OSW: The Mackdaddy Mix, Take 2

We continue the macking vibe this week, ladies and gentlemen- a continuation of the mackdaddy vibe.

School Wednesday: Mackdaddies, Take II.

This time, we’re starting with the mellow cuts:
01 – Michael Cooper – Gotta Get You Undressed. The title alone
is enough to make a woman take notice, but it’s all about him growling near
the end. Wish I could do that.
02 – Alexander O’Neal – All True Man. ‘ And then more of the
same. With Alexander growling, how can you possibly refuse him?
03 – Gary Taylor – Tease Me. A low-key romantic song in full
effect. By the time the song gets to the ending, there’s a serious meltdown
from your date, right?
04 – Bill Withers – Let Me Be The One You Need. Way back before
the word ‘mack’ was used frequently, Bill Withers had the voice that captivated
the women – including my mom. The way his vocals crescendo and soar near the
end should create a meltdown with your date.
05 – The Art Of Noise – Moments In Love. This trio had quite
a few fantatic tracks, but this aria of love was a serious macking song in high
school and college. 10 minute of pure bliss.
06 – After 7 – Ready Or Not. Don’t lie, man. I know you (tried
to) hit these notes like Kevon did.

And now we’re stepping into the mid-to-uptemo cuts.
07 – George Benson – Give Me The Night. I’m sure you know this
one. The guitars and horns are on point. Pop quiz: 1) Who’s the producer? 2)
Name the primary background vocalist.
08 – Kenny Lattimore – Just What It Takes. Smooth macking.
09 – Shalamar – I Can Make You Feel Good. This cut just barely
made the US R&B top 40 in 1982, but the best things I loved about this song
were the bassline and the lyrics on the bridge, which are more conversation
than rhyme, hence the mackin’.
10 – Midnight Star – Midas Touch (Extended). Extolling the
virtues of the element AU.
11 – Cameo – Attack Me With Your Love (Extended). When you
want to be touched, fondled, and pleased.
12 – Ready For The World – Digital Display. When touching someone
is more than just an analog kinda thing.
13 – Blackstreet – I Like The Way You Work. Accompaniment to
the above track.

Vibe with me.

16 thoughts on “OSW: The Mackdaddy Mix, Take 2

  1. This is exactly what I needed for an overnight pick-me-up. Bill Withers voice is melodic; and Midnight Star was one of my favorite groups.
    Will future music ever have the Midas Touch?

  2. Whew!!! I love some RFTW. I wanted my jheri curl to be just like theirs back in the day!
    Forgot about the Bill Withers cut! Bravo!
    My Wednesday is set!!!!

  3. Speaking of RFTW, unfortunately, Melvin Riley is about to release yet another solo album. I predict this one will go double wood just like the last one. I guess those child support payments are kickin’ his ass.

  4. Maaaan, you redefining “grown folk music” with this one! Bill Withers? It’s a good thing you didn’t drop Bobby Womack. I may not be standing.
    And on the George Benson question? Come on, you know that’s The Dude, Q himself: Maestro Quincy Jones.

  5. Rod Temperton is the funkiest white guy in the industry!! His work on both Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall and Thriller albums alone is phenomenal.

  6. Yay! Now that I can listen to music at work, I can appreciate the beauty of the Radio Blogs! Which reminds me…I need to refresh my RB.

  7. Bey, Baby, and more…

    Something possessed me yesterday and I posted 4 times in 2 hours. Actually I just happened to get some goodies in all at the same time. But I’m chillin for a minute after today (unless I get something else good,…

  8. Miss thing, you mentioned Melvin Riley making a new album. Where did you hear this??? Is there a website?? I would appreciate the information. Me being a huge R.F.T.W and Melvin Riley fan! Thanks

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