b12: going AWOL on the Easter bunny…..

I should have run him over with my car, but I stayed in the house instead while he terrorized my neighborhood.

Baker’s Dozen: I Went AWOL on the Easter Bunny. From KB’s

1. I purchased a plane ticket to NYC for the weekend of April 9th. Seriously
hyped and wanting to set up something else besides the event on Sunday evening.
New Yorkers: you game?
2. The temperature hit 70 degrees, but I found myself in the house, fixing the
site some more. The technology hit me.
3. Friday night, I immersed myself into some more Law
And Order: Trial By Jury
. For those who watched it, yes I wanted to drop-kick
the judge….
4. Looks like I’m a Flickr admin for the BLOGGERS
. Jeneane
got me! The digicam is now permanently in my backpack.
5. Friday Melodies is back in full force now. Watch for it, because this weekend
I went to the rekkasto, and….
6. As I was ripping CDs, I was getting involved with Audioscrobbler and even
coughed up some coins to upgrade
my membership
(look to the left for the radio station icon).. Then….
7. I got an IM from Honey
who told me to turn to Oxygen to see John Legend and India.Arie, which was very
8. Then I got stuck listening to Project
…immersing myself in that too… (hello Nikki!)
9. Was Easter yesterday? Ooops…..
10. ….I was stuck watching The
and missed the Easter Bunny. That’s my story and I’m sticking
to it….
11. …besides, who wanted to go all out in the rain anyway?
12. I watched the premiere of Greys
. I am officially a fan. Sucked into the TV yet again on Sunday night.
Man, I need help.

9 comments on “b12: going AWOL on the Easter bunny…..

  1. KB says:

    You linked to an old link but I fixed it. Funny it mentions Third Watch. Did you hear they’re not picking up the show next season? Well if you didn’t now you do.
    With time on my side I think I will add my own Friday Melodies this week. Honey has an overdue request. I only had to endure The Incredibles once this weekend. My kids can’t stop talking about Jack Jack Attack and Mr. Skipperdoo. Disc Two is just as popular as the movie. Go figure.
    Thanks for playing!

  2. jazz says:


  3. EJ Flavors says:

    KB: Yeah, I saw the ads about Third Watch. It’s okay, however, because there’s enough on Friday to keep me busy. The Incredibles only once? Where you been?
    Jazz: You know, I forgot to mention Kojak, and I DID see the premiere. I would have been watching Desperate Housewives but I think The Shield was on…see, I told you I need help… get me out from in front of the TV….

  4. honey says:

    It must be contagious because I have been spending alot of time in front of the TV too. I forgot how contagious it can be and I only have basic cable. I shudder to think what would happen if I had the movie channels, LOL. Yayyyyyyyyy about KB’s upcoming radio.blog!

  5. Nikki says:

    EJ, projectVIBE is hella addictive. And we meant for it to be that way. LOL

  6. Todd Kelley says:

    That rabbit’s gettin’ on my LAST nerve!!!!

  7. saga says:

    Man, that friggin bunny tried to run off without leaving my share – so I robbed him. Egg salad & Peeps, anyone?

  8. Fave says:

    Project VIBE is off the chain! Thanks 4 the resource.

  9. hey if u arrive in nyc on april 8 check out LOBBY that night…

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