Randomness, 03/12/05

Saturday Random Ten
…the ‘It really should have been Friday but work is kicking my ass, as usual’ edition.

I’ll try harder next time.

Random 10:
1. Mary Davis – Don’t Wear It Out
2. Boyz II Men – Sympin’
3. Whispers – And The Beat Goes On
4. Murs – Intro
5. Val Watson – That’s Funked Up
6. Tony! Toni! Tone! – Born Not To Know
7. Frankie Knuckles – Thousand Finger Man
8. Swing Out Sister – Don’t Say A Word
9. SOS Band – Nothing But The Best
10. Jurassic 5 – Acetate Prophets

I keep forgetting that this is a journal and that I need to post more. I even
forget that I’m supposed to be trying to cross
more things off my list
. It ain’t happenin’. We need another EJ, especially
one that could have gone down to SXSW like JT
and George.

This week’s recap? Well, mostly it’s Todd’s
fault. Besides work taking a whole lot of time, I’ve been checking out tracks
to put in my top 12, like
he did for his
. Because I’m doing plenty of OSWs though, I’ve decided to
cut myself to 12 tracks that are not old school (sorry, Todd).
It makes it even harder that I can’t find two of my CDs. Anywhere. I’m absolutely

Of course, no-one can be as del.i.cious, as
KB can
, but I’m trying….
I’ve even got a Feedburner too, like him. Kinda enjoying it.

EJ’s Feedburner – The Posts
EJ’s Feedburner – The Full Feed

News: Reasons why it’s not
cool to live in Atlanta
. He’s still on the run been captured, luckily. Even more disturbing, there’s
. It’s been a very, very tragic month so far.

I’m officially a Netflix whore groupie afficionado, so now it’s
time for me to play catch up.

Music: Nothing’s really hitting me at the moment, besides just catching up with
Nicole Willis, and
of course Necks
, mentioned back here also, there’s nothing that’s been hitting me. Any suggestions?

3 comments on “Randomness, 03/12/05

  1. Bernie says:

    Yeah, this is a journal. You’re supposed to post more. Like you used to.

  2. gwen says:

    since ch@d started DJing a couple weeks ago, all we ever look at now is LPs which you know means we are all 80s, all the time. i got this comp tonight that totally made me think of you — stacy q, regina [baby looooove], nu shooz, mel & kim, and a couple other late-80s dance divas. *that* is what i recommend 😉

  3. Jason says:

    You know what I think about feeling like you “have to blog” or “have to post”. If it feels like “have to” anything, you’re doing it wrong.
    You don’t owe us anything.
    We miss ya in Austin.

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