OSW: TK 12 – The Mellow Cuts

Todd made me do it on Monday, and I just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Since it’s
Wednesday, I felt that I needed to come up with mellow cuts for old school which
are some of my favorites. Note that these are just a few of my favorites;
when you have more than 50 songs to choose from its never easy. Here’s my:

Low-tempo, old school.

01 – Anita Baker – Good Love. The last song on Giving You
The Best That I Got
. I remember playing this song countless times- but even
more than that, I felt Gary Taylor’s lyrics, which made me pay serious attention
to him from that point on. Seriously powerful.
02 – Rufus & Chaka Khan – Live In Me. The first album I ever
bought was Masterjam, and I played this album incessently on my portable turntable.
I also felt that anything that Jerry Hey touched turned to gold.
03 – Donny Hathaway – Someday, We’ll All Be Free. Donny always made me smile. This live release made make me nod my head back and forth.
04 – New Birth – Wildflower. The words and the melodies were
powerful, but even more than that, every man I knew – my stepfather, my grandfather,
one of my uncles – had this song and even played it on my turntable.
The horn section and the breakdowns are priceless. This full version is so striking
and haunting, I’m totally wrapped up by the end of this song.
05 – Prince – Adore. I know all the words to this song…and
I can even ad-lib it. Don’t ask me to do that in front of you, please. One of
his best cuts, in my opinion.
06 – Stylistics – People Make The World Go Round. 1972 turned
out to be a really good year for me. I might have worn glasses and had the blowout
hair (you remember that picture, don’t you?) but I knew all the words to this
song in kindergarten. As a matter of fact, at one time, I even had three remakes
– from The Jamaica Boys, Marc Dorsey, and Karen Ramirez.
07 – Stevie Wonder – For Once In My Life. My mother used to play
this during her parties while I was stuck in the room. When I was growin’ up, Stevie
did absolutely no wrong.
08 – Bill Withers – Let Me Be the One You Need. I had to put
this back on the arby, which is why I have 13. Yes, I bent the rules a litle.
09 – Switch – There’ll Never Be. The guitar solo and harmonies are what got me
hooked, and since this was one of their biggest hits, it stays on my mind.
10 – Alexander O’Neal – A Broken Heart Can Mend. From his first
album, back when Jam and Lewis were breaking into the big leagues. The chords
and the simplicity of this song were just overwhelming to me. Add the lyrics in,
and it smoothed me out. Only drawback: the song was way too short.
11 – Average White Band – A Love Of Your Own. The sooner
you give, the sooner you get to have/a love of your own.
Damn. This song
always made me feel hopeful when I didn’t think love was anywhere to be found.

12 – Earth, Wind & Fire – Can’t Hide Love. This song stands
out during the last section of the song, there’s two things that are prominent – the brass section
and the vocal harmonics. Classic.
13 – Heatwave – The Star of The Story. I bought The Best
of Heatwave
and cursed myself because I didn’t pay much attention to this
song when Heatwave was hot. I concentrated on the disco side of them. I wore
this song out two years ago. It’s impossible for me to describe this song fully.
It just hits me in all the right spots. It cheers me up too.

There’s plenty more- but that’s what OSWs are for, right?
Groove with me.

14 comments on “OSW: TK 12 – The Mellow Cuts

  1. lis says:

    *sigh* you can NEVER go wrong with Alex up in the list! That song is right on. This list is right on, but that cut… takes me back EJ! Hold up… How’d my eyes go past Switch?! Let me go find da man so we can get our slow dance on! 😉

  2. bows down to EJ this is the mix right here… kudos

  3. Rod says:

    This is a great mix, thanks for helping me to finish my work early this morning. I’m such a fan of Anita and Chaka …will they ever make music like that again?

  4. Todd Kelley says:

    Oh my Jesus…
    Man, you put it down this week! Donny, EWF, AWB, Heatwave, New Birth… D@MN!!!
    “Someday” the LIVE VERSION!!! I have most of the songs, but wouldn’t have thought to throw them together!!!

  5. Fave says:

    U are the grimiest music-based blogger on the planet. I was all crunk this morning and then, here u come with your “audible cannibis” a la OSW, putting me in mega-mellow mode thru your melodic chronic. It shouldn’t be legal 4 u 2 put mixes together like that.

  6. Nikki says:

    EJ, I feel you on those vocal modulations at the end of Can’t Hide Love.

  7. MsThing says:

    Great playlist.
    *swaying in chair to Anita Baker*
    Did you leave an explanation for Donny’s song off the list on purpose?

  8. honey says:

    Oh you should be ashamed of yourself, you gonna make me try to sing your whole playlist and my vocal chords are shot, LOL. That Switch cut alone will probably render me speechless for another week. Great choices!

  9. EJ Flavors says:

    Sheron, I knew there was something I forgot. Added that info in. I was so mellowed out last night, I completely missed it.

  10. kelvin says:

    Great Blog…Very Original.
    That song list is A+…No question…
    Thanks for dropping by the Corner. I got you bookmarked….will definitely be back.

  11. michael says:

    I am in love with that Rufus album also man! It’s a lot harder for me to try to find it on vinyl but I definitely love “Masterjam”. But right now I’m on that Chaka solo tip. 🙂
    *Thanks for the list

  12. LononLee says:

    That is a GREAT selection. I loves me some Alexander O’Neal. I really should put something of his on my blog at some point.

  13. Berry says:

    Beautiful playlist. I can’t wait to hear this one!

  14. Ariya says:

    Fantastic mix as always EJ!

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