OSW: The Mackdaddy Mix, Take 2

We continue the macking vibe this week, ladies and gentlemen- a continuation of the mackdaddy vibe.

School Wednesday: Mackdaddies, Take II.

This time, we’re starting with the mellow cuts:
01 – Michael Cooper – Gotta Get You Undressed. The title alone
is enough to make a woman take notice, but it’s all about him growling near
the end. Wish I could do that.
02 – Alexander O’Neal – All True Man. ‘ And then more of the
same. With Alexander growling, how can you possibly refuse him?
03 – Gary Taylor – Tease Me. A low-key romantic song in full
effect. By the time the song gets to the ending, there’s a serious meltdown
from your date, right?
04 – Bill Withers – Let Me Be The One You Need. Way back before
the word ‘mack’ was used frequently, Bill Withers had the voice that captivated
the women – including my mom. The way his vocals crescendo and soar near the
end should create a meltdown with your date.
05 – The Art Of Noise – Moments In Love. This trio had quite
a few fantatic tracks, but this aria of love was a serious macking song in high
school and college. 10 minute of pure bliss.
06 – After 7 – Ready Or Not. Don’t lie, man. I know you (tried
to) hit these notes like Kevon did.

And now we’re stepping into the mid-to-uptemo cuts.
07 – George Benson – Give Me The Night. I’m sure you know this
one. The guitars and horns are on point. Pop quiz: 1) Who’s the producer? 2)
Name the primary background vocalist.
08 – Kenny Lattimore – Just What It Takes. Smooth macking.
09 – Shalamar – I Can Make You Feel Good. This cut just barely
made the US R&B top 40 in 1982, but the best things I loved about this song
were the bassline and the lyrics on the bridge, which are more conversation
than rhyme, hence the mackin’.
10 – Midnight Star – Midas Touch (Extended). Extolling the
virtues of the element AU.
11 – Cameo – Attack Me With Your Love (Extended). When you
want to be touched, fondled, and pleased.
12 – Ready For The World – Digital Display. When touching someone
is more than just an analog kinda thing.
13 – Blackstreet – I Like The Way You Work. Accompaniment to
the above track.

Vibe with me.

16 comments on “OSW: The Mackdaddy Mix, Take 2

  1. Rod says:

    This is exactly what I needed for an overnight pick-me-up. Bill Withers voice is melodic; and Midnight Star was one of my favorite groups.
    Will future music ever have the Midas Touch?

  2. Berry says:

    I like this…it is going to help me get out the door on time this morning. LOL!

  3. Nikki says:

    After 7’s Ready or Not was a part of the soundtrack to my freshman year of college. Good times.

  4. Fave says:

    u never cease 2 amaze me. DIGITAL DISPLAY??? are u serious? this gets mad workday play. holla back.

  5. Todd Kelley says:

    Whew!!! I love some RFTW. I wanted my jheri curl to be just like theirs back in the day!
    Forgot about the Bill Withers cut! Bravo!
    My Wednesday is set!!!!

  6. MsThing says:

    EJ, you did that!

  7. Nikki says:

    Speaking of RFTW, unfortunately, Melvin Riley is about to release yet another solo album. I predict this one will go double wood just like the last one. I guess those child support payments are kickin’ his ass.

  8. KB says:

    Maaaan, you redefining “grown folk music” with this one! Bill Withers? It’s a good thing you didn’t drop Bobby Womack. I may not be standing.
    And on the George Benson question? Come on, you know that’s The Dude, Q himself: Maestro Quincy Jones.

  9. Nikki says:

    KB got it right on the producer. Was Patti Austin the lead vocalist on that song?

  10. EJ Flavors says:

    Yep, Nikki, you’re right. That’s Patti on the vocals. Rod Temperton (the keyboardist from Heatwave) wrote the track.

  11. Nikki says:

    Rod Temperton is the funkiest white guy in the industry!! His work on both Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall and Thriller albums alone is phenomenal.

  12. lis says:

    i am soooooooooo feeling this ‘gary taylor’ cd… and you know RFTW hits w/me!

  13. karsh says:

    Yay! Now that I can listen to music at work, I can appreciate the beauty of the Radio Blogs! Which reminds me…I need to refresh my RB.

  14. Bey, Baby, and more…

    Something possessed me yesterday and I posted 4 times in 2 hours. Actually I just happened to get some goodies in all at the same time. But I’m chillin for a minute after today (unless I get something else good,…

  15. Ariya says:

    Hasn’t heard Shalamar in ages. Good mix EJ!

  16. mello75 says:

    Miss thing, you mentioned Melvin Riley making a new album. Where did you hear this??? Is there a website?? I would appreciate the information. Me being a huge R.F.T.W and Melvin Riley fan! Thanks

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