The TK12: mellow new school

I was victimized into a meme this weekend. This time, it’s a music meme from no other than Todd. The rules from Todd:
– An artist is only allowed one song on the list.
– Post (if you can).
– A sentence or two on why each song makes the list.

Seeing that I have a serious music vibe (purchasing at least 2 CDs a week),
I had to limit the playing field for this meme: no old-school cuts (anything
older than 10 years got dropped) and, for this meme, no fast cuts and no hip-hop.

Make no mistake – it’s still hard. Here’s 12 that came to mind just over a 12
hour period….

12 From Todd: Low-tempo, new school.

I could talk about the lyrics and the meanings of these songs all day, but I’m
going to keep myself to a 2 to 3 sentence minimum….

01 – Rahsaan Patterson – Come Over. I remember when this cut came out and I
was living and working on the west coast for two seasons. Every evening, I’d
play this before I went out on a date and sing this.
02 – Esthero – Half A World Away. Esthero’s “Breath From Another” is one of my
favorite CDs. I still play it from end to end, but this song always had me playing
percussion on a desk.
03 – Sade – Somebody Already Broke My Heart. Keyboards, drums, and Sade. Envision
it: Sade in the studio with a drink in her hand. I felt her for this one.
04 – Jhelisa – Friendly Pressure. The best thing about a relationship is friendly
pressure to keep it new. Jhelisa always said it best.
05 – Lewis Taylor – Whoever. Don’t get it twisted, I was a bitter brother when
it came to a breakup- when I was the one being dumped. During one relationship
breakup I would play this song incessantly.
06 – Adriana Evans – Looking For Your Love. An admission: this song is one of
the songs that I played so much in my stereo, I bought 2 cassettes before even purchasing the CD. I
can’t express why I like this song, but I believe when it came out, there was
so much in my head from being working 3000 miles from home.
07 – Anthony Hamilton – Since I Seen’t You. My favorite Anthony Hamilton cut.
I think it’s ingrained in everyone’s head that’s asked me about this album.
08 – Maysa – More Than You Know. You know I could watch Maysa sing “Mary Had
A Little Lamb”, right? It’s all about love, pure and simple.
09 – Miguel Migs – One Wish For Me. It’s the drums, guitar and the chimes first
off, and then her vocals and harmonies. I love it.
10 – Beady Belle – When My Anger Starts To Cry. When I get mad, and upset, I
embrace the lyrics that Beady Belle drops. The bassline and the break in the
middle are priceless.
11 – Mint Condition – U Send Me Swingin’. I will sing this song in front of
you. Make sure you wear earplugs, though, because I will try to hit all of these
12 – Swing Out Sister – You Already Know. Very ethereal and very truthful.

Honorable mentions, since he didn’t allow me 25 (and watch as this list expands
this week) –
Everything But The Girl – Troubled Mind.
Sade – Kiss Of Life.
Maxwell – Drowndeep: Hula.
Incognito – Spellbound and Speechless.
Swing Out Sister – Forever Blue.
Mint Condition – If You Love Me.
Massive Attack with Tracy Thorn – Protection.
Esthero – Country Livin’.

I need a drink.

13 comments on “The TK12: mellow new school

  1. Todd Kelley says:

    That’s my boy! D@mn! I didn’t know you were gonna come THAT mellow. I can’t let you outdo me.
    Trying to put mine up now but i’m having MT issues! AHHHHH!!!
    Esthero? Cool… Jhelisa? Cool…. Maysa? Cool…
    Meme approved!

  2. Fave says:

    DAYUM EJ…you came with the heat. How are your faveorites songs that most mere mortals have never even experienced??? U know we, @ the CPI (Cool Point Institute) issue out double-cool points for Jhelisa and Maysa…DAYUM DAYUM DAYUM…I’m ready for a drink, some footies and a fireplace behind that list….YOU ARE DA MAN (lol).

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  4. honey says:

    Mellow is the right word! Whew, my breathing instantly slowed down to a relaxed pace just reading that list. Yeah, good thing you didn’t include the old school cuts, you may have needed to resuscitate me, hehehe.

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  6. KB says:

    Bro, I never heard of ANY of these songs! Nah, I’m just kidding. Your tracks are just too punk schmoove shit for me. Where’s the hardcore, rugged and raw? Haha…

  7. Michael says:

    Was this a Freudian slip? — “working 3000 mikes from home.” — LMAO
    Good job on the list. I’m still contemplating if I can possibly narrow mine down to 12. Funny that when I was thinking about it Sade, Mint Condition, Esthero and Incognito all popped into my head. I can’t believe you don’t have any Prince… but I guess the 10 year thing ruled most of his good ish out… so I’ll let that slide! 🙂

  8. Michael says:

    damn, I guess I should have closed that bold tag, huh? My bad 🙂

  9. EJ Flavors says:

    Mike – after bein’ clowned for that typo…maaaaaaan….LMAO! Corrections made. Now come on with that meme, man!


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  11. Damn i hadnt heard that Jhelisa – Friendly Pressure joint since my days of working a HMV atlanta as the music buyer. That was my ish back in the day..

  12. Nikki says:

    All I need is some scented candles and a long hot bath to add to that list.

  13. Elle says:

    I could kiss you for #1. That’s my jam.

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