OSW: Flyteyme – the overlooked cuts

Alright, I’m back, and haven’t had much to blog about all week. I was all set to do a Bakers Dozen, but came up with nothing
since everybody and their mother blogged about the Oscars, so I laid in the
cut, getting ready for the next Old School Wednesday. I was all ready, set,
go with the Mackdaddies, part II, but then I got a special request, and as you
know (or don’t know), I live for special requests.

Some time back when I started doing radio blogs, I did one with nothing
but Flytetyme cuts. Two computer crashes and several blog space issues later,
it was deleted. So imagine it- here I am, and, as the week starts up, Todd
makes a request:

Todd: next OSW: you need a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Thing.
Todd: so you can throw some Human League up in that b!tch

And of course, I go to KB and he says:

EJ: Todd wants me to do a Jam and Lewis arby.
KB: I miss the old one
EJ: did someone tell him about the floodgates?
EJ: oh, i can EASILY do that 10 times over. want me to resurrect it?
KB: That would satisfy TK.
EJ: alright, i’ll put the mackdaddy over to the side.
EJ: the things i do for my brethren. 😉
KB: it’s SO appreciated though

And that – along with Jam and Lewis appearing on Half and Half on Monday, and well….you know I had to do it.

School Wednesday: Flytetyme- The Overlooked Cuts.

I could have easily done a Flytyme radio blog with nothing but hits from them,
or better yet, an all-Janet Jackson one…these things are easy, and could keep
us satisfied for quite a while. The more and more I thought about it though,
the more appealing this radio blog became. This arby consists of the sons from
the dynamic duo that were never released as a single, or when they were released,
were seriously overlooked. Check it out:

00 – Jam and Lewis – Reminisce (Interlude). These guys were
talking about Full Force and got a little nostalgic.
01 – Karyn White – Ritual Of Love. Todd inspired
me to pull this cut out. This should have been released. The beats are infectious.
02 – Alexander O’Neal – The Lovers. Anything, ANYTHING from
the Hearsay album would have been a hit, trust me when I say that. Cherrelle
and Lisa Keith on background vocals.
03 – Dynasty – The Only One. Song written and arranged by Jam
and Lewis, produced by Leon Sylvers. I want to believe that Terry Lewis is doing
background vocals on the track, too.
04 – Johnny Gill – Lady DuJour. Who’s the female vocalist?
Take a guess.
05 – Solo – Blowin’ My Mind. Honey and I agree that their whole
album could have been placed here, no doubt. This cut was never released, of
course, and was one of my favorites.
06 – Ann Nesby – If You Love Me. Remember Sounds of Blackness?
Ann had a largely overlooked album, entitled I’m Here For You.
07 – Thelma Houston – It Must Be Love. From the CD Qualifying
. I used to play this all the time. This is cut you can tell they
had a lot of fun with.
08 – Cheryl Lynn – It’s Gonna Be Right. Think she’s being too
mellow? Wait until the end.
09 – Cherrelle – When You Look In My Eyes. I played this song to death also. An overlooked slow cut from her first LP.
10 – Sounds of Blackness f/Dre from Lo-Key – Testify. Off of
the first Sounds of Blackness CD.
11 – Chante Moore – Mood. Chante’s voice with drums, spiced
with a keyboard solo by Jimmy Jam. Man, this cut was so overlooked.
12 – SOS Band – Sands of Time. The title track from their last
Jam and Lewis produced CD.
13 – Human League – I Need Your Loving. The track Human
became such a huge hit that this one when it was released wasn’t promoted as
it should have been. Think Talking Heads.
14 – Patti LaBelle – Just The Facts. Remember Dragnet
with Dan Akroyd? If you saw the film, you heard this song. First
cut off the soundtrack
. Background vocals by Randy Ran, Cherrelle, Jam and
Lewis, and a host of others.
15 – Pia Zadora – Dance Out of My Head. Back in June, KB did
a radio blog with nothing but Flytetyme. At that time, we were talking
about Pia Zadora
. Well, you know I finally got the album, and here is the
track that was supposed to be released in the US.

Enjoy. I know I’ll be playing this to death.

14 comments on “OSW: Flyteyme – the overlooked cuts

  1. todd kelley says:

    YES!!! We got some Human League up in this b!tch!!!
    Patti? Dragnet? You killing me!
    Pia Zadora!?! Woah, M.ister!
    And I use to bump Testify! This is gonna get me through the rest of the week!

  2. Fresh! says:


  3. Diva says:

    I’m s’posed to be in my car headed down the road..lol But I couldn’t go without saying “OOOOWEEEE”!! When I heard Cheryl..it was all over. You are the music maharishi.

  4. Ryan says:

    oh goo dlord, EJ you are KILLING me with the weekly old school wednesday radio blogs..DAYAM! 🙂 i must eventually rattle your brain on how you find these gems..and how i can get a radioblog up on my own spot…

  5. Nikki says:

    Karyn White hasn’t made a record since she married Terry Lewis. Must be nice.

  6. EJ Flavors says:

    Actually, Nikki, they got divorced some time ago. Word is she has a salon in Edina, but I have no way of verifying that. Matter of fact, I believe that Terry either is slated to get married, or has gotten married to, Indira Singh. It’s his third marriage, apparently.

  7. Nikki says:

    Dang, Terry is on his 3rd marriage? At least he knows how to keep his personal business on the hush hush for the mostpart.

  8. lis says:

    JJ & TL are the kings! They were on Half & Half earlier this week… still full of dopeness! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they dive into the reality tv zone (a la ‘road to stardom’, ‘making the band’)…

  9. KB says:

    Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! They said it best: the 80s are back. And you’re right. I could’ve done a popular FlyteTyme or an all Janet slam. I need you for the miscellaneous (like that Pia Zadora cut!) You know I’m gonna be rocking this all day.
    And someone can come and revoke my ghetto card because I’m watching less TV (especially UPN) so I never even heard of this show until five minutes ago. And that’s OK!

  10. gwen says:

    I can’t believe that’s Human League.
    very hot, especially Pia 😉

  11. honey says:

    good choice on the Solo cut. Wow, look at all these artists. Jam and Lewis have the magic touch…just like you do with these radio blogs 🙂

  12. Fave says:

    Human League? Alex Baby? IT IS NOT A GAME!
    The latest OSW is bananas!!! U pulled them jointz out your ass for real (your ass = the infamous Z drive)…
    Lovin’ it, mang!

  13. EJ i got the only Jam & Lewis 4 cd promo song set its over….
    OMG i thought i was the only one who like that Thelma Houston project. do you have it on cd? i need that… You Use To Hold Me So Tight…
    Jam & Lewis did produce a cd for KLYMAXX pre meeting in the ladies room…
    If you get a chance you should get the JAPAN only collections from Chante Moore & Karyn White
    you have inspired to get my own radio blog for my site… watch out now

  14. Check out some new music that I produced for Sounds Of Blackness that is featured on my album: BZP Presents…Da Gumbo Vol. 1. Peace

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