting together fot the Brown Bloggers M&G’s!!
    Especially if you guys are taking it on the road…Chi-town is home 🙂

  15. liza sabater says:

    DUDE! Did you announce this at BrownBloggers.com?
    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT PEOPLE TO DO Y’ALL. Take the ball and roll with it in your areas. AWESOME! I am so excited. Go git yoself and account and post something about your meetup at http://www.brownbloggers.com
    LOVE YA!

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